Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Few Finds and What's Going On!

Hi Friends! I thought I'd check in. I'm sorry that there haven't been any "Market Monday's" lately, or even some posts filled with estate and flea market finds. To be honest I haven't been feeling well at all. You never know with R.A. Some days you can feel pretty good, and then you have a few weeks of terrible. Ahhh!
 These are the only things I've bought over the past couple weeks. The large Fire King black polka dot bowl was at the Goodwill. It's the tiniest bit faded, but I couldn't leave it there for $4.00.
 I've never bought china before, but I always see the prettiest pieces at the Goodwill that I go to. I finally decided to pick this Bavarian cake plate up for $3. Isn't it pretty?
 At the flea market a couple weeks ago I found this McCoy planter in the large size. I already have the smaller one, and I love to use it around the holidays with glass ornaments in it. I'm picturing a large bottle brush tree in this one! $3 And even the seller was surprised he had it marked so low!
 There is NEVER vintage x-mas at the flea market. So I was thrilled to find this stocking for $3.
 And these German glass birds were in a bag marked $1.00!
Well, I had to head back down to the Mayo last week because my right foot has been bothering me a lot. I can't believe that it's almost been a year since my surgery!
They took x-rays and the surgeon determined that the screw (it's huge) is causing some problems, and I no longer need it at this point. I guess the joint has done all the fusing and healing it's going to do.
So next Monday I go back down to have the screw removed.
I think it's going to make me much for comfortable. So here's hoping!
Well, just wanted you to know why I haven't been a good blogger lately. I'm hoping things get better! And I'm really excited for Halloween and Christmas. Looking forward to making things, swapping, decorating, and all that fun stuff that we do!
Have a great week my friends!
Erica :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Christmas In July Fairy Was Here!

 Yesterday the FedEx guy game to the door with a box. Oh Yay! My X-Mas In July is here I thought. When Angie brought the box into the living room I was so confused! It was literally the size of the ottoman in front of the couch! Did Chris (of Perfectly Printed) send an actual Christmas Tree? LOL
 Inside were package upon package...and then more packages. I think I was in some sort of haze or something as I opened them...just total disbelief that she had sent me this much stuff!
 Shiny Brites, bells with glass beads, and this beautiful pink and white x-mas stocking.
Hard to tell, but there are 3 really cute silver sleighs, and I will cherish the trio of mercury glass candles too! I've only seen them online. Ohh! This pink fluffy tree is so sweet, and I'm thinking it will be perfect as a new body for the Holt Howard angel tree topper that I found a couple weeks ago!
 Three red deer, super cute tree picks, vintage paper plates, coasters, and even three rolls of x-mas tape! I've never come across the tape before either!
 Two more stockings! What?? 
 I already held the puppy one up in front of my mantel to get a preview! Sooo sweet!
Somehow Chris knew that I was on the hunt for foil light reflectors! Bulbs that I can actually use, and beautiful x-mas cards! Shouldn't we have been done about 3 pics ago? But nope...it keeps coming!
 This big mailbox was full of fun little things! Super cute cloth napkins, books, and funky coasters!
 I collect old x-mas card boxes, and this one with the holly leaves is so pretty! Plus it was filled with x-mas seals...something else I collect.
And then there is this sheer red apron with a x-mas tree pocket! Could it be any sweeter? And could Chris be any sweeter and GENEROUS?
I don't think I deserve this many wonderful x-mas things, but I love it all! And I appreciate each and every little thing that you sent Miss Chris!
Thank You to everyone who joined my swap! I hope you had a ton of fun!
Erica :)
Merry X-Mas In July Y'all!  -W

Monday, July 15, 2013

Market Monday Is Here Again!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my little market today. As always, if you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!
Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 24 hours.
Vintage Rose and Blue Table Cloth: $12.00 SOLD
Large size, a tiny hole or too.

 Antique EffnBee Baby Doll: $9 SOLD
She has her original socks and shoes. I'm not sure if the outfit is original. But it's darn cute! Her head joint is quite floppy/loose, but is secure. She's about 13 inches long. 
 As you can see, the back of her head is quite distressed. She comes with a hat, but I didn't show it because it doesn't match her cute outfit! ha
 Vintage Bright Floral Tea Towel: $4.50 SOLD
As usual I didn't wash it. Sorry! There are 3 small holes. Nice thick cotton. Measures 28x15.

 Vintage Aqua/Rose Tablecloth: $9 SOLD
I'm quite certain that this is a Wildendur, but there is no tag. I'm sorry I didn't wash it.

Measures 52x48 inches. There are a few light spots and possibly a stain.
Maybe you can get it out??

 Vintage Kewpie Book and Figure: $6 SOLD
The book is a 1983 reprint of a much older book. It's a soft cover, and has 10 pages.
The Kewpie on a floaty has no markings, and is 2.5 inches tall.
Set/3 Vintage Pot Holders: $4 SOLD
These are clean and cute! Measure 5in.

Vintage Crocheted Apron: $7 SOLD
So sweet and beautifully done! It's clean, and measures 19in long and about 22in across the bottom.


 Pink Doll Sweater: $3.00 SOLD
This is very old! I know the gal who gave it to me. The sides are slightly discolored, but it looks worse in the pics than it really is.
Measures about 6 inches across the shoulders, not including the arms.
Thank You for visiting and let me know if you have any questions at all!
Erica :)


Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Last Minute Estate Sale!

Yesterday I just had to get out of the house. I told my self no estate sales...but I finally gave in! Why do I even try to resist? I got there 45 min before closing time and had so much fun digging!
 Here's what I found.
 The angel is by Holt Howard and she's a tree topper! I think she needs a make-over though.  Christmas cards and ribbon to add to my stash. And I never used to pick up solid colored Shiny Brites, but lately I can't seem to leave them behind either. It's part of the addiction I guess. Ha!
(pyrex bowl was mine already)
Isn't she sweet? I think I'll "pluck" her feathers and give her a dress. She should also hold some ornaments and a tree or something don't you think?
 I could tell that the x-mas stuff had already been gone through. I don't even want to think about what I missed! I feel lucky that I walked away with this. The Gurly candles cleaned up really well with a damp paper towel.
The first thing I did was go to the basement, and there was half a jar or mercury glass beads just sitting on the work bench with all of the tools!!! Then I went upstairs and found a box full of x-mas "garbage"...I sat on the floor and picked out each of the little glass ornaments that were at the bottom.
 All these things were on a dollar table in the basement! This is the cutest tablecloth I've ever found! It was covered in stains though. It's not anymore! I worked hard on it. And it will be in the Market on Monday! No markings on these mugs, but they are the perfect shade of Tiffany blue/green.
I found a few sheets of vintage x-mas wrap, a frozen charlotte, and a jumbo Rand McNally story book too! When I brought my pile up to the gal at the desk she said "How about $6 for all of it"?
 I was filthy when I left...but so happy! :)
Hope you're all having a fun weekend!
Stop by for "Market Monday" at 5:00 central time if you can!
Mama you are so mean!  -W


Friday, July 12, 2013

Loooong Overdue Thank You's!

I'm so sorry that I'm just now doing this post! I've received some darling little gifts from blogger friends over the past couple months, and I want to show them off!
 Harriette over at "Look At The Birdie" made me this super cute match box! She was so sweet to personalize it by tucking in a pair of sisters, and a dog house charm!
Thank you Harriette! I just love it!
 A couple weeks ago I got the most fun surprise! This vintage doggie towel was a gift from Linda at Lutka and Co. She knows that we are major dog people around here! And I couldn't love it more!
Thank you Linda. It was just so thoughtful of you!
 OK- Shame on me! Because as you can see, this tag was made for me by the very talented
 Chris of "A Little Creation"...back when it really was SPRING!!! Ahh! I'm so sorry Chris!
But I did want to show
everyone how good you are at making tags! I remember the day I received this, and it really  made my day! Thank you Miss Chris!

I had been wanting this little cook book for quite awhile, but resisted because I've been trying to cut back. Well wouldn't you know that my very first blog buddy ever surprised me with it!
Jill of "A Little Bit of Everything" is so good to me! She always knows what I like! lol
 The very sweet Pam of "Virginia Retro" sent me some of her paper dolls awhile ago! I just love the antique images, and they'll be so fun to do some paper crafts with!
Thank you so much Pam! :)
Kim at "Musings from Kim K." and I were partners for the vintage supply swap awhile back. Here's the box that she sent me! Look how cute it is!!!
Inside there were tons of little fun things! The bag with the numbers even has some of my beloved spun cotton stems in it! And look at that Kewpie doll!
This is my favorite thing that she included! I can't wait to make it. I want to have a small tree with all handmade ornaments, so this will be a great start! The shade of pink is so pretty!
And there was even more. The Jack and Jill switch plate is sooo cute!
And Kim even included this sweet little tray. She didn't know that I was needing something next to my bed to hold little things, and this is so perfect.
 But she wasn't done there...look at this housewarming gift she made me! A little house, with the sweetest handmade details ever!
 Look at this!!! The wallpaper, the wooden couch, and even the round pillow, every little detail is so sweet! Can you imagine the time it took?
I still can't get over that Kim made me something so special!
Thank you Miss Kim K! You are so darn sweet and generous!
I went to a good Estate Sale right before they closed today, but managed to find some good things! So I've decided that there WILL BE A MARKET MONDAY ON
MONDAY the 15th AT 5:00PM Central Time! 
Thanks so much for visiting my friends!
Erica :)