Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Great Estate Sale!

 It might seem like I'm always going to sales but I think this was only my 4th sale this year. Maybe 5th??? Something  like that. We are fortunate to have tons of sales around the Twin Cities, but I tend to be very picky about the ones I go to. This is because things have become so competitive that I really don't enjoy it.
There is this group of about 10 men (dealers) who go to every good sale. And I've always heard rumors about people selling numbers etc, but today I actually saw it happen! The car on the right side of the pic had two guys in it. And I watched them get out, each holding a number, but then one of them shoves a third number in his back pocket! Soooo bad! Then the guy in the denim meets up with them and hands over cash for the number! It made me so mad! I just had to get out of my car and say something to them. Yep, I really did! I said "Did you make some good money for that stolen number"?  Of course they totally denied it. I was number 24, which means if greedy guys like that didn't take extra numbers I probably would have been under number 20 and could have gotten into the house in the first wave! I told myself That's It! No more estate sales!
I'm not gonna compete with these men who get there at 11:00pm the night before! Yes, that's when they started arriving for this one. BUT.................
 then I got into the house, and it was packed! And I reminded myself that many people don't want the vintage holiday stuff that I like, like these little Gurley pumpkin candles.
I've been wanting real bittersweet but this big box of "faux" stuff looks pretty good I think.
 There was an ice cream bucket full of vintage crafting stuff, like this.
 And all of this!
 A concrete rabbit planter for $2.00!
 The pictures didn't show vintage Christmas but I had a feeling that there would be some in the basement. Sure enough! The Santa on the left is a jam jar and the one on the right
 is a Holt Howard bell!
 Three medium sized bottle brush wreaths and a cute corsage!
 Here's a helpful tip: When you need to know the price of a bunch of "junk" like this, always ask the nearest teenage boy that's working the sale. He will likely look at you like you're crazy and say something like "Ummm .50 for all??" Sounds good to  me!
 I wonder if I dare open this German one to fix his berry nose.
 This one on the bottom is probably now my oldest piece.
 He's a cutie!
 A felt tree skirt and 16 kitschy Santa's.  
 I think I will keep this Wilendur tablecloth as I seem to have sold all of mine to you guys! lol
A chalk ware chick, and duck, and an egg cup from Japan.
Easter Fun! :)
 Ha! These are handmade candle rings. But I'll take them apart and use the parts.
OK, are you ready for the BEST IN SHOW?????????
 Ta-Da! In the basement I found this antique goose feather Christmas tree! It's about 4ft tall, and has it's original Montgomery Ward's box!
Immediately one of the men came and asked if he could buy it from me. I said no of course. I will love and cherish it! I feel so lucky that it's mine.
I did a little research and found out that real goose feather trees like this were imported from Germany to Montgomery Wards beginning in the 1930's. I've only seen them in the pictures of Martha Stewart's magazine. Though I'm sure some of you have one. I'd love to know!
OK, I just have to tell you that these are quite valuable. My cost? $6.00!
So maybe I'm still in the game!
I bought some other things but they will be in my Market Monday!
On Monday the 23th at 5pm central time!
Hope you're having a great week my friends!
Erica :)
I'm linking up with Junkin-Joe's at The Cottage Market for the first time. I always have so much fun looking at everyone's junk, I thought it was about time that I join in!


  1. Now I call that karma!! Cheating as far as the numbers goes and then asking you, who waited patiently, if they could buy your goose feather tree! You came home with some wonderful treasures! Can't wait to see what's in your Monday market!

  2. The beauty of living away from the metro! Unbelievable prices, now do you want to trade for some OA papers and embellishments!? :-)

  3. Score on the tree! That looked like my type of sale with all the holiday goodies. I can't believe that number selling..that would really rub me the wrong way..good for you for saying something. Bad karma to them...really bad.

  4. Oh I love the holiday goodies you scored. You lucky girl! Can't wait to see your Monday market goodies.

    xo Danielle

  5. Those stupid guys didn't know the good stuff when they saw it! Nice haul!! The gurley pumpkins are awesome.

    I've quit going to estate sales for that same reason. I stand there thinking about what happened to the person whose stuff they are fighting over.

  6. Wow, what great finds and I can't believe the prices! Good for you!! The tree is fabulous and will look so pretty with all your ornaments! ;) xo Heather

  7. wow, lucky you! I would say that haul was worth the aggravation of those dumb men! so much great stuff!!
    have a great weekend

  8. My husband would have been so angry with those dealers too. I'm glad you said something. You know I love every single thing. That tree is absolutely amazing. Those gurley pumpkin candles are fantastic and I never EVER see vintage Easter. Love those chalkware ducks!! Excellent tip about asking the teenage boy the price for your bundle of goodies (hee hee).

  9. Wow - that's horrible the way those men behave! Good for you for saying something....I'm glad you were able to find some wonderful items to purchase.
    Smiles, DianeM

  10. The estate sales around here are getting super competitive too but I have never seen anything shady like number selling going on. For the most part, everyone is pretty respectful of one another. That is until the doors open and the elbows start to fly!

    I am so jealous of your vintage holiday haul, especially the Easter prizes. It seems to me that although you are pretty selective of the sales you attend, your sensor for vintage holiday is spot on! Lucky gal :-)

    Have a great weekend!


  11. It seems like there is always a few that just can't play by the rules.
    oh you have a wonderful haul there! I love love love your tree! I do not have one.
    You got so many lovely things good for you.

  12. I would be so upset with the cheating dealers, but I'm so glad you got your deals and that tree is amazing! Yay for you!

  13. Woo-hoo! What a haul! Thanks for the teenage boy tip! Ha-ha!

  14. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the cut throat dealer nonsense either. How strange is it to use that term when talking about estate sales?
    You still showed them a thing or two! Nice haul! That tree is fabulous. I've never seen one in real life before.
    I'll be watching for Market Monday!

  15. I have only ever seen those trees at $100+ so I don't own one. Yet? :-)

    I would tell the estate sale company about the number business. Around here a person generally hands the numbers out so they can control them. And they have strict rules about being present to get one, being present to get it, if you miss your number you go to the end of the line and start all over etc. Now I understand why...

  16. Wow, lots of great treasures!! Estate sales stress me out, so I rarely go early these days.

  17. What a wonderful find the feather tree is! And I love the little deer candle, too. I have several of those that I bring out at Christmas.

  18. WOW! 16 Santas?? Sweet!
    I loved it all.

  19. Wow!! Such great finds and prices! I see lots of things to craft with!! Love your little tree it will be cute with lots of ornaments on it! Happy sweet Friday! Excited to see what's in your market Monday! :) xo Holly

  20. Good for you to speak up! I have never seen such activity at the estate sales here in New Mexico most of them don't even hand out numbers. You really came out the door with some very vintage holiday decorations! That tree is so neat and I honestly didn't know such a thing existed. Market Monday should be fun!


  21. Oh girl, I'm still laughing about finding the teenage kid to price your lot of junk! Ha! So true!! That tablecloth looks beautiful! I got some of those chalk ducks at a sale this year, live them. You scored on some great Christmas stuff, lucky!! I'm so glad you said something to those men, I can't even believe they do that.. happy weekend!

  22. WOW girlee. You did great. You got to love teenagers. I did not know people stole numbers to resale. What nerve. I am so glad you got the tree. Looking forward to Market Monday. Hopefully I will not forget.

  23. What a haul! So many goodies! I wonder if handing out numbers is a midwest thing. That's what they do here in Iowa, too. Magpie Ethel (Laurie) talks about getting your name on a list. I think I would like that better. Waiting for numbers stinks. Still can believe what you witnessed!

  24. Good, cute stuff. Dealers are shady. They claim they're not, but whatever makes them sleep at night.

    You know, even the thrift stores around here are getting super competitive, too. It depresses me greatly to the point where when I finish shopping I think to myself, "why the hell did I even come out?"

  25. Hello and happy weekend! Don't let those ;( men keep you from going something you enjoy! I understand it is crumby! Love your vintage Santa Claus finds! Estate sales are so fun when there packed with treasures! ;)
    xoxo Carly

  26. AMAZING! You sure pick the good ones when you decide to go! LOVE the tree...what a find.
    Love looking at all the pix.

  27. Okay, so obviously you're saving all the best stuff for me.....right?????? You're very blessed to have those kind of sales out there......I'd be spending all my time going to estate sales if they even had half the goodies you find.


  28. Love your rabbit planter and that Montgomery Ward's tree! And all the vintage Christmas!
    You missed my giveaway :( So sorry.
    Looking forward to checking out your market monday!

  29. Hi Miss Erica! Boy, I think you are a brave one too Confront those men! Good for you, that is wrong. You really found some neat stuff! But I am with you, love the goose father tree. I have never actually seen one in person. You lucky duck! and congratulations on your new little niece. So sweet :)

  30. Oh, and thanks for the teen aged boy tip. . too funny!!!

  31. I love all the Holiday goodness you scored! Especially the little Halloween pumpkins :)

  32. OH, My! LOVE the Christmas. That is just fantastic! PS I would have said something to the man too!

  33. oh wow, that really was a great sale! i haven't been to a sale in MONTHS and this post has me itching to go!

  34. I just knew you'd have something good to share!! I haven't read a blog in two and a half weeks - I'll never catch up....

    How do you always find this great stuff??? You are so lucky, Erica!!!

  35. WOW...I think the word I am looking for is...SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!
    TFS! Hugs...


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