Friday, August 30, 2013

Half Off Day at the Great Estate Sale!

 These pictures are terrible! I'm sorry, but I took them from the couch where I was propping up my foot. These are the things that I found at that great estate sale on the last day. The bummer was that I  just had surgery and was only able to do one floor before my foot was screaming "GO HOME"!!!
I didn't even get to the main floor or the basement! Boooo!
All the x-mas ornaments were still there. Ummm...maybe it was because some crazy person 1.Priced them higher than antique store prices, and 2. Did it with a Sharpy!
I found one of the workers and told them I was interested if we could make a great deal. And he said yes! Meanwhile the "Crazy person" picks up one of the ornaments, SPITS ON IT, and rubs the marker off!  She said "Spit works on everything"!  
I'm sure I smiled and thanked her. lol But I was thinking "Lady, quit spitting on my ornaments!"
 More x-mas fun!
 A large sheet of Santa wrapping paper and jumbo Santa scraps!
 I found tons and tons of Santa scraps actually.
More scraps.
 I was most excited to find another box of this vintage pink tinsel!
There were thousands of cards and scraps on day one. Here are some that I found on day 4.
OK- so that was that! It was lots of fun to head back over there and find more things!
And then here are just a couple other little "finds" from the past two weeks.
 Angie and I did some work with a dog rescue group recently, and they had a garage sale to raise funds. We brought lots of things to sell but of course I had to look at what other people donated! There was the cutest record player with these records but we couldn't get it working! :(
 My neighbor, Vicki, gave me these sweet little birds! I love them because they're just like the ones my Grandma Dorothy had on her tree. And then this pine serving piece was at the Goodwill the other day. I wish you could see it better because it's so much prettier than it looks. Some of the pine needles are pink! I think it'll be great for serving cookies or displaying ornaments!
And then this metal hook was at the GW too. I needed something to hang my bathrobe on, so this is perfect!
I hope you all have a great LONG weekend. Thank you so much for visiting, my friends!
Erica :)


  1. Oh I love all your Christmas paper pieces! Can't believe they spit on the ornaments!

  2. Ick,she spit on your ornies...gross!!! Looks like it was so worth going back on the 4th day as you sure SCORED on Christmas!!!
    I don't think we are going to Trader's Market this weekend. How about you???
    Also, I posted partners for the swap incase you haven't checked.
    You have a nice long weekend too!
    Keep Cool!

  3. Love the indents! Spit and all. ;)

  4. Love it all. Your estate sale hauls are always the best.

  5. Wow that's an amazing haul of goodness! Think of all the fun you are going to have! Happy weekend wishes x

  6. Good for you. Those ornaments are amazing and that pink tinsel is swoon worthy! I'm glad you were able to find some amazing treasures even with a very very tender foot.

  7. Hahaha, spitting on your ornaments?! Was she nuts? That is so strange. I love the pink tinsel garland too. It's always cool how back in the day everyone saved the boxes for stuff. My Grandpa has tinsel that he's been using for 30 years. He takes it out strand by strand, not exaggerating, places it and then reverses that and puts it all pack in the box after Christmas. It's maddening!
    Keep listening to your foot! I hope it stops yelling at you soon.

  8. You should have told the spitting idiot that water, any water, even humidity, wipes the paint right off the ornaments. Sigh.

  9. Lovely vintage cards and scraps! What fun it is finding a great estate sale!
    xoxo happy holiday weekend!

  10. As usual you got some fantastic vintage Christmas! Keep that foot up!

    Spit, really? What a gross lady, lol.

  11. LOL, you tickled me. "Spit on my ornaments"!! I love that 3 tier dish, very pretty! So much good stuff!
    Have a great Labor Day week-end and stay off that foot! :-)

  12. Hi Erica! Just popping in to let you know that we are swap partners in Deb's Spoolie Swap. Yay! My email address is jegleason1@yahoo(dot)com. Please email me when you get a chance and let me know what your favorite treats are :D Also, Halloween or you have a preference for either. Doesn't make a difference to me...whatever you feel like doing is AOK for me. I have been poking around your blog to get an idea of your personality and I see that you're a champion estate saler!!! Love your latest acquisitions....well, maybe not so much the spit on ornaments...that was so rude.
    Anyway, I'm going to be keeping my eye peeled to see if you're going to sell any of those nifty Christmas seals. Love them.
    Talk with you soon!

  13. Okay so first of all who A) writes on vintage ornaments with a Sharpie B) spits on them??!!!! Gross! Oh well, at least it came off, right?

    Such a bummer you couldn't explore the rest of the house. Let's just pretend that it was totally picked over and all the good stuff that was left was the stuff you found!


  14. High five! Especially on the pink tinsel.

  15. What great Christmas finds my dear. You are very lucky in that department. Love the birds, I found one about 3 months ago.
    Hope your foot is doing better?

  16. Love all those ornaments!!! :) Happy Labor Day! xo Holly

  17. jealously is seeping out of my pores... GREAT christmas haul!

  18. wow!! lucky you!! so much great stuff.. the ornaments are wonderful.. but I would really love that pink tinsel! oh the joy! oh the happy creating! You will have fun with that!
    and all the rest of those goodies too... lucky lucky you!!
    have a great week!

  19. Fabulous find Erica! I was laughing reading your words "stop spitting...". I would have been thinking the same thing. I also get irritated when they start scribbling and writing prices on things like books etc. Really annoying!

  20. Sharpie followed by spit! I am cringing and my skin is crawling at the same time. Yuck. :-)

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