Monday, October 22, 2012

Gifts, A Thrift Find, and Swap Details!!!

 Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I've got lots to share this week...

Last year I sold one of these vintage Beistle jointed Pumpkins on EBay for $45.00. I'd sort of been regretting it ever since because he's just so darn cool! Look, he takes up the entire chair! Well, the other day I walked into the thrift store and there he was again! And he was only .50!!!! Yes, fifty cents!  He's in great shape, and this time he has a forever home with me!

 OK, this is soooo over due! I owe a HUGE thank you to Kim of "Musings From Kim K."! I was the luckiest girl ever, and won her Halloween Giveaway! Can you believe that she sent this much stuff? And so much of it is hand-made!

 HEX! Look at what she did with a scrabble tile holder!

 And "Putz" houses aren't just for winter! Kim made a spooky version!

 A handmade shadowbox becomes a cute little scene with ghosts and bats! And Kim included chunky floating candles with spiders!

Wellie immediately put the package ties that Kim included into her hair. Soooo naughty!
Kim we can't thank you enough for the package you sent! It was overflowing with Halloween Magic! And it was extra special this year because we (me and Wellie) are living with Mom and Dad, and can't do our usual decorating!

 Another sweet girl (and fellow Minnesotan) sent me a package full of the best paper-crafting supplies ever!
Tammy of "Tammy's In Love" has become a dear friend since I began blogging.

In the package were numerous paper items to cut up and create, and even a few vintage trick-or-treat bags! My favorite thing though was this book "Brighter Days Are On the Way". It's just so perfect for what I've been going through (with my surgery and being confined to the house), and Tammy knew it!
Thank You Tammy! :)

Speaking of DEER friends (haha), these cuties showed up the other day from my dear friend
 Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything". The two of us often send little things back and forth. And Jill knows that I have a weakness for vintage animals! Thank you Jill! :)

I have to show you another thing from the thrift store. A few weeks ago I found these vintage rolls of Dennison streamers for .25 each. I figured that it was meant to be that the only two colors were orange and black! I think I should make a cute decoration using the witch that Tammy sent. 


Have any of you had luck finding your cardboard houses? I have to admit that I found mine last year at JoAnn's and just assumed that they would have them again this year. I've seen the little ones at Michael's for the past few x-mas', so I didn't think we would have a problem. Well this weekend I went to both places and came up empty handed. The good thing though was that neither JoAnn's or Michael's had even half of their x-mas stuff out. Most shelves were still filled with Halloween. So I'm hoping that these stores DO have the houses, and will be putting them on the shelves within a couple days.
**We don't have Hobby Lobby here in MN, so that's why I'm not mentioning it. However one of the gals said that she ordered her houses online through HL.
**FYI There are a few sellers on Etsy who sell "cardboard houses" under supplies. You can check them out too. I'd love to support them of course, but it's difficult when the ones at the craft store are only $1-$3.00. It's totally up to you though if you want to send ONE large house, TWO medium, or even THREE of the tiny ones. Make what you can find.

Here are you swap partners!

Dorothy ( Hens Rule ).....Chris ( A Little Creation )
Lynn ( Life On The Wienee Ranch )..... Tresa ( Speedy Lady )
Shirley ( Zetta's Aprons ).....Deb ( Garage Sale Gal )
Erica (GEV).....Kim ( Musings from Kim K. )
Renee (My Vintage Mending ).....Chris (Perfectly Printed )

The links should work for you to get a hold of your partners for contact info, but please let me know if you have any problems and I can get address' for you. Will you also do me a favor and send me a quick email to let me know when you have sent your partner her package? I was hoping we could have them shipped no later than Nov. 15th.
OK, have fun and let me know if you can't find the cardboard houses! :)


  1. Even if I can't find those cardboard houses, I've got plans. Don't you worry. That Beistle jointed Pumpkin is simply OUTSTANDING! I just love happy endings. Good for you!! Halloween hugs!

  2. What a fun Halloween package!!

    Love the pumpkin, what a steal for 50 cents. I never see anything old for Halloween around here, everything is junk!

  3. Erica, I SWEAR I am going to find your thrift store! :-)
    I received my houses from Hobby Lobby and they are HUGE. I have to look some more! No problem, I already have a few from last year that will work. Can't wait to get started and I'm sending my swap partner an e-mail right away! Thanks for the fun swap, Erica!

  4. If anyone can't find the paper houses I am willing to help. I found them at a local craft store: $9.78 for the small and $16.31 for the large plus shipping.
    Chris =]

    1. Hey that's so nice of you Chris! I'm curious about the size of the houses that you found. Mine were only $1 for the small ones (about the size of a fist), and $3 for the large (about the size of a box of kleenex). The ones you found must be really big and nice for those prices!
      Will you email me at ?
      I need all my swappers emails and address.
      Thanks Chris!
      Erica :)

  5. Sweet pumpkin! A keeper for sure! Love all the goodies Kim and Tammy sent you!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  6. Hi Erica,

    The last time I was in Rochester I visited a Hobby Lobby right off Highway 52 North. Not sure it's still there, but worth a try if you are ever in the area. Take care.

    1. Well that would have been perfect because I'll be back in Rochester on the 15th, but the store locator doesn't show one there. It does show a HL in Mankato though! So MN does have ONE Hobby Lobby!
      Who Knew??? :)
      Thanks Ann!

  7. I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you in time. I seriously don't know what has happened to my time! Anyway, I'm joining next time and I can't wait to see what everyone produces. You have some creative gals in that bunch.

  8. So some great little goodies there Erica! Love those little dear! Ada :)

  9. Wow Wow WOw! That's a whole lotta loot that you won! Yay for you!

    Can't wait to see all of the Putz Houses you paper-girls make up!!

  10. You lucky girl-congrats on winning Kim's amazing giveaway. I love the fact that you found another jointed pumpkin and knew what the "retail" price would be from first hand experience. Enjoy that little guy!

  11. So glad you found a replacement Beistle! (I've had seller's regret on MANY occasions!) Putz houses are one of my favorite things in the world, and if you do this again next year, I am in!

  12. Erica, I missed the sign up...Dang it..I would have loved to do this. I am sorry I am late to the party. Could Miss Kim be any sweeter and oh that Tammy just a doll...Love all your finds. Smiles...Renee

  13. Aren't blogger friends the best? You have received some amazing gifts of kindness from some people you have never even met in person! Now, about that pumpkin. 50 cents???!!! I am so jealous and so happy for you at the same time. I think it is payback for you not being able to get that pumpkin blowmold a while back. Too cute!


  14. I'm so happy things are going well for you. How much longer in the foot cast? You got a lot of goodies there, from wonderful ladies. Your putz house swap sounds divine, I wish I had time for it.


  15. I am so glad to have Deb again as a swap partner...she is so much fun. I am almost finished with my house...I hope she will like it! I have an extra house...the smallest of the three sizes Hobby Lobby sells...about 4.5" by 6". Let me know, Erica, and it's yours. =D

  16. Erica, How great that you found the exact Pumpkin man-he is truly wonderful!. Lucky you to win Kims giveaway. She is so talented and thoughtful. Love the paper goods from Tammy too. You are a lucky gal to have such thoughtful friends.

  17. Erica, Your house swap is going to be so exciting. I received one as a gift last year and couldn't imagine how plain cardboard could be transformed into something so cute! I can't wait to see. Always, Elizabeth

  18. Your pumpkin guy is too sweet! I love all of your very sweet goodies you got from Kim and Tammy! So nice of them! :) Wellie must love those hair prettys! LOL. I can't wait to see your house swap!! I'm so excited! xox Holly

  19. Love the little deer family - I'm pretty sure my sister had the same ones when we were kids. Seeing them brought back good memories. Thanks for sharing !


  20. Wellie sure looks like a cutie!

  21. Hi Erica,
    GREAT Gifties and Wins!!!! How very fun! I had no idea that the paper pumpkins are worth so MUCH!
    About the little houses....if you are going to a Hobby Lobby let me know as I need some. Do you think we could still find them locally??!! I sure hope so!

  22. What wonderful treasures...from special friends and even good old Mr. Thrift! I just love this time of year. It was fun seeing all the pretties that you received in the mail...and, Christmas isn't even here yet!
    Big hugs and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Carolynn xoxo

  23. Wow, you sure are loved girl! So happy for all the goodies you and Wellie got! I am excited to meet my partner! I didn't realize it was hard to find the houses. They have the little houses here at Hobby lobby. They were on sale last week, but regular price for a 3x4x5 is 2.99 I can help get some for anyone that wants one. But I was trying to cut out my own using the paper box sides of empty juice and milk boxes. I am kind of thrifty like this Let me know if I can help!

  24. Thank you for hosting the swap, Erica. I cannot wait to get started on my houses! LOVE the cardboard pumpkin. You received some lovely gifts. You are well-loved (no surprise!)


  25. Love your pumpkin man!! So lucky to find another one! I found my houses at Beverly's Fabrics...I think it is an only California store so if any of the other swappers live in California....I've said it before and I'll say it again, BlogPals are pretty darn terrific!!


  26. What sweet little treasures...woohoo!! I know you're going to have a hey-dey decorating with them. Hope your recuperation is going well and that you'll be on BOTH feet before you know it! I'm assuming you are going to have to go thru physical therapy? :/


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