Friday, April 17, 2015

A House Full Of Stuff: My Vintage Christmas Haul

 Hi Pals! Hope you're all happy and well! :)
This post is about something that happened to me last December, on my birthday of all days! Angie (who's birthday it was also, hee hee) came with me to this fabulous old house. The owners are friends with my uncle, and my uncle asked if I'd be willing to help them go through their old things. They're getting the house ready to sell, and all these things belonged to their parents, who have passed away. *Isn't this vintage wallpaper beautiful?
So my job was to start digging through piles like this, and separate the things that I think are worthy of going into an estate sale, and say what they might be worth.  I really didn't have any intentions of buying anything, or asking to keep things for myself. But you know. lol 
*There ended up being some great things in this dusty pile.

I look absolutely crazy eyed in this pic, and I needed my roots done so bad!!!! But there was this little crawlspace in one of the bedrooms upstairs, and the owner says "Oh, that's just Christmas stuff in there". Say what????

So the owner went back downstairs and had a sandwich, while Angie and I went through the Christmas boxes. When I was done, I offered her a dollar amount that I considered to be the same as any other estate sale I'd go to. But I'm going back over to the house to help her some more, and pay off my debt instead. How's that for a deal?
OK, here's what I came away with!
*lots of pictures, and NOT very good ones. Lighting is just terrible at our house.
 He's my new favorite Santa! Love his blue eyes!
 These mugs were in that pile under the stairs!
 Those are little Christmas carol booklets!
 This guy is big. And I can't wait to finish him with beads and sequins, and put him on a pillow!
 Because I totally needed more vintage ribbon and tinsel. lol
 Apparently if it was sparkly, I took it!
 No words, just love!
 Also under the stairs...unopened Gurleys! And I can cross that little plastic ornament (or is it a gumdrop?) tree off of my "must find list! Also, I love the lavender/turquoise combo in this x-mas corsage!
 My first figural light bulb!
 And I know Laurie (aka Magpie Ethel) finds these all the time, but I never have. So I was thrilled to find a whole card of these foil and glass bead tie-ons!
And more vintage seals...because I was running low. Ha!
So that's that. Now, I can honestly say that if 2015 doesn't bring any vintage Christmas stuff my way, that's just fine by me. I have way more than one girl needs!
I'm going back to help with the house again though! Gotta pay off my debt.
 I'll let you know how that goes. :)
Angie, thank you for going with me to dig through a dusty, old, house on our birthday! I know it was the last thing that you wanted to do, but you did it because it was the first thing that I wanted to do.
Love you- Me