Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Sweet Chicky: Miss Linda Lou

 My swap partner for Sandy's Easter Swap was "Lady Linda" ! She goes by Linda Lou because there are a lot of other Linda's. Very Cute!
OK- When I opened the box, this vintage Chick Book was the first thing I saw. Can you imagine how happy I was?

 There were two of these huge eggs filled with so many fun things! I finally have one of those yellow birdie clips that are so popular! And look at the tin egg! Oh! And Cotton Candy Pop Rocks!

 I seriously felt like I was 5 years old and had just found my Easter Basket! lol
Look at the vintage Easter Seals! Was she good to me or what?

But that wasn't all! LOOK at the spoolie that Linda Lou made! Isn't it fun how we each did something so different for our spoolies? She used a vintage child's tea cup! I can't wait to bring it out year after year for Easter!
She also sent this darling ducky card by Rust Craft, my favorite vintage card company !

And then to top it off...I finally get my very own vintage "Dennison" Ducky die cut! I've looked at these on eBay for years. Love love love it!
Linda Lou- it's been a joy getting to know you! You're a sweetheart, and I was so lucky to have you as my partner for this swap!

 In other Eastery News: I didn't decorate this year. I'm still at my parent's (for 2 more weeks) and it didn't seem like a good time right before the move. But some how, I've still managed to fill a shelf with rabbits and ducks!
This guy was at one of the shops in town the other day. Such a good deal that I couldn't leave him there!

 This German paper-mache egg was at the thrift the other day! They were up to their (new) trick of marking things "vintage", so it was $4. I couldn't leave it behind though. The Daddy Duck is smoking a cigar, and just look at that little
flock of babies! Ahhhh! Help me!
Vintage Bunnykins baby cup was at the Goodwill for .99!

 I found this very old card at Annie's (my favorite Antique Store ) for $1.

OK Friends, Market Monday is tomorrow! I got up at 4AM and hit a good Estate Sale yesterday morning. The first one of the season...boy it was fun!
It's a little late, but I found some good Easter things. So they'll be in the Market along with lots of vintage children's books/dolls etc this time.

Hope you can make it! 6PM CENTRAL TIME.


  1. Hi Erica!
    I love that little clever to put the little chick in a childs teacup! So adorable! You really recieved alot of sweet treasures!!! I am sending your goodie tomorrow...right after we get back from the court we have to go tomorrow again...about Ashleys case. We will be finding out if they plea guilty or if there will be a trial.

  2. Love the spoolie and the cute little chick inside. You did get some great goodies.

  3. It must have been such fun opening that package - so many cute, cute things!! Love the spoolie!

  4. Love Linda Lou's Easter spoolie! She did a great job:) You must of been so excited to receive all those vintage easter surprises.

  5. Very fun and sweet Easter spoolie! Creative! Didn't go to any estate sales this weekend...Are you excited about moving??!

  6. What a great swap. Linda Lou sent some great goodies. Love the spoolie. Oh how I wished I would of join that swap.
    I am looking forward to stopping by your market.

  7. What a nice bunch of goodies. My partner and I haven't mailed ours yet. Hopefully mine will go out tomorrow. I love all the spoolies I have sewen. They are all so different.

  8. What darling Easter goodies.

    xo Danielle

  9. What a treat to be able to see all your Easter goodies. Linda Lou created such an adorable spoolie. I love it.
    It looks like you have had success in your thrifting adventures. Is there anything quite as fun?
    Thank you for sharing all your sweet treasures.
    Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

  10. What a darling idea to put a child's teacup on top of the spoolie. Brilliant! It's been so much fun seeing everyone's interpretations on this craft. You must be getting excited about your move. Easter hugs!!

  11. What a great swap you had. I really love your spoolie, what a different one indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a nice Easter treat. The spoolie she made was so cute. I received my hankies and cards.Thank you so much, Erica. Also love the extra hankie you tucked in.

  13. Love your spoolie, it is so cute! & oh, those vintage cards! Linda Lou sent you a wonderful swap package.

    Bunnykins at GW for 99 cents??? I need to shop your GW, LOL! That would be priced $5. at mine....with a chip!

    :) Pam

  14. What wonderful Easter goodies!! :) I love the spoolie! And love all those vintage cards too! Happy Monday!! xo Holly

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  16. Awesome Easter goodies! Beautiful Spoolie! And Wellie looks adorable as always! :-)

  17. That little duck is the cutest thing ever!

  18. Hi Erica!
    It's so much fun getting to see everyone's spoolies and goodies. Your spoolie is adorable!
    In a moment of insanity, I sold my Bunnykins on EBay - what a steal you got at the thrift store, you lucky!
    Happy week to you!

  19. Everything in your package is so cute. I've been wanting one of those die cuts too!

  20. I just love your spoolie! What a clever idea to use a toy cup. It is adorable. You sure have good prices at your thrift store- ours are so expensive.

  21. The spoolie that Lionda made for you with the little teacup is sooo adorable! Love that! This really was a fun swap, wasn't it?


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