Friday, August 30, 2013

Half Off Day at the Great Estate Sale!

 These pictures are terrible! I'm sorry, but I took them from the couch where I was propping up my foot. These are the things that I found at that great estate sale on the last day. The bummer was that I  just had surgery and was only able to do one floor before my foot was screaming "GO HOME"!!!
I didn't even get to the main floor or the basement! Boooo!
All the x-mas ornaments were still there. Ummm...maybe it was because some crazy person 1.Priced them higher than antique store prices, and 2. Did it with a Sharpy!
I found one of the workers and told them I was interested if we could make a great deal. And he said yes! Meanwhile the "Crazy person" picks up one of the ornaments, SPITS ON IT, and rubs the marker off!  She said "Spit works on everything"!  
I'm sure I smiled and thanked her. lol But I was thinking "Lady, quit spitting on my ornaments!"
 More x-mas fun!
 A large sheet of Santa wrapping paper and jumbo Santa scraps!
 I found tons and tons of Santa scraps actually.
More scraps.
 I was most excited to find another box of this vintage pink tinsel!
There were thousands of cards and scraps on day one. Here are some that I found on day 4.
OK- so that was that! It was lots of fun to head back over there and find more things!
And then here are just a couple other little "finds" from the past two weeks.
 Angie and I did some work with a dog rescue group recently, and they had a garage sale to raise funds. We brought lots of things to sell but of course I had to look at what other people donated! There was the cutest record player with these records but we couldn't get it working! :(
 My neighbor, Vicki, gave me these sweet little birds! I love them because they're just like the ones my Grandma Dorothy had on her tree. And then this pine serving piece was at the Goodwill the other day. I wish you could see it better because it's so much prettier than it looks. Some of the pine needles are pink! I think it'll be great for serving cookies or displaying ornaments!
And then this metal hook was at the GW too. I needed something to hang my bathrobe on, so this is perfect!
I hope you all have a great LONG weekend. Thank you so much for visiting, my friends!
Erica :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Market Monday Is Here Again!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my little market today. As always, if you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!
Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 48 hours.

Vintage Cherry/Aqua Table Cloth: $14.95 SOLD
Measures 52x40in, I didn't soak it. There are a couple light spots. It's super soft!

Ephemera Lot #1: $6 SOLD
9 pieces total, most are x-mas theme. All are very old!

Vintage German Mushroom Tidily Winks Game: $5/each   BOTH SOLD 2 AVAILABLE
The mushroom is wood and marked Western Germany on the bottom. Pieces inside.
Vintage Christmas Seals: $5 SOLD
Includes 46 seals and 23 Santa Scraps. Santa on right is about 6 inches tall!

 Hand Embroidered Robin Runner: $5 SOLD
A linen piece with hand crocheted edging. The bird image repeats on the other end. 40in
 Set/6 R,W&Blue Juice Glasses: $9 SOLD
No marking. They are the tiniest bit "less bright" than they appear in photo. 5in high

Ephemera Lot #2: $6 SOLD
9 pieces total, most are x-mas theme. All are very old!

 Teal Floral Table Cloth: $14.95 SOLD
Measures 46x50in. I didn't soak it. There are a few light spots and teeny tiny holes.
 Vintage Lace Trims Lot #1: $10.00 SOLD
There are 8 or 9 pieces per lot depending on what I felt was a fair match. Tried to make them as even as I could. Various lengths. Most were removed from pillowcases.
Vintage Ceramic Blue Bird: $6 SOLD
Beautifully done and signed "Esther", I think this is so pretty!
Measures about 4.5x5in 

Vintage Halloween Plates: $4/pack      2 AVAILABLE  BOTH SOLD
6 plates per pack. Super cute witch scene. Measure 9 inches. Made by Beach Products USA
 Vintage Lace Trims Lot #2: $10.00 SOLD
There are 8 or 9 pieces per lot depending on what I felt was a fair match. Tried to make them as even as I could. Various lengths. Most were removed from pillowcases.

Thank You for visiting and let me know if you have any questions at all!
Erica :)
Wellie said "Mama, show 'em my lil baby picture".  lol :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Baaaack! And I've Been Hunting!

Well that was fun! Thank you to everyone who left comments and tips about how to figure out the big mess I had with my blog. It was YUCKY! The Blogger Help Forum turned out to be my saving grace. Thank you Mishka! As you can see there are still some funny white areas. I can't get them to go away for the life of me!
 Last week Angie and I headed down to "Gold Rush Days" in a tiny town called Oronoco. It was huge this year and filled with so many great vintage things. I didn't take many pics though.
This is what the entire drive down there looks like. It's just north of Rochester Minnesota.
 There were so many industrial pieces this year!
 And these "coffee table carts were the hot item. This green one was SOLD for $175
Tons and Tons of smalls.
And Pyrex was everywhere!
 The guy I bought this chair from said "Look at that beautiful Folk Art paint job"! Haaa!
AS IF it's staying in this condition! lol
 This is for my sister in law. She and my brother bring the kids to Disney World every year and I know they have lots of Disney ornaments. This vintage stocking is mint!
 OK- I have hundreds of mini ornaments like this (I must admit) but I had to buy this little lot of them because I've never found the ones with mesh wrapped around them.
They'll be great in some corsages!
 This WAS an unopened pack of seals. I love the candle ones!
 I finally found some cheap reflectors that aren't perfect, so I can make things with them!
OK...I saved the best for last! This was my final purchase. And it wouldn't have been possible without my dear sweet Sister In Law (who by the way is about 36 weeks pregnant with niece #2), who gifted me some spending money before my little trip to this flea market! She insisted that I buy something fun for myself. Believe me, I argued...but she wouldn't take no for an answer!
So this is what I put the money toward....
 My DREAM cupboard! I can't tell you guys how long I've wanted a cool, old, green cupboard. And there it was! This is a terrible phone pic. But I can't wait to show you once I get it cleaned up and in the house. It's pretty big!
Oh...imagine the Christmas displays to be had with this! LOL
Thank you dear SIL. You are the best! And not because of the cupboard!
OK- Wellie wants you to know that we are sorry we missed "Market Monday" this week due to the blog mess.
There will be a market THIS COMING MONDAY FOR SURE!
(unless I wake up and my blog is all screwy again) lol
See you at 5:00PM Central Time!
Erica and Wellie :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Going Nuts with Blogger! Help!!!

 Since yesterday morning my blog has been all messed up. Ug! What is going on????
I've been working on it like crazy and making no progress!
I can't figure out why my "gadgets" are now in the body of my posts. They don't appear this way when I look at my layout. In fact they (the ones on the left) don't appear in my layout at all! So odd!
Also, I'm unable to change my layout! Is anyone else having issues?
I need a helping hand!
If anyone out there has seen this happen before, and wouldn't mind giving me a little advice, I sure would appreciate it! I don't know what else to do!
Thanks Friends!
Erica :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Estate Sale Finds!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great week! Well, I had the screw (in my right foot) taken out on Tuesday...and 48 hours later I went to an Estate Sale. lol
Thursday morning I was all settled on the couch, pain pill on board, and foot propped up. Then I made the mistake of getting on the estate sale website. There was one starting in 20 minutes and it was just 15 minutes away! Plus it said "lots of Christmas items".
I tried to resist, but it just sounded so fun! So out the door I went, in my new boot!
 Luckily they had a bunch of furniture (for sale) outside, and I was able to sit in a rocking chair for the entire hour before I was able to enter the house! They gave out 85 numbers, and I got number 85! I'm lucky I got one at all. They only let 5 people in at a time! And oh my gosh, this house was packed!
Almost everything that I bought is for x-mas crafting/art.
 They had lots of glass ornaments but they were priced extremely high, so I didn't get any. I was so excited to find this Santa puppet from Japan still in the package as well as the unopened Woolworth Santa heads!

 This family collected tons and tons of Scandinavian things! I found this big bag of spun cotton mushrooms in the back of the basement!  I also grabbed 3 German Mushroom Tiddley Winks games to sell. The gnomes are so cute and unique! And there were tons of bottle brush trees, but I only let myself get four.
 I was really excited to find all this old tinsel in the basement. Especially the pink strand!
 A dozen plastic gnomes! Tree cupcake picks, and the prettiest glass berries!
There was this ice cream bucket full of millinery bits. I've now sorted it, and there turned out to be lots of good little crafting things in there!

 Then there was another box similar the the ice cream bucket, but all the stuff was x-mas crafty stuff! Little bells, berries, ribbon, and even some of those teeny mercury glass candles!
 I was using this basket to gather some things because I had already filled the bag I brought. So the lady said why don't you just buy the basket for $1? It's a nice old basket, so I did. I also grabbed two  more Faribault wool blankets. Now I have one to drape over each of my white chairs during the holidays!  
 In the garage there were hundreds of old magazines. These are the few I grabbed. I can't believe the amazing graphics and ads in them! Here's just a sample. I think I'll do a post soon.
Libby's Fruit Cocktail!
And an actual ad for PYREX!
 I also grabbed this vintage Easter Egg kit, and a few pretty sheets of wrapping paper.
There were tons and tons of linens and hankies etc. But I was fading fast! So I just grabbed a bag of trims to sell.  Then I paid the kid that was selling lemonade across the street to carry my boxes out to the car! LOL I went home, took another pain pill, a shower, and a loooong nap! Ha!
So I just wanted to let you all know that I'll probably have another Market Monday not this coming Monday, but the one after that! I'm working on it. 
Then my plan is so be working like crazy on Holiday/Christmas crafting. During October, Nov, and December my "Market Monday's" will mostly be my handmade things. Heaven knows I've certainly bought enough vintage x-mas craft supplies this summer! I'm hoping to make and sell some really fun, unique things!