Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MN Winter

The snow covered petals of the Hydrangeas in the backyard look beautiful in a whole new way.

A very chubby bunny statue tries to blend right in with his wintry surroundings.

My favorite Angel Statue looks a little chilly...but quite pretty with snowy wings.

Ahhh...A darling birdhouse hand painted by a 2 year old for Grandma and Grandpa.

Every single branch, of every single tree, was covered in spiky, sparkling frost the other morning. It was breathtaking.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From A Valentine Swap 2011

These ATCs' were part of a swap I took part in last year.
Lisa Kettell didn't hold the swap again this year, but she's got such a cute site and blog! You'll find lots of inspiration from her works of art and cute little characters. You can find her here:


In these Valentine Postcards I made for the swap, I used Lisa's "Pastel Charlotte Dollies Faces", vintage Dennison labels, and old water-slide off decals with ship images. The decals were so old that they cracked as I used them. I decided that it looked even better WITH the cracks though!

This is a mixed media collage painting of mine. I made several copies for the swap, and trimmed them in sequince and crepe paper ruffles.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspiration From Frozen Charlottes

I'm always on the look out for these funny little dolls.

I have the best luck at fleamarkets and estate sales.

Something about them just gets me. LOL. I just know some of my friends are reading this with their jaws dropping! Some of these don't even have arms. But all you artistic souls out there know what I'm talking about. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Jersey Shore Girl

I completed this little mixed media girly the other day. It was fun to include so many different elements into one piece. They really add up once you get working.

*I encourage you to spread out all your art supplies and go for it! Don't hold back, and see what the result is. You'll surprise yourself!

Here's the list: Antique postcards, vintage wallpaper, acrylic paint, vintage quilting fabric, construction paper, charcoal, colored pencil, wax, vintage lace, gesso, and mica flakes.

I have a little collection of Frozen Charlottes, and little Flapper style bisque dolls that inspired me to paint her. They remind me of the east coast, and walking along a boardwalk eating saltwater taffy!

She'll be available in my Etsy shop. www.GoldenEggVintage.Etsy.com

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Potion No.9 Finished

Now available in my Etsy shop:


Love Potion No.9

Repurposing some of those little spice jars from the thrift store, I used a copy of my favorite vintage French Perfume Label, Carnival Tickets, Mercury Glass Beads, and other sweet little things. These could be done in so many themes.
Erica :)

p.s as to previous post, I hope you realized I was kidding. This is the ONLY studio.

My Entire Studio For Now :)

I won't go into details yet about why or how it's come to be that all my art supplies are crammed into this little corner of the basement (OK my parents' basement).

But such is life right now.

My REAL art studio has huge sunny windows, a center island with a big Lazy-Susan smack dab in the middle (full of my brushes, glitters, and paints). There's beautiful art all over the walls from all the artists that inspire me too. And in the corner there is the best over- sized, white, comfy chair. That's where I sit with my coffee and art magazines!

I don't FEEL like working in the REAL studio though.

So here's my corner.

Erica :)