Friday, July 12, 2013

Loooong Overdue Thank You's!

I'm so sorry that I'm just now doing this post! I've received some darling little gifts from blogger friends over the past couple months, and I want to show them off!
 Harriette over at "Look At The Birdie" made me this super cute match box! She was so sweet to personalize it by tucking in a pair of sisters, and a dog house charm!
Thank you Harriette! I just love it!
 A couple weeks ago I got the most fun surprise! This vintage doggie towel was a gift from Linda at Lutka and Co. She knows that we are major dog people around here! And I couldn't love it more!
Thank you Linda. It was just so thoughtful of you!
 OK- Shame on me! Because as you can see, this tag was made for me by the very talented
 Chris of "A Little Creation"...back when it really was SPRING!!! Ahh! I'm so sorry Chris!
But I did want to show
everyone how good you are at making tags! I remember the day I received this, and it really  made my day! Thank you Miss Chris!

I had been wanting this little cook book for quite awhile, but resisted because I've been trying to cut back. Well wouldn't you know that my very first blog buddy ever surprised me with it!
Jill of "A Little Bit of Everything" is so good to me! She always knows what I like! lol
 The very sweet Pam of "Virginia Retro" sent me some of her paper dolls awhile ago! I just love the antique images, and they'll be so fun to do some paper crafts with!
Thank you so much Pam! :)
Kim at "Musings from Kim K." and I were partners for the vintage supply swap awhile back. Here's the box that she sent me! Look how cute it is!!!
Inside there were tons of little fun things! The bag with the numbers even has some of my beloved spun cotton stems in it! And look at that Kewpie doll!
This is my favorite thing that she included! I can't wait to make it. I want to have a small tree with all handmade ornaments, so this will be a great start! The shade of pink is so pretty!
And there was even more. The Jack and Jill switch plate is sooo cute!
And Kim even included this sweet little tray. She didn't know that I was needing something next to my bed to hold little things, and this is so perfect.
 But she wasn't done there...look at this housewarming gift she made me! A little house, with the sweetest handmade details ever!
 Look at this!!! The wallpaper, the wooden couch, and even the round pillow, every little detail is so sweet! Can you imagine the time it took?
I still can't get over that Kim made me something so special!
Thank you Miss Kim K! You are so darn sweet and generous!
I went to a good Estate Sale right before they closed today, but managed to find some good things! So I've decided that there WILL BE A MARKET MONDAY ON
MONDAY the 15th AT 5:00PM Central Time! 
Thanks so much for visiting my friends!
Erica :)


  1. So glad we became "blog buddies".

    You sure have had some great surprises in your mailbox! But, then you are such a kind person yourself! Have a great day!

  2. Blogging friends are the best. Love that vintage doggie towel. Perfectly YOU!

    PS. I have that exact same cookbook. Love the graphics. Enjoy your weekend. I'll be leaving shortly to hit up a antique flea market and a few of my favorite antique stores. My husband came home with vintage Christmas from a scary estate sale while I was at work yesterday. Pictures and video to come later.

  3. You are lucky to have so many great blog friends. I just love being part of the incredibly generous and creative community. We are all a bunch of lucky chicks (and a few dudes). : )

  4. Yellow pom poms, pink rick rack and a Jack and Jill switch plate! Eeeks! Have fun! ♥

  5. Erica what great gifts! I do love blogging so much and this is one of the reasons. We just love to give to each other!! It's like a world of people who 'get' you!! Love EVERYTHING! Happy weekend!


  6. You have the nicest blog friends! So many sweet gifts. I especially love the little shadow box room that Kim made for you.

  7. They've got that little cookbook in the collectibles book case at SVDP for $19.99!!! I've been eyeing it FOREVER. They will get desperate to unload it at some point and drop it 50% but that's still way to0 dang much. Jill!! Why didn't you send it to me??!! HA HA. I am totally kidding:-)

    I get so excited when I get little packages in the mail from blogland. It means so much when someone that I have never met in person takes the time out to think of me. Aren't we so lucky?

    Have a great Saturday!!


  8. You always brighten my day with your cute optimism! You deserve all the best and funnest! Looking forward to Market Monday. =D

  9. Yeah for you! Such cute items. Love the little house, and the Jack and Jill switch cover. I was just looking at those on eBay yesterday! I hope to visit your Market early this year, I always seem to miss out! Have a great weekend!

  10. Aw shucks! I wasn't expecting o be included in this post for a few paper dolls, so thank you Erica! You certainly did get some wonderful stuff. Especially LOVE the dollhouse Kim made for you, just amazing!

  11. The little dollhouse room is really awesome. Really sweet.

  12. SOOO many sweet gifts Erica!! Thanks for sharing them all with us! Hope you enjoy them! :) xo Holly

  13. Fun overload! Doll house is darn adorable but beware! Those things seem to be addictive!

  14. Awww...very nice gifties! Darling doll house that Kim made!
    Blogging buddies are the best!

  15. Thank you for being such a sweet blog friend!! Hope your pair of sisters found a good spot in the new pad ;) xo


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