Monday, April 30, 2012

From The Thrift Store

Here's just a little batch that a brought home the other day. It'll all go on Etsy, except for the duck...and the bunny book. LOL Oh sometimes it's so hard to give things up! :)

These little things are just from my local thrift shop. I do really well there sometimes!

Super cute vintage buttons! I love when i find them on the cards like this.

Isn't he sweet? He's actually a S&P shaker. I put him away for Easter. Look at all the vintage millinery flowers I found too!

This is really cute! I'll put it up for sale on Etsy. It's got the sweetest (and simple) doll clothes patterns in it!

A little KIMONO for your dolly! I'll put that tomato on Etsy too!

Sorry for the bad pic! But see the hand-crocheted trim?? There are 2, 8ft pieces of it! 
Can you imagine the work that someone did?

And then there was this book with the bunny on the cover. If you knew my love for rabbits...anyway, this I have to keep!! How cute is she?? Putting all her little baby bunnies to bed!

This book is called "The Country Bunny and The Little Golden Shoes". I looked into it, and they reprint it now, but this copy is from 1939!

It's about a little girl bunny who wants to be an Easter Bunny very badly!

By Du Bose Heyward, Pictures by Marjorie Hack. It's a beautiful book. You might want to track one of these down for a future Easter basket!
Anyway...that was my "pile of stuff" for today! I hope you enjoyed taking a look! Have a great day.

Someone is pouting because she doesn't like her new haircut or the pink bow that came with it! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

PINK SATURDAY: Bleeding Hearts n' Quilts

This will be a little "hodgepodge" of sweet things for "PINK SATURDAY". I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I would imagine there will be some good flea markets and garage sales to be explored!

My Uncle Tom's wife, Colleen, is a Master Quilter. She has hundreds of quilts that just take your breath away, they're so beautiful! My uncle just built her a loft to house her new quilting machine (it's huge), and to do all her quilting in. Soon I'll do a post on all of Colleen's gorgeous quilts, but here is one of them.

A fuzzy pic (sorry!) of the cute, tin, "Ohio Art" tea set I found the other day. I'll put it up for sale on Etsy.

The babies are here! LOL! If you saw my post about the robin who spun a nest full of tinsel in our yard recently, I said I'd let you know when the eggs showed up. We have four! Isn't that color just the best?
If you missed the tinsel nest post, you can see it RIGHT HERE :)

These are the "Bleeding Hearts" that are in the back yard right now. I think they're so cool! :)

Noel, get OFF that quilt!!!  :)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Emboidered Half Aprons!

Yesterday, Renee over at "My Vintage Mending" did the cutest post about learning your embroidery stitches on checked gingham fabric. She found a really great booklet that shows just how to do it! I for one really needed this! I really want to learn how to embroider, but my only attempt was a disaster!

Coincidentally, I was just about to list these half aprons on Etsy today!

What a great way to learn to space your stitches!

Aren't these colors so cheerful? The stitching on this one looks like it took a lot of patience. But maybe once you get going it isn't as hard as it looks! By "hard", I mean hard to sit still! lol

Be sure to head over to "My Vintage Mending" to check out that booklet of Renee's. If you like anything to do with sewing, you'll be in "heaven" at her blog! I'm also linking up to Vintage Thingie Thursday today! Visit Colorado lady for lots of cute vintagey things!

REDNESDAY: The Cooky Book

I LOVE to bake! One year, I even took a course in "French Pastry Arts" in NYC. It was years ago, and I'm still paying for it!! It was an amazing experience, but I've decided that you can learn just as much from all the great cook books and tutorials out there.

This book won't teach you French Pastry techniques, but it's full of American classics! Plus, it's the cutest, vintage book ever! It makes such a cute gift for someone who loves to bake!

I know they've started re-printing this now, but I like to pick up vintage copies whenever I can find them. It's getting harder though. This one is a first edition, from 1963.

We're big fans of almond flavor at our house. So I'll make these!

Grandma's Pyrex bowl should make them taste best right? :)

"Mama?? What is this??? I'm so excited I can't see straight!!"

We keep that one glass with the pattern on the bottom, for just this purpose. It gives a nice star shape to the cookies. The little red dish that the sugar is in, is Fiesta Ware. We also LOVE Fiesta at our house!! You can seriously drop it, crash it into never chips or breaks!! 

When the cookies were done, I wasn't "thrilled" with them. They just weren't quite almondy enough for me. So I made an almond frosting. Just some powdered sugar, almond extract, a splash of 2% milk, and a pinch of salt. I kept the consistency fairly thick so that it didn't run off the sides of my cookie. I gave each one a dab of frosting, not worrying about spreading them nice. These were going to look rustic! I topped each with a slivered almond...and there you have it!
Anyway, the "Cooky Book" is really cute...even if you just put it on your counter for display! Hee hee :)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Short & Sweet...and a free image! :)

I'm just showing a couple of my finds from this weekend.
First is this super cute tea cup and saucer from the Goodwill. Isn't he charming? And, he's got some value!

I looked him up on EBay. He's made by the PY company, which made lots of Anthropomorphic items. Such cute S&P shakers with faces (lemons, tomato's etc), that kind of thing. This guy is actually called "The Gay Man", and there is a super cute "Gay Woman" tea cup too!

I'm going to list him on EBay. That's what I sat down to do! But I ended up blogging about him instead!

I think every "vintage-loving" girl should have a copy of this in her kitchen! Or "cake-loving girl"!
Going for sale on Etsy! :)

Lastly tonight, this is a pretty little bookmark for you. I found it at my favorite antiques shop here in town, Annie's Attic. Annie is wonderful, and the place is packed with treasures!

*free image   Enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

About The Sweetest Thing Ever!!

So I'd been noticing that there are a pair of robins building a nest under the deck this year. We usually have a few in the yard, but never under the deck. Anyway, yesterday I decided to creep under to see if there were any eggs or babies yet...just a quick peek. When I got up close to the nest, I gasped!!...

These sweet birds have spun fine stands of silver tinsel into their nest!!!

I seriously had tears in my eyes! I think nature is just amazing! I'd love to know where they got the tinsel from. There aren't any eggs yet, but I'll keep you updated. These are sure to be special little birds right? I think I might put the nest in one of my big glass apothecary jars when they're all done with it.

When I was done taking pics of the nest, I walked to the front yard. This is what the Flowering Crab Tree in the front yard looks like right now. And that's how blue the sky was yesterday!

 Crazy...I didn't mess with the colors of these pics a bit. Don't some days just take your breath away?

Bless the birds and the pretty pink blossoms...and you. :)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: My Score At A Garage Sale!

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been having the best luck finding things! Here is Minnesota the garage sale season is just barely starting. The Goodwill has been pretty "good" to me, though I've only gone to two garage sales so far, both turned out to be quite worth it! OK, two weeks ago I said I was going to show you my big find from my first garage sale of the season. Here is what it was!

There was a large box that looked like this. As I started to go through them, the woman said " I was selling those for .50 each. But you can have that whole box for $15.00". Hmmmm

She continued to say that in the bottom of the box was a quilt that her mother had started but never finished. I took a quick peak and decided it was at least worth my $15.00. When I got home I laid them out on the bed...(PS my grandpa hand painted that bed for my mom when she was a little girl. There's a vanity and a dresser to match)  :)

There ended up being a total of 13 squares that she had hand-stitched, plus another 2 white squares to choose more hankies for.

You can tell they've been in a box for years. Lots of wrinkles! And I sure wasn't about to get out the iron!

Three out of four sides of each hankie are stitched to a cotton square. She's kept the fourth side open. My mom thinks this is because she planned on stuffing each one. I wouldn't do that if I was going to finish it.

There were a total of 59 Additional Vintage Hankies in the box!
They'll go in my Etsy shop soon. Do you find it's a hard to maintain your shop, and your blog? Right now I have a HUGE pile of things I need to list and sell! It's much more fun finding the things than listing them!

Some even have sweet crocheted edges.

This one with the Fox and Grapes is unique! 

Reds and Oranges! Love the little Polka-Dots too!

I wonder who "H" was?

This group has a few I might need to keep! :)

I love the one on the far right! Lavender with Dogwood Blooms!

And of course the Christmas ones! But wait...

Just one hankie with a word on it in that entire box! And it's "NOEL" weiner dog's name!
I'm going to display it with her x-mas stocking this year! Haaa! I'm crazy!

There were a couple other odds and ends in that big box! There were two really old, linen baby gowns. A nice linen pillowcase, and that sweet little pair of baby mittens on a string!
I'm happy with what my $15.00 bought me. Do you all think I got a good deal? :)

OK now for the fun part! I've decided that because I don't sew (yet), I probably don't need a hankie quilt! If you would like to finish this quilt for $12 (shipping included), please comment on this post. I'll package it all up for you, and include a couple more hankies! The first to respond can have it.  Erica :)
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