Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Ruth E. Newton Paper Dolls!

 Do I Want to sell these? Heck No! lol

 However, I'm not living "rent-free" as of the 1st!
So you can find these super cute and rare HERE SOLD !

 I found them last summer at an Estate Sale in Minneapolis. The box wasn't there, so I wasn't sure who the artist was. Then one day it dawned on me while I was looking at my Ruth E. Newton Puppies and Kittens Book!

 After some research, and some help from a great blog called
The Paper Collector, I was able to confirm that they were in fact by Ruth E. Newton, and not easy to come by.
I found a picture of the box on Pinterest. I couldn't find the original source, so my apologies if this pic belongs to you. Let me know if it's a problem.

 These are the little outfits, desks, and chalkboard for the animals!

And there are tons of fun outfits for the kids! My favorites are the white dress in front, and the red bathrobe with Minnie Mouse!

Sorry Friends, but these will NOT be in the next Market Monday for $5!
lol BooHoo!  :P

Unexpected Treasures!

 The doorbell rang and I heard the familiar "thunk" of a package being left. It was from Susan S. and just look what was inside! When I opened it, I literally gasped! Susan didn't even know that I saw a very similar pink egg at an antiques store a few weeks ago! I had to put it back because it was out of my price range, but now I'm so glad that I did! It's funny how things turn out. Because I LOVE this egg way more than the one at the store.

 Susan doesn't have a blog, but I met her when she joined my Valentine's Swap. She's a huge fan of Elizabeth of Creative Breathing (who isn't ?), and says that she gets much of her inspiration from E! But I have to say that I think Susan has her own unique style, and I'd call it something like "high-end vintage", or "classy-vintage" crafting! Look HERE to see Susan's Valentine's Box again. Classy right?
Thank you so much Susan! You are a dear friend!

 OK, then the door bell rang! Someone had sent me flowers! What???
I was very puzzled! Especially after I read the card...

It wasn't signed! Hmmm???
Then it hit me! This is classic "Papa" (that's what I call my Dad).
I called him at work, and YES, he had sent me flowers for no reason at all! So sweet of him! I love the cute bunny container! I'll keep it, and the little card, to remember when my Dad sent me flowers out of the blue!
Thank You Papa! I Love You! :)

 And then last week I stopped at "The Weird Thrift Store", and I found this quilt! Living in MN, you can never have enough warm blankets!

 It was marked "Queen, $6.99". There's got to be 100 different fabrics in it!

 I brought it home and put it right into the washing machine on hot!
Usually I would soak a quilt, but this is super sturdy and I just want it to be a cozy quilt that we can use and not worry about!

My favorite thing about it is that the back is covered in this nursery rhyme flannel. It's super soft, no stains. Good deal for $7 hey?

OK, those were just a few things that I wanted to share with you.
Moving Day is Saturday! I've basically decided that my bedroom is really going to be an art/craft room with a bed in it! lol
It'll be easier to just take that approach from the beginning rather than try to hide the obvious, don't you think? LOL
Hope you're all having a great week!
Erica :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Go To An Estate Sale!

 Last Saturday I was able to go to my first estate sale of the year! I got up at 5:AM, and made it to Minneapolis by 6:30. The sale didn't start until 9:00, but I was still number 22! It's getting to be that you have to get to these sales at 3:00 in the morning to get a good number! Ridiculous!

 It was a very cold morning! But I had brought a big thermos of hot coffee, donuts, and a thick blanket. I was able to keep the car turned off for the most part, and only run the engine now and then to get some heat back in the car.
I "hunkered" down and watched the crazy people! Look at them stepping into the shrubs and peeking in.

 At 8:30 we got our "real" numbers. I lucked out because number 21 didn't show! I moved one ahead! At 9:00 they opened the doors and said "OK, we will take #1 through #20"!  Oh Nooooooo!
But I lucked out again and someone didn't show!
 So I got in with the first wave!

I'm sorry, many of these things were in my "Market Monday".
There were at least 100 of these dress pot holders! Each one different and totally cute. I should have grabbed more than 6, but I had to keep moving because this was a super competitive sale.

 This woman had been a doll and toy collector. And the basement was loaded with dolls of every kind. But there was a doll collector there that had gotten #1 in line, and she was hoarding everything!

The only dolls I grabbed were these little guys because I seriously just wanted to get out of her way!

There was a room with tons of fabric! And I found this cute vintage nursery print, and an aqua unfinished apron.

 These vintage sheets were $3 each! The flat and fitted were there, but when I got home I realized that I never looked for the pillow cases. Oh well.

I put them right into the wash! Aren't they sweet? And for $6!

 Then I came upon these pretty little egg cups for $1 each. I didn't have any, and I thought they'd be good for displaying my vintage Easter Eggs.

Then I found more Vintage Easter Eggs! Haa! Can you believe that's the second time that week that I found that egg with the duck couple on it? lol

These are teeny tiny. Like the potholders, there were also over a hundred of these glass hens at this sale. All different shapes and sizes!

 A vintage Ohio Art Co. tin dolly push cart....for $6!

 I know I should sell this, but I just can't! Let me just hold on to it for a few years at least! lol

And 5 vintage Beatrix Potter figurines...$3 each! Love love love!

Not bad for the first sale of the season I'd say.
Ok Friends, I wanted to let you know that there won't be a "Market Monday" next week or the one after that because I'll be moving! I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for making M.M so easy and fun!
I appreciate each sale so much! :)

And here are a couple sneak peaks of our new place. The current residents were still there when I took the pics, but at least you can see a bit.
Until Next Time,

 Mom says that the counter tops will be a pain to keep clean. But I don't care because I think they're cute! The stove is gas, and all the appliances are stainless steel...also hard to clean. oh well!

 This is just a space to fill with Pyrex cute things!

 My sister just got all new Fiesta dishes in the shades tangerine, lemongrass, sunflower and flamingo pink. Won't they look pretty in the glass cupboards?
Haa! They look NEON in this pic, but really they're more mellow.

 The ceiling in the kitchen is white bead-board too!

And this is the fireplace in the living room. It's wood burning, and the current residents said that they use it all the time!
I can't wait to get in and get it decorated!

Wellie too :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Market Monday: Cutey Cute Stuff!

Ok, here's this weeks Market! Leave a comment for any item that you would like, unless it's spoken for. Please make sure that I have an email for you. I accept PayPal. And it's easiest if you just make a payment directly to my address there ( ), after we have confirmed your sale and I've let you know the shipping cost. If I'm familiar with you we can also arrange for a check or money order payment.
Thank You for making this so fun and easy!
Vintage X-mas Lot #1: $9.50 SOLD
Wonderful Pink Corsage as found, 2 Japan Tree Picks, 14 Glass Balls, Vintage Pine cone, and Vintage Foil Candy Cane
 Unfinished Apron (or cute fabric) : $3.00 SOLD
This is a full sized apron that hasn't been completed. It's the kind that has a top/straps. Everything seems to be done except the sewing. She has pinned it together. There's a small area that looks a little dirty where it was folded.

 Vintage Dress Pot Holders Lot #1: $6.00 SOLD
Super clean and cute! The largest measures 7x9 inches

 Vintage Dress Pot Holders Lot #2: $6.00 SOLD
Super clean and cute! The largest measures 6.5x6 inches

Vintage X-Mas Lot #2: $9.50 SOLD
Very Old Spun Cotton Snowman stands 3.25in tall. 2 Japan Tree Picks, 6 Glass Balls, Vintage Ribbon, Foil Cane, and Spun Cotton Elf Match Box.

Vintage Play and Color Books: $8.50 SOLD
"Let's Play" by Whitman is unused, and has 20 double sided pages with activities to do and color. Great condition.
Christmas Coloring Book is by Saalfield. It has 35 double sided pages with 3 of them being (nicely) colored. All other pages are clean and crisp.
 Tiny Milk Glass Hen: $3.95 SOLD
Marked West Moreland Glass. Measures 2.5x2.25

Set of 6 Shiny Brite Silver Bells: $4.00 SOLD
Three off white and three silver. Glittered tops. They measure 3 inches tall and all have their original "shiny brite usa" caps. 

Pair of Rand McNally Junior Elf Books: $5.75 SOLD
The spine of Little Bo-Peep is quite loose, but I think these sheep might be the cutest I've ever seen! I was able to get the yellow sticker off of the cover.

See what I mean? Such cute sheep!

Mr. Snitzel's Cookies also has darling graphics. His cover is a bit faded, but  pages are in great shape. 

 Vintage Ephemera Pack: $4 BOTH SOLD
2 Available. Each is a bit different, but all contain wrapping paper, playing cards, x-mas seals, tickets, pharmacy labels. All pieces are vintage with the exception of a few favorites that are copies.  
These are what I'd call "medium" packets, and weigh about 7oz each.

Vintage Ohio Art Tin Tea Set: $10.00 SOLD

Signed Beatrice Benjamin. I'm not sure what this fairytale theme is!
Cute though. Includes Tray, 3lg and 3sm plates, teapot with lid, and one cup.
Shows it's age with scratches and scuffs here and there. Nothing really bad.
Tray measures 7.5x5.5 inches.
Let me know if you need more pics. $6 shipping

 Pair of Vintage Fuzzy Bunnies: $4.00 SOLD
You get both, and they measure about 3.5in tall.
Vintage Tin Globe Bank: $4 SOLD
By Ohio Art, 5 inches tall
Vintage Snowman Light Covers: $3.00 SOLD
20 cute little plastic covers. They measure 1.5 inches each.

Email me if you have any questions about an item. These are all flea market/estate sale etc finds, and therefor SOLD AS IS.
Thank You! Erica :)