Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On The Work Table, and Goodwill Goods

 Hi Pals! :)
Thought I'd share a couple things that I've been working on...just a hint,
 to get you in "The Mood"!
I went to Michael's today just to see what else they've put out for Christmas. Cute stuff!
I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look and it made me want to go home and make things.
Hey, did anyone see those big clip-on mushroom ornaments at Michael's yet? They're in a box of 8 I think. Soooo cute! I need to go back and use my coupon to get them. They'd be great on a wreath!
 Can you believe that she was at Goodwill? There were 4 of them, but the others were in poor shape.  That same day I also found a very old BINGO game!
 It says "Long Popular at Summer and Winter Resorts".
 No marking on these little dishes. Such cute colors though!
 This purchase makes me feel like an official hoarder.
But I thought it was kind of cool because
1.It's patriotic
 2. It's from 1977, the year I was born
3. It's marked JAPAN (not Made in USA of course)
4. Maybe it will sell on EBay for like $50!  Haa!
 Ahhhhh! What's happening to me????
 And a few pumpkins from Goodwill too. The candle in front is the largest Gurley I've ever seen!
The label was perfect so of course they had to go and put the price tag right over the word "Gurley".
Why do they always do that?
 Our little baby Drew (my niece) was baptized yesterday.  I could have held her forever!
Such a little baby doll.
OK- Hope you all have a great week!
Erica :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

An Estate Sale Early Bird!

 This past Saturday there was an estate sale titled "A Collector's Dream".  The address was just a couple blocks from my house. Darn it! I tried so hard to stay home. But I kept picturing those annoying guys from the last sale I went to, the ones that sold the numbers. And something made me really want to get there before they did! lol
 I got there at 1:30 AM and I was number 5! The sale started at 9:00! I know, totally crazy and wrong for so many reasons. It was the coldest night so far this fall in MN, and I was curled up in the back seat for hour after hour just trying to keep warm, hoping that time would go by fast. It did not! lol
I read two magazines on the Kindle and painted my nails when the sun came up.
Finally it was time!!!

 I bolted to the basement and the first thing I found was three boxes of these angel lights!
Pretty darn sweet aren't they?

 I had the x-mas area in the basement to myself for the first 3-4 minutes. So I got everything that I wanted.
 Terrible pic. Sorry!
 I got 3 really cute Gurley candles. They have their Woolworth's .10 price stickers on the bottom. A Holt Howard Santa candle stick holder, a big vintage stocking, and two Santa's also from Woolworth's.
 Do you think there are support groups for people who are addicted to Shiny Brites?
 I love when I find bags full of x-mas crafty/corsage bits like this!
 I try to avoid buying solid colored ornaments, but these I bought for their boxes!
 I think I'm going to cover our chair cushions in this vintage fabric. Rather, I think I'll have my Mom cover our chair cushions. :)
 There were lots of really old and rare Little Golden Books (like the ones with decals and puzzles) but they were all in poor shape. The only one that was in great condition was a x-mas one that I didn't have, so I lucked out! And I grabbed this sweet little coloring book too. Oh! the x-mas table cloth in the background was also something that I found at the sale! I was so happy to find it!
So that's that! It was a looooong night! But it was pretty fun to be number 5 and know that there were about 100 people behind me! And yes, I did beat out those mean guys! lol

Wellie wants to tell you something,
  Yesterday was my Birthday and I turned 5 years old! This is what I look like when I see something that I think I might want to have.
And this is what I do when I know that I want to have something that smells really good. I offer my paw to Mama to shake. Mama usually laughs at me when I do this. She tells me that I'm doing it backwards. People are supposed to ask me to shake before I give them my paw.
And this is what I look like when I eat my "Happy Birthday Toast"! Mama made me toast (it's my favorite) with butter and honey for my special day. She said I could have it because I have lost 2 pounds on my diet! I love Mama!
Love Wellie

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hold Up!!

 Early this morning I drove out to my parent's house. We're getting a new roof at our place and so I decided to stay with them for a couple of days rather than listen to the pounding. I was minding my own business, enjoying the pretty drive, when out of the blue I was FORCED to follow  this sign!
 This is where I ended up. Hmmmm...
 Inside the garage there were two very sweet Grandmother's and all their vintage x-mas ornaments! They were watching their grandchildren for the day because it's conference time for the schools.
 Shiny Brite Love! 
 These are my first COBY boxes. Though I think some of the ornaments are Shiny Brites and some have U.S.A caps. I need to learn about COBY still.
 I've wanted a Snowman ornament like this for along time, and I think I just pinned one last night. It's funny how things come into your life like that.
 These Shiny Brite's are neat with their eagles and stars!
The vintage Christmas Carols are really sweet too.
 I'm thinking that these little glass ornaments with their plastic caps must have been made right after they stopped putting metal caps on them. The graphics are very retro! Coasters made in England should be good for paper crafting or a banner maybe??
 Bags of super tacky candy garland, snowflakes, bows, and tinsel will all go into my supply cupboard.
Retro x-mas greens to cut apart, a ceramic Santa, and cute mini lights.
So that's that! It was so much because it was very unexpected.
Well, I just wanted to say I'm sorry to my followers. I haven't been a good blogger friend lately. I'll be honest and tell you that my R.A. is really taking it's toll. Lots of pain and fatigue. And it's so frustrating when you have a long list of things that you want (or need) to get done. It's like you don't get to be the person that you want to be. I haven't been good about catching up and commenting on blogs, or even emails for that matter. I really do apologize! Hopefully things will start to get better soon. :)
OK- Have a great weekend my friends,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Spoolie Swap!

 I signed up for the "Spoolie Swap" that Deb and Sandy were hosting this season. My partner was Joyce of "Scrap For Joy"! She sent me this adorable tag and...
such an amazing spoolie! Joyce and I both love Mary Engelbreit! Isn't the bat so cute?
 Joyce also sent me the most amazing chocolate bars from "Sarris Candies", a company that it local to her! I thought it was a great idea to send candy from a local shop, and I may have to start doing that as well when I swap.
 Joyce went above and beyond! Knowing my love of all things vintage, she included this recipe journal from 1957, a pretty satin pouch, and lovely vintage postcards!
But that wasn't it! Joyce was so sweet to include a couple x-mas items! I can't tell you how much I love this mug! And I feel lucky to have one of Joyce's paper creations. She is a master paper artist...and I am soooo not! lol  So I really appreciate this!
OK- Here is what I sent to Joyce. Though I fear I once again came up short in comparison!
 The Spoolie I made her is topped with an owl that I made from paper clay.
Yep...she totally out did me. Sorry Joyce! I sent her a package of Halloween washi tape, a book of Halloween scrap booking papers, coffee, cookies, chocolate, and then I also added a batch of vintage Santa scraps that I forgot to photograph.
Joyce said she has a difficult time finding little vintage embellishments for scrapping, so I believe I may have to send her a little package to help her out with that.
Thank you so much Joyce for a wonderful swap! It was great getting to know you!
And thanks to Deb and Sandy for another fun swap!
Erica :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Decorating! Better Late Than Never?

Hello there my long lost friends. :)
Well I'm not super duper late for Halloween decorating am I? I'm sure there are a few people out there that are hoping to still decorate. Well tonight I finally did it! We brought my green cupboard in from the garage yesterday (more to follow on that soon), and I had fun loading the top of it with Halloween things!
  The needle felted skeleton girl is by artist Kerry Howard Schmidt. All her work is so much fun, but her Halloween pieces really are the best!  And the "It's Gonna Get Cold" picture is an original vintage Texaco ad that I found at an antique store for $4. The Fire King black polka dots bowl was also $4 at Goodwill. Vintage Gurley witch and pumpkin candles.
 Vintage Gurley Ghost (did you know that Martha Stewart now owns the Gurley label?) and a darling Putz House turned scary by the talented Kim K!
 Another Kim K. creation (shadow box lower left), Skelly Pops made by me, and a vintage Empire Blow Mold Pumpkin Guy.
 I found the fabulous vintage Biestle jointed Pumpkin Man at the thrift store for .50! I was thrilled that day because I had stupidly sold my other one (that I had found at an Estate Sale) on EBay. I'll never let this one go! My BFF Mandy from high school gave me the darling smiling pumpkin in the front. I just love him! And I love her too! :)
 I can't remember if I posted about her last year or not. I'm sorry if I did! But she's really the STAR of this show. This is "Hillie Lou" made by artist Jennifer Murphy. She's a jointed, black mohair, artisan Halloween Cat. Her eyes are glass, and she wears the sweetest dress made of vintage fabrics.
I waited years and years to own one of Jennifer's pieces! I just love her! The cat...not Jennifer. ;)
So here's all the crazy Halloween fun! I'm trying to keep it just to this area and not spread it through the house. Though, there are things that I keep picturing that weren't in the boxes...which means there are other boxes!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!
 Here's what I did with that $6 box of bittersweet that I found at the estate sale a few weeks ago.