Friday, August 29, 2014

Where Are You Christmas?

Hi, My Bloggy Pals! I'm here. Still alive. :)
I hope you're all doing well! Tonight I'm staying out at my parent's house and so I thought it would be a great chance to finally do a post. I'm now without a computer at my place! My new ( in February) laptop already bit the dust, and I had to send it back to "Dell".
Anyways...I've been working on some "self improvement" this summer. Yes, that's what we shall call it. ;)  And so I haven't been going to many sales or the flea market. But I did go to one a couple weeks ago. Boy, did it feel good! Ok, here's what I found.....
Such terrible pics! Sorry. But anyways...two knee huggers, a Santa corsage, an unopened plastic tablecloth, a mesh stocking, and other little bits. I wonder if those bells glow in the dark.  
This sale showed tons of vintage x-mas in the photos. But I don't "play the game" like I used to, and so I got there late...right when it started. I was #48 in line.
I lucked out and was able to grab the last bit of x-mas stuff.
But it was kind of hard to watch all the dealers with their piles of it. Oh well...they got there at 3:00AM probably, so they deserve it!
 In the garage I found a big stack of vintage lanterns, including an unopened package with super cute graphics!
 My favorite find of the day were these vintage sparklers! I've never found them before, and now I have an instant collection! I love the one that says "Western Sparklers".
 Girls, I've been kicking myself for not taking a pic of the kitchen in this home. The stove-top and oven were the most perfect shade of vintage aqua. And the oven was set into a little brick wall. It could not have been cuter. The house it self was painted aqua too.
Above are a pair of valances that she must have used in the kitchen!
Yes, I didn't even wash that McCoy pot before taking its photo. Sorry!
 And then there were Easter things, and a pretty, cotton tablecloth.
So that's that! It felt really good to get back to doing something that I love!
I've missed blogging too. And I appreciate that many of you checked up on me while I was away. It's great to have such sweet friends out there.
Hey- I know you'll think I'm CRAZY, but I've already been thinking about hosting a x-mas swap again this year. And I think I've thought of something fun. So keep it in mind for when the time comes. ;)