Friday, October 26, 2012

Estate Sale Finds!

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great week!
A couple Saturday's ago I was able to get to an Estate Sale! The house was packed with every possible wonderful vintage thing you could think of! My sister and her boyfriend had never been to a sale, so I took them...rather they took me and my scooter since I can't drive yet! Anyway, we got there 2 hours before it started and got number 67!!!! WHAT? So crazy! I still managed to find a few of the things that I went there for. And here is what came home with me...

 If this guy didn't have so many chips he would be worth quite a bit. But he'll look cute displayed with my Pyrex I think. Hopefully I can paint over those chips!

Of course I couldn't pass up these darling vintage children's books!

 This Mother Goose one is the best!

It's from Christmas of 1926!

 Isn't she sweet?

There are little rips and tape on most of the pages, but that just means that it was a much loved book right?

I love his face!

And I added another Golden Book to my collection.

Sorry for the terrible pics! I'm trapped on the couch right now because I've been having lots of swelling and pain under my cast. Uhhg! But only 2.5 weeks to go!
I was thrilled to find this large paper mache Santa! And I had been looking for a cute little truck to make into an ornament. I'm going to strap a bottle brush tree in the back and dust it with mica snow!

I was worried that maybe the Santa was a repro or a newer version, but it's marked with the same name of the little girl that owned the book in 1926! Cool!

I've never owned any paper dolls, but these are sooo cute! You can put the bunny in the wash tub! LOL

Or a Bear on a Scooter! And look at that red checked skirt and aqua sweater!

A cherry embellished dress with matching clutch for a little sweetheart!

But someone is sleepy in their red robe with Minnie Mouse doll!
At the sale I also bought the shiny red PYREX bowl that was in my last post, and my sister's boyfriend (aka "the one" ) found me a really cute mint green colored chair in the basement.

OK Friends, I hope you enjoyed seeing my little purchases from the estate sale. I'm really craving digging into my art supplies and making some holiday things! As soon as the cast comes off you can expect more than just a single post per week. I can't wait to get busy!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gifts, A Thrift Find, and Swap Details!!!

 Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I've got lots to share this week...

Last year I sold one of these vintage Beistle jointed Pumpkins on EBay for $45.00. I'd sort of been regretting it ever since because he's just so darn cool! Look, he takes up the entire chair! Well, the other day I walked into the thrift store and there he was again! And he was only .50!!!! Yes, fifty cents!  He's in great shape, and this time he has a forever home with me!

 OK, this is soooo over due! I owe a HUGE thank you to Kim of "Musings From Kim K."! I was the luckiest girl ever, and won her Halloween Giveaway! Can you believe that she sent this much stuff? And so much of it is hand-made!

 HEX! Look at what she did with a scrabble tile holder!

 And "Putz" houses aren't just for winter! Kim made a spooky version!

 A handmade shadowbox becomes a cute little scene with ghosts and bats! And Kim included chunky floating candles with spiders!

Wellie immediately put the package ties that Kim included into her hair. Soooo naughty!
Kim we can't thank you enough for the package you sent! It was overflowing with Halloween Magic! And it was extra special this year because we (me and Wellie) are living with Mom and Dad, and can't do our usual decorating!

 Another sweet girl (and fellow Minnesotan) sent me a package full of the best paper-crafting supplies ever!
Tammy of "Tammy's In Love" has become a dear friend since I began blogging.

In the package were numerous paper items to cut up and create, and even a few vintage trick-or-treat bags! My favorite thing though was this book "Brighter Days Are On the Way". It's just so perfect for what I've been going through (with my surgery and being confined to the house), and Tammy knew it!
Thank You Tammy! :)

Speaking of DEER friends (haha), these cuties showed up the other day from my dear friend
 Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything". The two of us often send little things back and forth. And Jill knows that I have a weakness for vintage animals! Thank you Jill! :)

I have to show you another thing from the thrift store. A few weeks ago I found these vintage rolls of Dennison streamers for .25 each. I figured that it was meant to be that the only two colors were orange and black! I think I should make a cute decoration using the witch that Tammy sent. 


Have any of you had luck finding your cardboard houses? I have to admit that I found mine last year at JoAnn's and just assumed that they would have them again this year. I've seen the little ones at Michael's for the past few x-mas', so I didn't think we would have a problem. Well this weekend I went to both places and came up empty handed. The good thing though was that neither JoAnn's or Michael's had even half of their x-mas stuff out. Most shelves were still filled with Halloween. So I'm hoping that these stores DO have the houses, and will be putting them on the shelves within a couple days.
**We don't have Hobby Lobby here in MN, so that's why I'm not mentioning it. However one of the gals said that she ordered her houses online through HL.
**FYI There are a few sellers on Etsy who sell "cardboard houses" under supplies. You can check them out too. I'd love to support them of course, but it's difficult when the ones at the craft store are only $1-$3.00. It's totally up to you though if you want to send ONE large house, TWO medium, or even THREE of the tiny ones. Make what you can find.

Here are you swap partners!

Dorothy ( Hens Rule ).....Chris ( A Little Creation )
Lynn ( Life On The Wienee Ranch )..... Tresa ( Speedy Lady )
Shirley ( Zetta's Aprons ).....Deb ( Garage Sale Gal )
Erica (GEV).....Kim ( Musings from Kim K. )
Renee (My Vintage Mending ).....Chris (Perfectly Printed )

The links should work for you to get a hold of your partners for contact info, but please let me know if you have any problems and I can get address' for you. Will you also do me a favor and send me a quick email to let me know when you have sent your partner her package? I was hoping we could have them shipped no later than Nov. 15th.
OK, have fun and let me know if you can't find the cardboard houses! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A SWAP and recent x-mas finds!

Hi Friends! Can you believe that I saw two different Christmas commercials today?
Yes, they have started! I know you're still thinking about Halloween, and I am too. I'm a little bummed that I wasn't able to do a single post about Halloween decorations, but with my foot in it's current condition I wasn't able to dig out the box of stuff. Oh well...on to Christmas! Haa!

So the other day I made some "vintage inspired" PUTZ houses! And it got me thinking that it might be a fun theme for a swap. I'll make it simple, and each friend will make either ONE LARGE house, or TWO of the small ones if you're unable to find a large house at the craft store. You'll send your house (along with any little tuck-ins) straight to your partner. 

The houses are inexpensive and light-weight, so this should be a cost friendly swap! I decided to use this glitter paint for the first time. It gave all the houses great texture and just a bit of sparkle.

Mod-Podge is perfect to slather all over the roof, then dust with Martha Stewart's "Crystal Fine" glitter!

Here is a little tip to get your bottle brush trees to fit. Pull off their base, and snip off the wire stem. I put hot glue along the corner of the house, and then smashed it up tight against the house.

You might remember that a couple posts ago I said I have an addiction to these little spun cotton snowmen.
They worked perfectly here!

My sister surprised me with the December Angel the other day! Our birthday (we are identical twins) is Dec.29th, so I'd been looking for one. I love her! The angel, and my sister! :)

 OK so just let me know if you'd like to be part of the swap by SUNDAY, OCT 21st. I'll let you know your partners shortly after that. And lets have our packages mailed by Nov. 15th.
I hope you'll join in the fun! :)

I couldn't do a post without some recent finds!
 And when I say "FINDS" I mean that I found EBay!
But I'm obsessed with vintage x-mas! I added one these old wreaths to my large putz house. And I couldn't resist this vintage corsage in it's original box!

I decided that the corsage was missing out came my stash of those darling snowmen again!

I love the graphics on this little box of bells, and they'll be perfect for a table-top tree.

Love those jewel tones!

This vintage lollipop holder was actually at an antique store for only $2.00!

 These were an Etsy purchase. They're a cross between a tag and a x-mas card.
They're large (like 4x3 inches), but are one sided and have a hole at the top for a string.

Each one has glitter accents...and I adore them!!!!

And lastly, an empty box that used to hold x-mas lites will look good with my other vintage boxes of lites. For $3 I didn't care that the lites were missing...such a cute display piece!

OK Friends, let me know if you want to join the swap.

P.S.  Many of you have kindly asked how things are going with my recovery. Thank you so much! Here is the latest: On Tuesday I went back down to the Mayo and had the 5 INCH!! pin taken out of my foot. I got a shiny new pink cast, and best of all they gave me a walking boot! I wasn't expecting that yet, so I'm thrilled. Of course I went to an Estate Sale on Saturday because I finally could! Ha!
In 4 weeks I get the cast off and this whole mess will be over with! :)

Love, Erica

Friday, October 12, 2012

A GREAT BLOG I want to tell you about!

 Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know about this great blog that I found a couple weeks ago. I think it's one of the best resources I've come across for vintage images!
And knowing you guys, (my blog friends) I think you'd love to use these images too!

Valerie's Blog, "The Sum of All Crafts" is a collection of artwork, crafts, and an extensive collection of images! She is a full time artist with an associates degree in Graphics Art & Illustration.  Valerie also runs an art group on Yahoo called "The Sum of All ATC's".
Today on her blog Valerie posted a series of vintage notions and
Wouldn't these be fun to use on your next art project?
With the Holidays just around the corner, I think Valerie's images will be a great help when it comes to the little handmade projects that I have in mind.
I'm so thankful that there are generous artists out there that are willing to share with those of us who are not so skilled at digital imagery!
Thank You Valerie!