Saturday, May 24, 2014

Revalations and Vintagey Stuff!

Hi Bloggy Pals. I hope you've been doing well!
As for me, I've been doing a lot of "soul searching", and mental house cleaning. So that's why I've been absent from my blog. Of course I won't go into all that here. We will just get to the things I've found over the past few weeks. I hope you've been having fun at the sales too!
 The season is finally here!
 This guy was at an estate sale. I never buy stuffed animals but I just think he's so perfectly aged and sweet. I also love his hand stitched pants, and his velvety feet!
 I also found a few bits of x-mas, and a neat vintage Betty Crocker recipe booklet. The cover is great!
I find the neatest recipes in these booklets.
 One of my revelations has been that I can skip going to estate sales on the first days, and have just as much fun going the last day...when things are half off and there aren't tons of people.
This way I spend very little money, avoid the anxiety of trying to get a good number, and  still manage to find a few things to make me happy!
Proof : A 503 fridgie in wonderful condition. It was $7.00 on day 3!
 A little lamb that I dug out of the toy box.
And x-mas corsages pulled from the attic.
 OK- I went to the flea market last weekend and couldn't believe my luck! A 4.5 foot "Splendor" Aluminum Christmas Tree! So I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he says (I kid you not)...$2.00! I gave him $5.00 and he looked at me like I was nuts. It's all there, and in perfect shape. So I don't get it. I guess he just thought it was junky.
The iron piece is marked 1903! I cleaned it up and hung it on the living room wall.
 I also found this adorable German duck candy container, a super cute doll quilt, and this Borax tin. The tin is a repro, but I don't care.
 This landscape painting seems quite old, and I just thought it was pretty. I'll use the Santa sucker mold to make clay ornaments I think. It was just a quarter.
 I love this tin!
 And lastly, I found two large children's books.
 The illustrations are magical!
 Pretty darn cute!
OK, that's all. I'm heading to the flea market again in the morning. The weather is supposed to be great. Here's hoping I find a few treasures!
Have a fun week-
Erica :)
P.S  I APOLOGIZE for not commenting and keeping up with your blogs lately. I've been doing some different things. But I do hope to get back to regular blogging soon!