Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wreath: I Did It! :)

Hi Friends! It's midnight, and I'm back into the swing of things. More like my old self...which means making art late into the night! I just finished my Glass Ornament Wreath that I had been talking about. I'm excited to show it to you and see what you think. But also want to say...YOU SHOULD MAKE ONE! It was really fun!

I started with a 13 INCH willow wreath from the dollar store. I also found a package of red and white tinsel at the thrift store. I don't know what she uses at Georgia Peachez Wreaths , but I wanted my ornaments to have a little cushion around them. And also thought that it wouldn't look bad if it was showing through in areas.

 I wrapped the tinsel around the wreath very tight and close together, gluing it (with hot glue) now and then.

Now this was the hardest part! I had no idea how many ornaments I was going to need.
I really just wanted to use my cheapy ornaments that I had found over the summer, and the ones that I bought last week on sale. I didn't want to get out my REAL vintage ornaments. haha!

Well, I was going through ornaments like....candy! LOL
I had to go pull one box. Luckily it was a box that had a few I was willing to put into the wreath.

A mushroom, a berry, stars, and a UFO!

Wellie...Give that back to Mama!

OK... Things started going downhill. I was working on a flat surface and then remembered that my mom has a free standing wreath hanger. So when I was hanging the wreath...I DROPPED the entire thing! I was soooo lucky that the ornaments that broke weren't my Grandma's!

My sweet Grandma (who is no longer with us), left these Shiny Brites in the box. My mom and I decided that they might as well go in the wreath because we don't want to break them or get them mixed up with all of my old ornaments.

It's really hard to tell what's going on in this pic but... You're looking at the wreath partially done. That silver area is a hollowed out shell of what's left of a broken ornament (glued to the wreath). But the cute blue church ornament right next it (which was Grandma's), didn't break! I'm so lucky! I think Grandma was watching. :)

OK, after I put the vacuum away and my heart rate came down a little, I went in search of the little size ornaments and beads. You need lots of these to fill in all the gaps!

I think I could have kept adding and adding ornaments. I had to make myself stop!

These pictures are not the best because it's dark out!

I like Mr. Snowman in there. I only used two of Grandma's ornaments so that I can put the others in a wreath for my sister. So I'll be making another one. Please let me know if you give it a try!

Here are a couple more tips for a 13" wreath. Which ends up being much bigger when you're done.
It took about 20 LARGE balls, I put these mostly around the back/outside (NOT those jumbo ones).
It's helpful to have lots of SOLID colored balls to space between the more special ones.
You'll also need about 25 smaller balls or teardrops etc. for the top and inner layers.
I have 45 mini balls/beads on my wreath to fill in little gaps.
You will use TONS of glue sticks. Be ready!
And then the fun things: Spun cotton snowman, elf, glass picks, sugar bell, foil flower etc

I hope this inspires you! Or maybe it'll make you want to go buy one of those gorgeous wreaths from

Have a Great Day Friends! :)


  1. Wow! Good for you :) Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous <3 Your sister is going to be one lucky gal to get one made for her :) Like you, I collect vintage ornaments too....I finally had enough last year to do my whole large tree in them - I was so thrilled.
    Smiles, DianeM

  2. Beautimous and every bit as lovely as the magazine cover! Color heaven! I am inspired to consider using some of my overabundance of tree ornaments now.

  3. Very pretty. You wreath is just fabulous. I'm glad you are busy crafting again. This is a good sign with your foot recovery! As soon as I saw the cover of Romantic Homes, it's been on my project list. Thanks for all the wonderful tips, Erica.

  4. Hah!! I had just written to ask what kind of wreath you used!!

    This is beautiful, Erica - that is so great that you're back to your old self!!

  5. OMG!! This is Gorgeous!!! Thanks for including a few tips I was curious as to how many ornaments it took!! Can't wait to give mine a try! Love this! Just perfect Erica!!


  6. Absolutley gorgeous! You did a great job. How special that you added some of your Grandmother's ornaments. I have so many shiny brights...if I see one I have to buy it, it is an addiction. Not sure if I could do what you did..u glued them on?

  7. Are you kidding me??!! That wreath is gorgeous!! You may have a little business in the works. Seriously, great job. I am really happy to hear that you are feeling more like yourself. With the holidays approaching, the timing couldn't be better. I am pretty sure that you couldn't have gotten through this project without your little helper, Wellie. OMG SHE IS CUTE!!!!!!


  8. Spectacular...I would never get mine to look that good. I am lucky enough to have one of Suzy's creations and boy did you nail it...smiles...Renee

  9. Doesn't that just say MERRY CHRISTMAS in six delicious colors! Winter Wonderland with Frosty tucked in there. I would love to try it but alas, I will never find that many vintage ornaments to include! GREAT TUTORIAL!

  10. I love love your wreathe!! It's sooo pretty! I'm going to have to start collecting MORE ornaments!! I have some vintage ones but not a whole bunch, thanks for all the inspiration!! :) :) Can't wait to do this! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo Holly

  11. Wow! Great job, Erica! I can't imagine how your heart must have raced when you dropped it!

    Love your UFO, too. :)

  12. Beautiful! I bet it was crazy when you dropped it but I too was surprised how little loss you had. It is a masterpiece!! Hugs, Diane

  13. Oh Erica, your ornament wreath is the prettiest one I've seen yet! And you gave great instructions how to make it.
    I don't have that many vintage ornaments or I might try one. Oh, and Wellie made me laugh, she is so cute!!

  14. Your turned out really great. I have made 100s of these wreaths over the past 10 years and sell them at my shows. I think when you make one you are surprised how many ornaments it takes....that is why I collect all year. I have 11 done so far this season, and still will do a few more. It does work best to make them flat and then I hang them on a wreath stand at the end to fill in spots.

  15. Oh. My. Goodness!!! It is beautiful!!! The colors and different shapes make it so unique. I'm so impressed!

  16. Your wreath is just "to die for". Great job!

  17. Erica!!! Love the wreath! It is so beautiful and whimsical and fun. You did an outstanding job! I saw wreaths such as yours for sale at the Country Living Fair. They were going for $275.00!

  18. Beautiful job Erica! I love how it came out, and the snowman is so cute!! Looks like fun! xo Heather

  19. ERICA!!!!!
    Hmmm...maybe I should make another one!

  20. Beautiful! I took notes! My sister and I are taking a long weekend trip to celebrate her birthday. Guess you know what we will be looking for!

  21. Ohhhhh, it's exquisite! I can't believe you only used a 13" wreath, because it looks much bigger. I've been wanting to make one of these for SO long, but I've been afraid, and I've just never seen any good directions like the ones you've shared. I've bookmarked this page, and I think this might be the year I'll try one!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I like that you put a few of your Grandma's ornaments in there.

  23. AMAZING!! Your Grandma was watching out for you. Sweet puppy! I've started my ornament(hording)collecting for my wreath. Is it really that easy?
    Chris =]

  24. Wonderful wreath! It has so many pretty ornaments, each one cuter than the other. I kept seeing more prettiness and cute items in your wreath the longer I looked at it.

  25. It's a piece of vintage art. I love it and it's even more special because it has some ornies that were your Grandmas. Just priceless!

  26. Erica, it's gorgeous!!! I made some wreaths 2 years ago and it was completely addictive. I bought more wreath parts but need to get around to making more actual wreaths, LOL. I will tell you that my favorite one that I made, an ALL PINK wreath, I had hanging by one of those Command hooks so it could be photographed--and you can see what is coming, right? The hook failed, and my wreath fell. :( Onto carpet, thank heavens, but still several ornaments shattered! I need to get it out and see if I can fix it but man, that was heartbreaking so I can understand!

  27. I LOVE your wreath. It is so cute and kitchy. I have made a wreath with all pinks before but I think I may make another with some other colors. Cute!


  28. All I can say is "WOW!" Your wreath is simply stunning!

  29. I always say I'm going to make one and then making gifts takes over....this year I think I'll at least GATHER my supplies. Then, who know what will happen!

  30. Amazing work, Erica. I had to check it out again!

  31. it turned out so well! i made one last year but i was too stingy with my "good" ornaments so it isn't as cute as yours! i need to make another one!


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