Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Fun, NO PEEKING If I'm Swapping With You!

 Hi Friends! I'm sorry that my posts have been few and far between. I haven't been feeling the best with my R.A. When I do get a bit of energy though, I've been making little Easter things for swapping. It's so much fun!
The cute cards in this post were recent purchases on EBay. I needed a little "pick-me-up"!

 I tried my hand at a Vintage Easter Putz House!

 I made my first little match box!

 At my local thrift store I found these two vintage bunnies and a great book! I made a doily basket for the yellow one. Look at what they've been doing at the thrift! They now pull out the old books and write "vintage" on them. This one was marked $2.50. In the past it would have been $1.00.

The next time I visited the store, they had put out the other two bunnies that go to the set! They're so cute!

 But not as cute as these little bunnies!

These were at the thrift too, and they're marked "Made in Spain"
I think I have to trim the awning of the one on the right. He's so cute under there...painting Easter eggs!
But you can't see him unless you pull up the fabric.

 I found this Good House Keeping ad online and thought it was just great! So I made a couple of these wooded plaques. They're heavily distressed and glittered. Sometimes I get carried away with making things look old! It's just so fun to do!

Another card that I couldn't resist.

These handmade paper mache rabbits are sold, unpainted, by a seller on Etsy. I had fun painting and decorating these up last night. These guys are little, but I have a large one that I'm going to make for myself if I get around to it!

 And here is a tip. I don't have one of those little machines that make perfect paper medallions, but I knew that I would want that look for my Easter Swap spoolies. I remembered that our Goodwill always has these huge badge/ribbons for $1.00! And the two smaller pink and yellow ones were from Target's Valentine's section. They were 75% off, and I just had to remove the heart on the front.

And here's one of the spoolies that I made with the large medallion ribbon!
You may want to look for some of these because it worked really well.

I hope you're all doing well!
I mentioned that I had some exciting news to share, and here it is.
I'm moving!!!!! My (twin) sister ended her LTR with Mr. NOT Right. So that means that she's able to live with me! We got a very cute townhouse, and we move in on April 1st! I can't wait for this new chapter in my life. My parents are wonderful, but it's been quite difficult to live at "home" during my early 30's. I can't wait to show you all the new place, and to decorate it!

So, you know how I just got out of my cast a couple months ago? I still have lots of pain and limp quite a bit. Well the other day Angie (my sister) fell down the stairs and broke her foot. So she went to the ER and got her cast. Then she came home and stumbled down the stairs AGAIN with her crutches! This time she cracked a couple ribs!
We are quite the pair! It's pretty ridiculous! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I HEART The 80's!

Having grown up in the 80's, I can't help but be drawn to toys of that era when I'm out hunting for vintage. I feel so lucky that I caught the tail end of what I feel was the age of innocence in toy making. After the 80's, toys started to take on a different appearance. Less sweet, more robotic in my opinion. I'm going to do a larger post on this sometime soon. I'll show you my collections...and then you'll think I'm crazy! lol

 Here's an original My Little Pony named Bow Tie from 1983.
When I found her, her mane and tail were a ratted, snarly, mess. You can usually restore them if you use hair conditioner, a fine comb, and a curling iron (on low heat).

She turned out beautifully!
I've collected several of the vintage ponies over the years, hoping that someday I'll have a little girl to play with them. This one is for SALE though, and she'll be in my shop. SOLD
She's "AS IS" due to some marks on her body.

 The toy from my childhood that I collect the most is Strawberry Shortcake. My sister and I loved playing with those sweet, scented dolls when we were little. I found this Raspberry Tart fabric panel at the thrift the other day. I'm very tempted to keep her, but I already have the Blueberry Muffin and SS Cake ones, which I would like to make into small quilts someday.

 See, she's marked 1981?
Did you know that nowadays they refer to her as Raspberry Torte instead of Tart because "Tart" was too racy? LOL Whatever!

Poochie was a little less well known, but so so sweet! I remember having a coloring book, and a stamp set.
I just love her hot pink ears and purple sunglasses. Again, I'm so tempted to keep this. But I have a few Poochie items now, so I better sell this. It was such a steal at the Goodwill the otherday!

And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, this vintage Care Bears mug was at my local thrift last week.
Also for SALE in my Etsy shop. SOLD

 OK, Here's Good Luck Bear from the 80's.

And here's the version that my 4 year old niece is used to.
So sad. So very very sad.
Tell me you agree! LOL
Erica :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrift Store Finds: An Odd Mix!

Hi Everyone. Well, I haven't been doing too much in the thrifting/junking world lately. I've really been trying to cool it! I've got lots to sell, and need to get with the program! This week I'll be listing many things in my Etsy shop, including the things in this post...OK there are a couple things I have to keep lol!

 I think I remember my Grandparent's having this bird guide up at the cabin. The cover is so pretty! I often find Readers at my little local thrift store. They're so cute, but what do we do with them? lol This one was especially cute. I'm keeping the mint duck. And I bought the little posies for Easter crafting from Papertales on Etsy. I think they have really good prices!

 See how cute it is?

Look how proud she is! lol

 The blue swan and the puppy are unmarked, and the squirrel is marked Japan. They were at my local thrift, but the books were at the Goodwill. So funny...the Rand McNally was $1.99, which is normal for their vintage books. But then I turn over the Book About God, and it's marked $4.99! What???
So I take it up to the girl and ask her why. She goes to the back and comes out about a minute later and says it's because "That book is listed on EBay for $15.00 right now"! WHATEVER! She was really nice and let me have it for $1.99, but said I should know that in the future it all depends on what things are listed for on EBay. Don't they realize that people can list things for whatever they want to. It's how much it SELLS for that counts!

 All that being said, it's seriously one of the sweetest books I've seen.
I think it's worth about $10.

Isn't this page beautiful?

 The other day, at my local thrift, there was a pile of perfectly clean and ironed vintage hankies!

I picked out 9 of them. I still want to make a banner over my art area with them!

 This little planter was with all the other pieces above. She is marked "FLOWER, DISNEY"! I looked her up and I think she's from the 60's. You can find several of the Disney characters on EBay. Wouldn't they be fun to collect? She'll be for sale.

 I always see these handmade safety pin baskets in antique stores, so it was fun to see one "in the wild" the other day! My Valentine's decorations had just come down, but it would have been cute in that display. I rarely buy vintage jewelry, but these looked interesting. I took them home and did my research. They're both marked Sarah COV. They ended up being a good buy, and they'll go up for sale too!

Please excuse this terrible pic! lol The nice lady at the thrift gave me the glass beads and reindeer when I inquired about them. The Gurly tree, and other little pieces to craft with are perfect for

Vintage odds and ends: A vintage Hearts game, Birthday candles, and cute red horns that I'm unsure about!
Someone must need little red horns!
OK-I think this was the oddest post I've done. Very random stuff! LOL
I hope you have been finding some good things, or better yet, creating good things!
I made my first spoolie for Sandy's Easter swap! It was so much fun, I'm excited to make more.
I'll post again in a couple day. I've got some good news to share! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Hens Really Do Rule!

I received the sweetest little package the other day. I knew it was going to be something special
as soon as I saw the return address.
Dorothy of Hen's Rule had sent it!

 Look at the cute candy box that she made for me! Well...cute is an understatement! The red ric-rac around the edge is super soft and velvety, and I love the expression on the little girl's face.

 The inside was full of treasures! I already have plans for the aqua foil trim and apple blossom petals.

You'll have to click to see this better, but this doxie card and doily were also included! Now, I'm a major hoarder of vintage cards and ephemera, but I have to say that this little card is now a favorite!
It's SO special to me!
Dorothy also has a little doxie named Ms.Wilma. If we lived close, Wellie and Wilma would surely be wienee friends! Luckily, Dorothy and I can be friends even across the miles!
Thank you so much Dorothy!  :)

Well, I did a little Valentine's Day decorating. And it was so much fun to use the things that were sent to me this year. I really didn't even need to get out my old box of things!

Puzzle valentine's from Maddie.

 Marlynne's red and white banner was so perfect for this! I'm going to use it for x-mas too!
Vintage valentine's from Deb (Garage Sale Gal) tucked here and there!
Wellie got a new wienee frame! LOL

Candy boxes from Marlynne and Deb. And I found a way to work a little Pyrex and some peppermint stripes in!
 Cupcake toppers and valentine's book (in background) from Maddie.

This Elephant valentine is one that I found at Annie's a few years ago and it's a favorite. It's HUGE!

OK Girls! That does it for Valentine's Day 2013! Didn't we really knock it out of the park this year? lol
How pathetic is it that tomorrow all I'm doing is going to the dentist?
Happy Valentine's Day!

and Wellie too! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Miss Maddie Sent!

Yippee! We received our first ever "Wienie" Valentine!
 Wellie was sooo excited!
 Maddie of " The Thrifting Sister's " sent the most darling box ever, for my recent Valentine's Swap!

Look at all the details!
 I love the vintage lace and buttons plus sweet paper roses!
Of course she totally spoiled me with other things! I couldn't believe all the great things that she sent!

 Gourmet Chocolate Hearts, Vintage Cupcake Toppers, Mercury Glass Beads, and a Mother Goose Golden Book that I didn't have!

 The chocolate hearts came in both Milk and Dark! And see the vintage Squirrel Puzzle Valentine? There were three more to the set underneath! I'd never seen that style! So great for my collection!
 EOS lip balm and even washi tape!

 One of the best things was this large book of repro Valentines!
I HEART it so much! lol

And then this is the backside! Or it could be the front because it's decorated just as cute!
I love how she made flowers with the buttons!
Maddie you were such a great partner in this swap! I can't thank you enough for all the amazing things that you gave me!

OK, the sweetest little valentine showed up at my door the other day!
This came from Chris of (A Little Creation). Look at the thatched wood background and the palm print sides! It all fit's together so perfectly with the vintage hula girl image! Cutest ever!
Girls-If you visit Chris's page be sure to go to the bottom and FOLLOW her! She is so darn good at paper crafting...I'm hoping to pick up some techniques!  Thank You Chris!

Well I wanted to say THANK YOU to each of you that joined my
 "Valentine's Candy Box Swap"! Can you believe that there ended up being 30 of us? I thought I might get a couple takers! LOL  I hope you all had fun with it!
A few people have asked if I'll be hosting an Easter Swap. I won't be, but I hear rumors that there's going to be a great one to sign up for soon!
My next swap won't be for awhile, but here is what I'm thinking...
Each girl will have a medium flat rate box to fill over the course of a couple months. So when you're out at those flea markets or estate sales and find a little ornament, bring it home and toss it in the box. Or if it's someday in May and you decide you feel like making a little Santa Tag, go for it, and toss it in the box! Cute snowman card at the thrift store for .25? Toss it in the box! :)
If you think this might be something you'd be interested in, you can say so in this post. But this is NOT THE SIGN UP for it. I won't do an official post until mid May.
Keep it in mind though! **I realize that vintage x-mas items aren't super easy to find. That's why I'm giving a few months notice. And some of your things can be handmade! You can also tuck in new x-masy crafting supplies. :)
This might be a lot smaller swap than the Valentine's one! We will see!
Thanks Girls!