Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Holidays!

I was fortunate to be able to drive about an hour south to visit my friend Tammy (Tammy's In Love) the other day! Well, many of you know Tammy and her talent with a scissors and some paper. She can create magic! And I wanted a lesson! The plan was for her to help me create a paper garland, and then I would help her make a glass ornament wreath. We accomplished both! I pulled into her driveway at noon, and back into my driveway at 12:15AM!

I think it took us so long because we're so similar! We over thought EVERYTHING! For example, this is scene 3 of my banner. Santa has arrived to a child's home, which is why this is the only one that's shaped like a house. Tammy suggested that the cute paper in the background run vertically instead of horizontally because it would represent wallpaper! LOL It totally worked! Is she a genius or what?

This is scene 5, and I think it's our favorite! Santa is done with his work and heading back home to her! She has made him cookies of course. Notice the little elf that we added? He's waiting with his plate because he wants a cookie too!
OH! All of my images came out of the Little Golden Book "Santa's Toy Shop". I found a vintage copy for $1 and just had to use pages that weren't colored on!

Tammy showed me how to use a cereal box for the banner pieces. She also keeps templates (made from more cereal boxes) handy to make things way easier.  Pinking shears turns vintage sheet music into the perfect border. My favorite part of Tammy's lesson was that your main image can stick way off of the banner, like Santa's leg in this photo.

Sorry for the terrible pic! The banner is sooo much cuter in person!

Thrilled with my banner, we moved on to Tammy's wreath. We used the exact same method as the one I made a few weeks earlier, only Tammy's is one size smaller.

We LOVE how it turned out!

My favorite part is the mini bead garland, and the little elves that look like they are playing in the wreath!

You'll have to click to inspect this further, but can you believe that Tammy's husband creates this little scene in their kitchen each year? How many husbands do that?????

He uses things from their baking cupboard like the food dye and paper cups to build height and interest.
Rice becomes snow, and peppermints become a cobblestone walk!

And Tammy's husband is a postal worker. Look at this darling USPS themed wreath that she made!

The Little Golden Book makes a perfect focal point. Did you know that Tammy has a massive collection of LGB's? I'm talking many hundreds!
Thank you Tammy, for your hospitality and friendship! Our Craft-a-palooza Day (ha-ha) was a blast!

I put up a few little decorations! Here are some of my vintage snowman Christmas cards. But do you see who else has made an appearance?

Yes, I finally have one of Elizabeth's Snowmen! Doesn't he look right at home?

And look at what else E sent...
The cutest winter pom-pom birds ever! I have them sitting with the green mushrooms that E sent last summer. Elizabeth you are too generous and oh so talented! Thank you!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week,
Erica (and Wellie too)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Like I was just saying...

A week ago I finally got a chance to go to an aantiques store called "Auntie M's". It's located in Hopkins, which is just west of Minneapolis. The shop is known for it's great vintage Christmas displays, and last Friday they were having a 20% off sale!
I'm having an issue with the pics.  You'll probably want to click on them to see better. :)

Every inch of the store looks something like this! Our dear friend Deb (Garage Sale Gal) has a booth there! I forgot to snap a pic of her booth, but be sure to click above and you can see it. I spy a couple things that I bought from her!

 Can you even stand this case??? It's Magical!!!

  Kitchy, glittery, velvet, beaded...

glass, wax, bottle brush, and spun was all there!

This was in a little closet that you could step into!

One of the booths downstairs. Yes, there are 3 levels!
OK, here is what I came home with...

 I was getting low on glass picks (for x-mas art) so I was happy to find these little ones. And that Snowman said "Erica, please don't leave me here". So I had to listen to him.

More cards for my collection! LOVE the Santa in the red car! And I thought that the Happy New Year one was fun! I think the cute girl with the braids is from Deb's booth.

And I had to get my spun cotton fix! The little match books are darling!

Two more stocking for my collection. Deb, I'm wondering if the Snowman one came from your booth.
It's so big and soft! I have looked at that same one of EBay for years, so I'm thrilled to have it.

I can never pass up vintage Christmas seals. I also found two cards of old jingle bells and cute green letters for an upcoming day of crafting with Tammy! Oh, and the tiniest Annalee Snowman ever!

This was the first thing I put into my basket, about 10 seconds after we walked in the door. I love that he's jointed and so cheerful looking!

You know how I always try to buy something to sell, in efforts to offset that days spending? Well this is the perfect piece! These Swedish linen wall hangings were done by Jerry Roupe. Earlier this year I found one at the Goodwill for $1.00, and sold it on EBay for about $50. This one was only $2.50 after the 20% off.  So we'll see what it goes for! I'll have to let you guys know how I do!

Isn't it cute? If I was Swedish, I'd totally be keeping it! LOL

OK dear friends, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Have fun getting out those Christmas decorations!   Erica : )

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Addicted to Vintage Christmas Decorations!

I hit up Annie's again last week, and scored some really fun x-mas things! It's gotten so bad that the little ladies there (that have booths) see me come in, and they bring things to me that they think I'll like. Ahhh! Not Good! Because most the time they are right!

This huge Santa box was my favorite find! I think it was $2. It used to hold a whole gift wrapping set. I would have loved to have seen that! The other things were "brought to me", and I was told I could have them at half off because they were from last year. I know with all certainty that those glass sparkle tie-ons were NOT from last year, or I would have found them! I was thrilled to get them for $3 though!

Another of the gals asked if I wanted this old angel tree topper. When I'm out buying things, I always try to find something that I can sell to offset my spending, So I took the tree-topper, and it will be in my Etsy shop tonight. I also found some smaller sized Shiny Brites to make another wreath with!

I have eyed these tea cups for years. Literally. Years. LOL So I finally gave in and paid $10 for the pair. Uhg! But I just couldn't stand it anymore. Pepper-minty aren't they? :)

This cute red box was filled with dozens of vintage Christmas cards!

Everything from fuzzy deer to Scottie dogs, candles and angels!

A great mix for crafting and for keeping...and for gifting!

More to follow...
Hope you're having a great day! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thumbs Up, Swap Partner! : Here's What Kim Sent

 My partner for the "Putz House Swap" that I hosted was
Well, I have to say that I hit the jackpot when my mom drew her as my partner.

 Everything came wrapped beautifully. And there were so many extras!
It was a big box of Holiday Fun!

Look at this darling house! Kim said she used some of her Aunt's vintage x-mas pieces, the Santa is my absolute favorite! I love how he's standing with his hands behind his back! And then look at the little millinery flowers that are tucked into the trees!

Love that little deer and the mushrooms on the sides of the door!

Looks like Santa tried to get a shiny red package down that chimney, but it won't budge! LOL

Kim also included the cutest vintage copy of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"! That's so ME!
And then look at the vintage matchbox with the spun cotton elf on it! A puppy tag, felt horse ornament, and also a handmade ornie covered in tinsel...she couldn't have given better things!

This handmade Christmas 2012 Tag Ornament is beautiful, and the perfect momento to remember Kim's generousity and this fun swap!
Thank You Kim! Anyone that gets to have you as their partner in future swaps is a very lucky girl!
Erica  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Items In The Shop!

I'm in the shop!

And so are we!

Yes, The glue gun has been plugged in all weekend!
And in a half hour I can officially say the words "I GET MY CAST OFF TOMORROW"!
Erica :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Coasters Turned Into Ornaments: A Christmas Craft

Every time I see these Peppermint Coasters by Martha Stewart at JoAnn Fabrics, I'm so tempted to get them! They're just so cute, but there must be something to do with them besides soak up a drippy drink.

Then last week, all the M.S. items were 25% off! I needed about a dozen handmade ornaments for friends. I wanted them to be flat so that I could ship them easily, and I wanted them to have a "HOUSE" theme (hmmm I wonder why???) :)

 As luck would have it, Martha also had this great package of die-cut houses and shops! I grabbed them, along with some cute 3-D Christmas trees.

 It turned out that there were exactly enough houses for my ornaments. Now I can use all the other pieces (Santas, Trains, Trees, Snowmen etc) for other projects.

I gathered my washi tape (Target), Snowflake Confetti (Wal-Mart), and Silver Tinsel (Michael's), and I was set! See, I give my money to all the retail giants!  :)

Each coaster received a washi tape "road" before getting it's house or shop. I then added a tree, a star, and wrapped it with the silver tinsel. I used hot glue for the tinsel.

I added a little polka dot wire hanger and a piece of the snowflake confetti to each.

And there we go! Coaster Ornaments!
I think these coasters could be used for lots of things. Tags, banners, etc.
I hope you enjoyed my little post, and it has inspired you to create something yourself!
Erica  :)