Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REDNESDAY: At the thrift store!

Well, the computer crashed, and was down for a week. So now I'm back with lots of "things" to blog about! We headed up to Battle Creek, MN to visit my uncle, and there were lots of little (by little I mean teeny-tiny) towns along the way. We drove down the main street of one such town, and below is a pic of the sign I saw...
You can about imagine how fast I made my mom pull over the car!

The place was packed with people. And they were all carrying boxes of stuff out to their cars.  This was day two of their sale, I was told. And they wanted to sell everything in the store before they moved to their new location down the street. Oh I cringe at what I missed on day one!

I found a lot of cute books!

This is a 1942 copy of The Boxcar Children. I remember reading this in 5th grade. I think I'll read it again.

This page is from a beautiful book titled "Great Engravers". Every page is another antique, french engraving!

This is just amazing to me! That's PINOCCHIO in that white hat and red shorts! The cat and fox with their canes are so beautiful. It's by C.COLLODI, and is copyrited 1923. I looked it up on EBay, and found that it's worth quite a bit. But I'm so bummed about this book!  I realized that someone has removed every single bookplate except the one I've shown you here.  I wouldn't have sold it anyway. But I would have loved to see the pictures. I'm sure they were beautiful.

This is a washable, cloth, book by Whitman from 1972. Obviously I still need to get out the soap! Haaa! But isn't it so so cute? The page with the kittens in the fire truck might even be a little cuter! :)

OK...This last book is one of those finds that made me feel that I was destined to stumble across that sale.
The book is about a miniature long haired dachshund! And while they refer to the dog in the book as a boy, I can't tell you how much this dog looks like my little girl dog, Noel.
I haven't introduced Noel to my blogger friends yet, but I'm planning on getting her on here real soon.

Noel is a "Dapple, Long haired, Miniature, Dachshund"...just like this!

Awww... ;)

OK this last pic is totally weird! LOL But I had to show you the other odds and ends that I found at the 90% off sale. I bought 3 paper cones, 4 vintage spun cotton heads, 2 vintage gnomes, a really pretty antique lace runner, and a pretty book of postcards and poems. All things for my Etsy Shop!
My Grand Total before the discount: $48.43.......and after....$5.37!!!!!
I'd say that was a good day thrifting! :)

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  1. 90%? Really, 90%? Boy are you a lucky girl! Great finds and beyond fabulous price.

  2. 90% off !!!!!!!!!! I read that book in 4th or 5th grade too...Loved it! I saw a copy like yours on Ebay for quite a good amount! Nice finds!!!! Don't think about what you missed....lol

  3. Such sweet books!! You have a great eye, and such luck vintage hunting!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

  4. How often does a person find 90% off - what deals! And good luck on Friday!

  5. I love your finds I too would be thinking about what I missed. Your finds are good though.
    I am going to follow along cute blog.

  6. I would be excited to stumble upon a 90% off sale ANYWHERE.......but a thrift shop--oh, swoon! Good for you, you scored some fabulous finds!

  7. Yay for lucky you! Love all of your finds!

  8. 90%! I probably would have had a car accident slamming on the brakes, LOL! You found some very nice vintage books, and love the little gnomes.

  9. That is a once in a lifetime event there! Those cones were once dispensers of string, I used to play with them at Grama's house! Fun finds!


  10. OMG! I can't believe that discount! They must have a lot of stuff in storage that they want to put out in the new location. Hey, what's the name of your Etsy shoppe? The space in your sidebar is blank.

  11. WOW! Did you ever hit the jackpot. I am a bit jealous. I would love to have bought all of those old children’s books. I bet you had one great old time grabbing up your goodies. Sorry you missed Day 1. genie

  12. I am going goo goo over here! I can just imagine how excited you were to happen upon such an awesome sale! I love the dachshund illustrations! Can't wait to meet your pup! I am definitely a pet lover!

  13. Love those books. I have never been to your blog before and now I am a new follower. What a cute banner. I love children's books as well. Wish I had kept all my kids books but I gave them away. My favorite are the ones illustrated by Eloise Wilkins.
    Thanks for stopping by Cozy Blanket. I have always lived a "funny" life. It may not be funny at the time but afterwards it is.

  14. oh my goodness! 90% off! Too bad you didn't make it the first day of the sale! What a great collection of books you found!


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