Friday, August 9, 2013

Estate Sale Finds!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great week! Well, I had the screw (in my right foot) taken out on Tuesday...and 48 hours later I went to an Estate Sale. lol
Thursday morning I was all settled on the couch, pain pill on board, and foot propped up. Then I made the mistake of getting on the estate sale website. There was one starting in 20 minutes and it was just 15 minutes away! Plus it said "lots of Christmas items".
I tried to resist, but it just sounded so fun! So out the door I went, in my new boot!
 Luckily they had a bunch of furniture (for sale) outside, and I was able to sit in a rocking chair for the entire hour before I was able to enter the house! They gave out 85 numbers, and I got number 85! I'm lucky I got one at all. They only let 5 people in at a time! And oh my gosh, this house was packed!
Almost everything that I bought is for x-mas crafting/art.
 They had lots of glass ornaments but they were priced extremely high, so I didn't get any. I was so excited to find this Santa puppet from Japan still in the package as well as the unopened Woolworth Santa heads!

 This family collected tons and tons of Scandinavian things! I found this big bag of spun cotton mushrooms in the back of the basement!  I also grabbed 3 German Mushroom Tiddley Winks games to sell. The gnomes are so cute and unique! And there were tons of bottle brush trees, but I only let myself get four.
 I was really excited to find all this old tinsel in the basement. Especially the pink strand!
 A dozen plastic gnomes! Tree cupcake picks, and the prettiest glass berries!
There was this ice cream bucket full of millinery bits. I've now sorted it, and there turned out to be lots of good little crafting things in there!

 Then there was another box similar the the ice cream bucket, but all the stuff was x-mas crafty stuff! Little bells, berries, ribbon, and even some of those teeny mercury glass candles!
 I was using this basket to gather some things because I had already filled the bag I brought. So the lady said why don't you just buy the basket for $1? It's a nice old basket, so I did. I also grabbed two  more Faribault wool blankets. Now I have one to drape over each of my white chairs during the holidays!  
 In the garage there were hundreds of old magazines. These are the few I grabbed. I can't believe the amazing graphics and ads in them! Here's just a sample. I think I'll do a post soon.
Libby's Fruit Cocktail!
And an actual ad for PYREX!
 I also grabbed this vintage Easter Egg kit, and a few pretty sheets of wrapping paper.
There were tons and tons of linens and hankies etc. But I was fading fast! So I just grabbed a bag of trims to sell.  Then I paid the kid that was selling lemonade across the street to carry my boxes out to the car! LOL I went home, took another pain pill, a shower, and a loooong nap! Ha!
So I just wanted to let you all know that I'll probably have another Market Monday not this coming Monday, but the one after that! I'm working on it. 
Then my plan is so be working like crazy on Holiday/Christmas crafting. During October, Nov, and December my "Market Monday's" will mostly be my handmade things. Heaven knows I've certainly bought enough vintage x-mas craft supplies this summer! I'm hoping to make and sell some really fun, unique things!


  1. Holy Moly! Your haul was completely over the top amazing. Seriously drooling here...especially with all the toadstool/tiddlywink magic. Good for you! You and your special foot deserved that Christmas magic!!

  2. Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing :) Best of luck with your foot <3
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. Squeeeeeeeeeel!! Those little spun head mushrooms are AMAZING! Hanna collects vintage Scandinavian stuff and would have been in heaven. Good girl for heading out despite the boot and the pain. You are a trooper!


  4. SCORE! You found some really great stuff my dear. It is amazing you are the luckiest gal I know. Hope you have a great weekend. You really should be taking care of yourself.

  5. Goodness, what a haul you made! Love all the Christmas goodies you found. Take it easy on your foot!

  6. When the estate sale call listen, pain or no pain. You did super well and love the old tinsel. Hope you are resting today and not looking at the estate sale website!

  7. Girl, your shopping trips are like wonderful daydreams to me!! Can't wait till you have the next sale!!

  8. You did TOO get all the GOOD STUFF!!! LOL!!! I found a few things! By the time we got there, there was still a long line! I think they could have let more people in...I know, cry baby!
    No Medina flea market this weekend! Maybe next weekend we'll sell there. Can't keep a bargin hunter down!
    Rest up! Nice FINDS!!!
    deb :)

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  10. Oh my goodness!!! Erica you got so many great things!!! So awesome, I'm glad you went! Those little gnome guys are sooo cute! Ah so many thing to craft with in just this trip!! I can't wait to see some of your things!! Happy crafting, and hope your foot is feeling better over the weekend! :) xo Holly

  11. Love those spun mushrooms!! and the golden knee hugger elf is adorbs! Looks like it was an amazing estate sale! Looking forward to you Market Monday sale of handmade goodies.

  12. Hope you are feeling better. Your efforts really paid off - looking forward to market Monday!

  13. Now THAT takes commitment!
    And I bet you made that little boy's day paying him to carry your boxes to the car.
    Everyone made out!

  14. Now that is dedication - going to a sale with an aching foot. You poor baby. Well you did alright. I love all the stuff you came home with. The lace is gorgeous and I really love the glass berries. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    xo Danielle

  15. I love the pink tinsel and the bottle brush trees! I'm like you -- it takes quite a bit to keep me away from an awesome sale!

  16. Oh wow, you found some really cool stuff. Hope your foot is feeling better very soon.

  17. MInnesota they have the BEST estate sales! I would have been crazy watching stuff come out the door before me! But there were CHOICE pickings left!!!!!

    Stay off that foot now! :):)

    Hugs, Sandy

  18. Looks like it was worth it! You are so lucky!!

    You should frame your Pyrex ad!

  19. Great finds! I look forward to seeing your homemade gifts! ;)
    xoxo Carly

  20. That Pyrex ad is fantastic! Jill is right, you should totally frame it. I'm so excited to see what you do with all your Christmas craft goodies you've found this year. I just love the Putz house I bought from you last year!

  21. Fa la la la la...that's all I can say! Wow, you really hit if Erica. Can't wait to see what your craftiness comes up with! :) Pam

  22. Hey, don't forget I can still use stuff for my event, so if you've got a bunch of stuff I can buy, let me know.....I get paid tomorrow, so better hit me while I've got the money....:o)


  23. Going to that estate sale was probably good therapy for I'm drroling over that package of linens and crochet trim. Are you going to be offering that up for sale? If so, I'd REALLY be interested in it!~! hint...hint....

  24. You are so lucky to live in an area with so many great Estate sales!!! I will be watching for your next Market Monday!
    How are you feeling?
    Linda Lou

  25. Wow - you certainly found the mother lode! I bet you will have fun with all of your treasures. Hope the foot is on the mend, too! Thanks for stopping by my Christmas blog. Cackie

  26. Hi Erica! Sure looks like you've been finding some really good stuff! I'm going antiquing this coming Sunday with my sisters and other family..I can't wait!!!!! I really need a fix :)


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