Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Baaaack! And I've Been Hunting!

Well that was fun! Thank you to everyone who left comments and tips about how to figure out the big mess I had with my blog. It was YUCKY! The Blogger Help Forum turned out to be my saving grace. Thank you Mishka! As you can see there are still some funny white areas. I can't get them to go away for the life of me!
 Last week Angie and I headed down to "Gold Rush Days" in a tiny town called Oronoco. It was huge this year and filled with so many great vintage things. I didn't take many pics though.
This is what the entire drive down there looks like. It's just north of Rochester Minnesota.
 There were so many industrial pieces this year!
 And these "coffee table carts were the hot item. This green one was SOLD for $175
Tons and Tons of smalls.
And Pyrex was everywhere!
 The guy I bought this chair from said "Look at that beautiful Folk Art paint job"! Haaa!
AS IF it's staying in this condition! lol
 This is for my sister in law. She and my brother bring the kids to Disney World every year and I know they have lots of Disney ornaments. This vintage stocking is mint!
 OK- I have hundreds of mini ornaments like this (I must admit) but I had to buy this little lot of them because I've never found the ones with mesh wrapped around them.
They'll be great in some corsages!
 This WAS an unopened pack of seals. I love the candle ones!
 I finally found some cheap reflectors that aren't perfect, so I can make things with them!
OK...I saved the best for last! This was my final purchase. And it wouldn't have been possible without my dear sweet Sister In Law (who by the way is about 36 weeks pregnant with niece #2), who gifted me some spending money before my little trip to this flea market! She insisted that I buy something fun for myself. Believe me, I argued...but she wouldn't take no for an answer!
So this is what I put the money toward....
 My DREAM cupboard! I can't tell you guys how long I've wanted a cool, old, green cupboard. And there it was! This is a terrible phone pic. But I can't wait to show you once I get it cleaned up and in the house. It's pretty big!
Oh...imagine the Christmas displays to be had with this! LOL
Thank you dear SIL. You are the best! And not because of the cupboard!
OK- Wellie wants you to know that we are sorry we missed "Market Monday" this week due to the blog mess.
There will be a market THIS COMING MONDAY FOR SURE!
(unless I wake up and my blog is all screwy again) lol
See you at 5:00PM Central Time!
Erica and Wellie :)


  1. What fun treasures. Your sister in law sounds like a sweetheart. Enjoy your new cupboard. It's pretty darn fabulous.

  2. I so wanted to go to "Gold Rush Days" this year, but other commitments kept me away. I love your cabinet, I am always looking for more places to store/display my stuff! Glad your blog is back in order, I know how frustrating it can be! Have a great weekend!

  3. OOOOOH my! What a very fun market to go too!! SOOO many treasures! And I love love your new cupboard! That is totally my style and so fabulous!! I'm so excited to see you decorate it up!! :) Get going .....go put some fall and Halloweenie things in there!!! LOl! Jerry send hugs to Wellie! She's so darn cute! :) xo Holly

  4. ps. Love your new header!! SO cute! You inspire me so much to go treasure hunting! lol...I think of you quite often while i'm out! :)

  5. That chair is awesome! I knew you'd find one eventually. It will be perfect on your sweet little back patio.

    Glad you are back. I missed you!


  6. Glad you got your blog sorted out! I came buy again to comment again but couldn't even see my first comment so who knows if you even got it!

    Your new header is really cute!

    Gosh, what a sweet SIL and what a great cupboard!

  7. I love your new layout! I showed my husband the craziness from before and he was stumped for an easy fix. His suggestion was to contact blogger, and I figured you already did that so I didn't say anything. I'm so glad you got it figured out!
    Yay for an awesome vintage fair! We drove through that little town many times while in Minnesota for Junk Bonanza. That green cabinet is fabulous! What a cool find. Excited for Market Monday!!!

  8. So glad you got your blog figured out :) It looks great <3 You must have been in heaven at that sale. I love 'virtual' shopping with you :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  9. I'm glad you're back! Girl, I love that green cupboard, you did good!!
    And Hello there, Wellie! :-)


  10. Oh, I have a cute new button, check it out!

  11. Looks like that was a wonderful trip for sure.
    Glad to hear your bloggy problems are fixed, nothing more frustrating on the planet than a computer that does not want to behave....

  12. Hi Erica, It looks like you had a really fun time and you found some really great things. I LOVE your beautiful bead board cabinet. It will definitely be gorgeous stuffed full of Christmas displays. I can just imagine... Love that Disney stocking too - so sweet. Junking is fun but I think it's even more exciting when you are in new "unexplored" places.

    xo Danielle

  13. Love the cupboard! I heard it was a litle expensive.
    Are you joining my fall/halloween swap?

  14. Oh I like your fabulous green cabinet I can just see my silver tree and village setting across it LOL

  15. Great cabinet! Looks like a fun junking trip!

  16. Erica,
    Do you know that you make me crazy with these posts????? lol I am coming back there in the spring, is there anything like this then???? We have to make plans!!!!!

  17. Looks like a great market! I have a vintage/distressed cabinet like the one you bought (mine is dark green with red peeking through). You will love setting up Christmas displays- have fun!

  18. You're going to have fun with that cupboard!! Can't wait to see it in position and full of goodies!

  19. Oh that cupboard is divine, and I can't wait to see where you put it.

    BTW........please excuse me for my horrible manners, as I haven't thanked you yet for the goodies you sent me via Sandy. I finally got them last week and they are perfect. How much do I owe you for them? Let me know if you have any more.



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