Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Easter Cut-Outs!

 Hi Friends! A few years ago I found these fantastic Easter Cut-Outs  published by "Golden Books". They were originally printed in 1937, but they republished them in 2010.

 They couldn't be any sweeter!
So sweet in fact that I haven't been able to cut them!

 I thought it might be something that my blogging buddies would be interested in, so I've tracked some down on EBAY FOR YOU! Just in case you're interested, it looks like this seller lists them for $5.99 each plus $3 shipping.

I should have shown you more pics I guess. Because you can also make 6 of the cutest little Easter Nut/Candy cups. And there are lamb, duck, and bunny pull-carts to create. Plus the back has this other cart you make and add some of the cut-outs to. Let me know if you get some, and how they turn out!

 In other Eastery news, this huge die-cut chick showed up in the mail today. She was on Etsy, and I just couldn't resist her!

And last night I made paper-mache eggs! The scraps and egg containers are German, and I bought them through D.Blumchen & Co. Here's the link to their Easter shop, but if you haven't visited their website before, you'll want to see the whole thing!
*** BooHoo! They're now SOLD OUT of all egg containers, and won't be getting more! Still take a look at their scraps and other things though!

OK Friends- Hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend!
I believe I'll be finishing up with Easter crafts and then I'll begin packing to move!   Erica :)


  1. I had gone looking for the egg containers about a week ago and they were out then too. I ended up ordering some plain unopening ones from hobbylobby. I figured I could still decorate them, they just wont open....
    maybe tomorrow I'll have some crafty time.. today I must clean!
    have a great weekend

  2. Love your Easter post - everything is just so pretty!

  3. The Easter cut-out book is too cute to use! I agree I would use it as a did a great job on your paper mache eggs!


  4. Don't you always find the best stuff! So many darling Easter treasures. The girls and I will be sorting through my Easter decorations this weekend. Josie and I are starting with the keystone dollhouse first.

  5. That little book of Easter cut-outs is adorable! You did a wonderful job on your eggs...they are so pretty:)


  6. The cut-outs are too cute! I will have to get out my Easter die-cuts I sure do love them. Happy crafting. Hugs, Diane

  7. Very sweet cutouts! Love your Easter spoolie!!! and Easter rabbits! You have been busy making sweet treasures!
    Very cool that you are moving! Bummer about your sister's ankle!
    Haven't found any good "treasures" lately...

  8. Hi Erica I love the cutout book, its right down my daughters alley she thinks she once lived in the 20s I may have to gift this to her for Easter Thanks for sharing :) Your eggs turned out really pretty ! E

  9. Hi Erica,
    I love your paper mache eggs, they are adorable! And what a great shop, thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh Erica, I don't think I could cut them out either! I haven't come across very many vintage Easter items in awhile. Maybe I can talk the hubby into going to the flea market this weekend to scout for some. Good luck on packing!

  11. OMG!!! You are the best! I went and bought a book! Really reasonable...:) Thank you Erica!!!!

  12. There is no way I could cute them either. I would have to copy them first. Your eggs are so cute. You have done an awesome job. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  13. So cute! It makes me want to make some Easter crafts.

    xo Danielle

  14. that book is so cute!! i love the sweet bunnies with ribbons round their necks!
    i'm trying to host a little easter themed craft party next week, i'm hoping someone will show up! or i guess i could use all the supplies myself. haha!

  15. So adorable!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  16. Amazing, love, love them. Wish they were mine.....;o)


  17. That chick die cut is amazing. Love your little eggs too!

  18. Erica, Your eggs are so beautiful! They look the real deal. Thank you for the link to the Easter book, how cute are they! LOVE your header and side panels. Spring is in the air when I visit here! Elizabeth

  19. Thanks for stoppin by Erica!! Yes Spring has got to be on it's way soon!! I don't wanna lose my MOJO I have right now!! LOL It's like the doc gave me some awesome pill right now! I am feeling pretty good. I have a bladder disease very painful kinda like your RA is. BUT for some reason I am doing good right now! It's gotta be the hope of Spring and gettin out of the creepy winter we have been havin!! Be careful packing Erica!! Keep us posted! XOXO luv fran.


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