Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REDNESDAY: Thrifty Finds and Blogger Friend Gifts!

Hi Friends! Here it is, REDNESDAY once again! And it just so happens that I've come across quite a bit of RED this week. Here we go:

Yesterday I found this darling potholder at Annie's Attic, my favorite antiques store right in town! $3.00! And the red, vintage fabric was $1.00 at the Goodwill the other day.

That cute blue fabric is the backside of the kitty pot holder! Last week I paid $.50 each at a garage sale for these really old "Old Maid" cards, and this unopened package of threads!

Just today I found this wooden mushroom at the Thrift Store. It's marked Germany on the bottom. At first I thought it was a candy container...

But it's actually a really old game of Tiddly Winks, complete with instructions! $2
Oh, that blue quilt piece is a hand-sewn pillow cover that I also bought today for .50!

I keep finding these sweet gingham aprons lately! It makes me feel like I need to start collecting them...which I have no business doing! I should just sell them on Etsy! haha Aren't they cute though??

These were all at the Thrift Store last week. I've really been wanting some of these cute little potholders (as if you could actually hold a HOT pan with them), but they're always 3 or 4 dollars at the antique stores. These were $1 for the pair! That's more like it! I love the colors in this old dish cloth, and I thought the vintage S&P shakers were pretty cute too. I can't tell if that yardage of fabric is older, or a reprint, but it's cute either way! :)

OK, I have to say that I've met the SWEETEST women through blogging! I didn't realize that this would be such a positive thing in my life. And I'll revisit this topic in awhile, but for today, I also wanted to share with you some of the great things that I have received, from some dear blogging friends!

 Debby of "Cozy Blanket" recently hosted a "Vintage Golden Book Swap". I'm so thankful that she thought to do this, and put it all together! My partner was Gretchen of "Bird Nest Cottage", and she sent me the cutest batch of books ever! I've never seen "A Day At The Seashore"! It's my new favorite!

Could this be any cuter?

That's a lot of eating!!!

My nephew will love this one! I'm so glad that Gretchen sent me something with a TRUCK! My collection is quite girly, and I need a few that little boys will like too!

And last but not least, a Richard Scarry book! I'd never seen this one either, and it's darling!

Gretchen also sent the cutest little nest pin, a pretty note pad, and some beautiful strawberry stickers. Thank you so much for all of the things you sent Gretchen! You did an amazing job with this swap! :)

I was also the lucky recipient of a GIVEAWAY recently! Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything" is such a sweetheart! To celebrate reaching 100 followers, she sent me a few very special things!

This vintage hankie belonged to her dear mother. She also sent a vintage Pyrex refrigerator dish! I recently started collecting Pyrex, so this was just perfect for me!

Jill also sent this vintage rabbit vase! She didn't even know that I have a "thing" for rabbits. I love it Jill! You were too generous! (She also sent me a cute vintage VERA scarf, but I'm going to post about that later! )

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WOW! That was a long post! Thanks for following along everyone!  Love, Wellie

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

REDNESDAY: The Amazing Quilt Lady

Hi All! First I must apologize because I've been MIA lately! I've been keeping busy with things, and suddenly it's been another week! I went to a seminar on "Vintage Aprons" yesterday! Oh my gosh, was it cute! So I'll be posting about it soon. Anyway, for today, I wanted to share with you all the amazing talent of Colleen, my Uncle Tom's wife. My mom and I drove up for a visit awhile back...

Uncle Tom built her a loft JUST for quilting. This is a portion of her fabric.

She's got vintage, and new mixed together. And it's all color coordinated.

I really wanted to dig through all her fabrics! But I resisted. :)

 All of you quilters out there probably know the name of this machine. However, I don't even know how to sew yet! So I can't tell you what it's called. But I'm sure it's not cheap, and I think it binds all the layers of the quilt together.

It's huge, and takes up one whole wall of the room!
Now I'll show you some of her quilts. She has dozens apon dozens that she's completed.

 It was difficult to take pictures in the loft because of the lack of lighting. I'm hoping you'll be able to zoom in to get some of the detail of her work. It's pretty amazing. Look at how each of the above red blocks are completely different from the next.

This blue one is a bit older I think.

I don't know the names of quilt patterns, but I really like this one.

This one above is so amazing! Every block is different, and each is made up of birds and palms fronds.

This was a favorite of mine. It looks like something they'd sell at Pottery Barn Kids!

This is Lenny. He sat next to me while I took all my quilt pics! Hee Hee! Such a Good Boy!

Again...every single block is different.

Tropical Fans!

And look at the detail.

A Ballerina Quilt for a little girls room.

This was really neat. She used Purple Toile (see the arm?) for all the blocks.

This is the one I want! But it's on her bed...so I thought I better not ask for it! LOL

 And this little wall quilt hangs in their dining room. Isn't it so sweet?

I love the different fabrics that she used for the cups.

This is just their tool shed! haha But I thought it was so cute! If it were mine, I'd fill it with all of my antiques and flea market finds, and then plant a cute little garden all around it. I'm just saying...  :)

***I also wanted to say Hi, and Thank You to my newest followers! I'm so happy you are joining me! :)

Thank you for following along on this really LONG post today! I'm proud of Colleen and her quilts, so I really wanted to tell you about her!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

REDNESDAY: Cracker Jacks and Enamel Ware

Hi All- I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! I was busy collecting cute things! There are so many sales and flea markets all of a sudden! So I've been trying hard to keep my Etsy shop full of new things. 

Well, yesterday I was eating Cracker Jacks while I was working on my Etsy. And this inspired me for a blog posting! Right now Costco is selling jumbo boxes of Cracker Jacks, and LOOK at the cute vintage graphics! They're using the original box instead of the newer version.

Pretty cute huh? We've been eating them for weeks around here, because you get like 40 boxes. lol

Here are some of the little prizes that come inside. Blah!

Can I please have a few of these Metal or Plastic choking hazards (too cute) instead of...

this paper garbage! Do any of you have some of the vintage Cracker Jack Toys? I've been very tempted! There are some really cute celluloid ones for sale on Etsy. They'd be cute to make necklaces with.

When I was fifteen years old I started to get into antiques and vintage things. These red mugs were the first thing I bought. Somewhere, packed away, I have a few of the cobalt blue swirl pieces. My favorite being a big collander. I bought this little flag for a quarter at a garge sale the other day. It's old and soft...love it!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

REDNESDAY: Vintage Christmas Finds

I've found some really cute Christmas items lately. I thought they'd be great to post for REDNESDAY! These Snowmen are actually something that I got a really good deal on, on EBay.  I'm thinking of cutting them apart and just keeping one of them...selling the others on Etsy.

These snowmen are big, with the largest being 4.5 inches tall! So cute tucked here and there for x-mas!

I'm thrilled with this find! I went to a huge Estate Sale, and these were in the NASTY basement! I've always wanted some of these old trees to go with my Putz houses, but they're so expensive at Antique Shops. I got all five of them for $4.00! The large ones are 8 inches tall, and you can't tell from the pic but they still have their glittery mica! This makes getting up at 6:00AM and standing in line for hours worth it! I got lots of other good stuff at this sale. I'll have to tell you about it later.

This sweet girl is a large planter that I found at the Goodwill for $3.99. She was made by "Relpo".  I looked her up on EBay, and found that she's kind of valuable. I can't believe all the darling planters that this company made! There are lots of other little girl planters like this...wearing different outfits.

I found this large box at a Church Sale a few weeks ago. I bought it for the ornaments that were inside.

But when I got home, I realized that the BOX is really the treasure! The ornaments are "OK". There are a few pretty ones. A couple with indents. So those will go on Etsy. But the box...

ill have to keep for me! It'll be great storage for some of my own vintage x-mas ornaments. :)

I'll end this post with a pic that will make you all so thankful that it's not actually time to post about x-mas decorations! This is what it looked like out of our living room window just 9 short weeks ago! :)

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Saturday: The Pyrex Novice

Hi there! I thought I'd put a quick post together for "Pink Saturday"...as there is never a shortage of pink around here. My newest collection started just a couple weeks ago! As if I need another one! But who knew there was a whole world devoted to VINTAGE PYREX? More importantly, why didn't I know?
It all started a few weeks ago. I was at the Goodwill, and I saw 4 graduating sizes of really cute aqua colored glass bowls. "Hmmm"... I thought. These are "Pyrex".  I wonder what this pattern is called, and if this price ($24.00 total) is a good deal. The bowls had handles, and were in great shape. I walked around with them in my cart for a long time. I just couldn't decide, as I only had $30.00 cash with me. So back they went. As soon as I got home, I emailed my good blogger buddy, Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything". I told her what I had done, and that I was already regretting it! She let me know that I should get right back to the store and see if they are still there.
Of course what I had found was a great set of Cinderella Mixing Bowls in the Turquoise Butterprint pattern, and of course they were not still there!!

The following weekend there was a huge sale at an antique store in a town near by. I knew they had  beautiful displays of Pyrex. This booth had his pieces way too expensive though, even with 10% off!

 Well I think I did pretty well anyway! I found a very "not pretty" booth that was offering 50% off everything. And on the very bottom shelf was the #444, 4QT Pink Gooseberry Bowl! It was marked $20, so I paid $10. It's such a pretty pattern I think. 

 This display was pretty cute too! Seeing the $75.00 price tag on a set of Butterprint bowls made me cringe though! I've just got to get over leaving those at the Goodwill! I hope that someone that's been searching forever for her bowls was the one to find them after I set them down.
This morning I went to an Estate Sale, and I bought a 3 piece set of Butterprint Fridgies (with thier lids) for $12! I was happy to add some of this pattern to my collection.

Here's my #444 Gooseberry bowl. I made a cake from the "Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting Cookbook" last night. I love the weight of this bowl, and how huge it is. All your "batter splatters" stay in the bowl!
OK, I better COOL IT on my Pyrex collecting! I only started looking about 2 weeks ago, and I have 9 pieces! This is going to be a problem. :)

I've got these sweet vintage roses in my ETSY SHOP right now, and they come with a little handmade tag too. If you'd like to purchase them for $1 (instead of the $3.25 listed price), just convo me on Etsy and let me know that you visited my blog, and want the rose deal! :)
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