Saturday, September 28, 2013

On The Work Table

Hi Bloggy Pals :)
I thought I'd start sharing something a little different today. So, probably for a good 15 years now I've had a (mild?) obsession with vintage and antique Christmas decor. 
You've probably noticed I tend to bring vintage Christmas things home with me whenever I can. ;)
Well,  like a trend in decorating or a fad of a collection (Pyrex that's you) this obsession does not waver!
Daily, I haunt websites to study new pieces for sale and to look at how they were made. Nightly, I dream of launching my own little line of ornaments that look like they came straight from your great grandma's attic.
 I thought I'd start by just holding little sales on my blog and see what happens. I'll work it just like I've been doing my little "Market Monday's" since they have run so smoothly. And I think I'll have the first sale sometime shortly after Halloween.
So here's a peek at what's on my work table right now. The Santa on the left is from Japan and I found him at the flea market this summer. So he's my inspiration piece!
 Mine won't be exact replicas because I can't seem to help adding glitter and glass to pieces that wouldn't have necessarily had it. And I try to incorporate as many vintage materials as I can into everything that I make. That's the most fun for me!
There will be Snowmen, and Candy Containers, Putz Houses, and more!
So anyway, I  just wanted to let you know what I'm up to over here. I'm getting ready for Christmas!  I'll keep you posted about what's on the table in the mean time.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Erica :)
P.S   Look what I found at Target tonight! This was the only section they had up so far. I picked up those cinnamon scented pinecones and took a big whiff! lol Not gonna made me happy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Market Monday!

Hi friends!
As always, I thank you for visiting my little market today. If you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!
Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 48 hours.

 Vintage Button Lot: $5 SOLD
Cute colors and pearl ones too!

Vintage Thanksgiving Candles: $4 SOLD
The pilgrim gal is a Gurley and still has her sticker. The turkey is unmarked and is 4"across. She stands 5.5"tall.

 St/2 Antique Thanksgiving Postcards: $3 SOLD
The one with the squirrels has a couple spots.
 XL Bunny Grain Sack Print Fabric: $6 each       BOTH SOLD
I just thought these would make such great pillows! Measures 20in across when folded in half like this. And 33 inches long. Note, this isn't an actual grain sack. it's a large piece of fabric.
Vintage Laundry Bag: $12.00 SOLD
Large with a nice big pocket and grommets at the top for hanging. Measures 27" long.

 St/5 Vintage Pot Holders (Pinks): $6 SOLD
Might need a quick soak to brighten them up. :)
 Vintage Quilted Stocking: $4.00 SOLD
It looks like the quilt was hand stitched and a bit worn. The back of the stocking is a yellow gingham print. Measures about 13 inches long.
 Vintage Christmas Bits: $6 each      Both SOLD
It's all old. 2 light reflectors, 1 Santa, 1 gnome, 1 cotton elf, a cotton mushroom and several other little pieces. I have 2 identical sets available.
Vintage Hankie Lot (Purples): $9 SOLD
Set of 8 assorted sizes. There may be a couple spots.

Vintage Hankie Lot (Pinks): $9 SOLD
Set of 8 assorted sizes. There may be a couple spots.
Let me know if you have any questions at all!
And THANK YOU for visiting!
Erica :)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Great Estate Sale!

 It might seem like I'm always going to sales but I think this was only my 4th sale this year. Maybe 5th??? Something  like that. We are fortunate to have tons of sales around the Twin Cities, but I tend to be very picky about the ones I go to. This is because things have become so competitive that I really don't enjoy it.
There is this group of about 10 men (dealers) who go to every good sale. And I've always heard rumors about people selling numbers etc, but today I actually saw it happen! The car on the right side of the pic had two guys in it. And I watched them get out, each holding a number, but then one of them shoves a third number in his back pocket! Soooo bad! Then the guy in the denim meets up with them and hands over cash for the number! It made me so mad! I just had to get out of my car and say something to them. Yep, I really did! I said "Did you make some good money for that stolen number"?  Of course they totally denied it. I was number 24, which means if greedy guys like that didn't take extra numbers I probably would have been under number 20 and could have gotten into the house in the first wave! I told myself That's It! No more estate sales!
I'm not gonna compete with these men who get there at 11:00pm the night before! Yes, that's when they started arriving for this one. BUT.................
 then I got into the house, and it was packed! And I reminded myself that many people don't want the vintage holiday stuff that I like, like these little Gurley pumpkin candles.
I've been wanting real bittersweet but this big box of "faux" stuff looks pretty good I think.
 There was an ice cream bucket full of vintage crafting stuff, like this.
 And all of this!
 A concrete rabbit planter for $2.00!
 The pictures didn't show vintage Christmas but I had a feeling that there would be some in the basement. Sure enough! The Santa on the left is a jam jar and the one on the right
 is a Holt Howard bell!
 Three medium sized bottle brush wreaths and a cute corsage!
 Here's a helpful tip: When you need to know the price of a bunch of "junk" like this, always ask the nearest teenage boy that's working the sale. He will likely look at you like you're crazy and say something like "Ummm .50 for all??" Sounds good to  me!
 I wonder if I dare open this German one to fix his berry nose.
 This one on the bottom is probably now my oldest piece.
 He's a cutie!
 A felt tree skirt and 16 kitschy Santa's.  
 I think I will keep this Wilendur tablecloth as I seem to have sold all of mine to you guys! lol
A chalk ware chick, and duck, and an egg cup from Japan.
Easter Fun! :)
 Ha! These are handmade candle rings. But I'll take them apart and use the parts.
OK, are you ready for the BEST IN SHOW?????????
 Ta-Da! In the basement I found this antique goose feather Christmas tree! It's about 4ft tall, and has it's original Montgomery Ward's box!
Immediately one of the men came and asked if he could buy it from me. I said no of course. I will love and cherish it! I feel so lucky that it's mine.
I did a little research and found out that real goose feather trees like this were imported from Germany to Montgomery Wards beginning in the 1930's. I've only seen them in the pictures of Martha Stewart's magazine. Though I'm sure some of you have one. I'd love to know!
OK, I just have to tell you that these are quite valuable. My cost? $6.00!
So maybe I'm still in the game!
I bought some other things but they will be in my Market Monday!
On Monday the 23th at 5pm central time!
Hope you're having a great week my friends!
Erica :)
I'm linking up with Junkin-Joe's at The Cottage Market for the first time. I always have so much fun looking at everyone's junk, I thought it was about time that I join in!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Few Little Thrifty Finds

 I've been trying not to accumulate things. It's not as much fun as accumulating things, but oh well! When I do buy something I try to make sure it's something that I'll be selling eventually. Isn't this elf planter from Japan so cute? Found at the Goodwill, it will get a holiday makeover!

 And when I spotted this Blue Willow sugar bowl without a lid I immediately pictured it as a pot for a vintage bottle brush tree!
 Ok, I said I TRY not to accumulate things. Sometimes I fail! Haa! This vintage candy box will go into my Halloween display this year!
 This Mint tin was only .50 at the thrift. And then I found a bunch of little ornaments at Annie's!
 And these were at Annie's too. I'm a little obsessed with these for my vintage holiday art. But have you noticed how expensive these are online? It's insane!
 I don't have or collect any vintage photographs but when I saw this girl with her dog...She just spoke to me I guess. Her boots are super cute too!
 Why do sellers think Ball jars are so valuable lately? It's odd to me because it's not like they're hard to find. In fact they are everywhere! These were $3 each (at the little thrift) and they don't even have their lids! I'm putting them in a wooden tote with 3 spaces to hold flowers, and I finally got sick of waiting to find them for less.
And more of these. I say "these" because if you know what they are called please let me know! Tinsel package decorations? I don't know. But these were online for an "ok" price. I can't wait to use them in corsages and on Snowmen and Santa's!
I'll be working on my new green cupboard tomorrow. Right now it's still out in the garage. But today I went to Home Depot and bought everything I need to clean it up and make it shine! I can't wait to get it into the house and set up my Halloween things. I'll be sure to show you as soon as I'm done.
I still want to give you a "tour" of our place but there are some decorating issues that I can't seem to solve. If I don't get them figured out soon I'll be enlisting your help!
Hope you have a great week my friends!
Erica :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Kind of Treasures!

 Yesterday our family grew! My brother and his wife welcomed their third baby.
 It's a girl this time, little Miss Drew! Here I am with Jacey and Lucas right after they met their new baby sister.  They were so sweet with her!
 Drew looks just like her Mama!
 While we were waiting for the baby to be born I took Jacey to my favorite thrift shop for the first time. She had tons of questions! Like, what's this basket for? A sewing basket? Well then can we get sewing things to fill it up?
Is that REAL pop in that bottle? Yep! She found an old doll and said "Is that doll pretending to be an American Girl Doll"? LOL
Believe me, I've been drilling the term VINTAGE into this little girl's brain since she was born! LOL
Next summer I think it will be time to start bringing her to the flea market with me. We will see what my brother has to say about that though!
I'm beyond blessed to have two nieces and a nephew! They've added so much joy and fun to our family! I couldn't love them any more than I do!
Auntie Erica  :)