Sunday, December 23, 2012

In My Room, In My Room :)

I'm out of time! So here is a very picture heavy post. I suspect that most of you are busy doing x-masy things, and not catching up on blog reading anyway!
 But here you go...just in case you have a moment to relax!

My beautiful house from Kim K., mixed with some vintage ones.

This bunny and the Santa below were made by folk artist Kerry Howard Schmidt of Paper Moon Gallery.
She makes such funny characters! Her Halloween ones are the best! I also have a skeleton and an Easter Bunny. She sells on Etsy, and it's really fun to look back at her "sold" items!

LOL. Another by Paper Moon Gallery.  I think he's hilarious, and darn cute!
Some of my plastic candy containers.
Mini mug and spun cotton picks were a gift from Tammy this year!

An example of what I like to do with vintage x-mas corsages.
That's just one corsage tucked into the Santa mug.
This whole set of gnomes was $10 at the flea market one year!
One of my favorites, because you don't often see orange in vintage glass ornaments.

I can't tell if the Pet one is a Bunny or a Dog, darling either way! And the one on the right is huge!

Grandma Dorothy's Candy Cane Holder.

 I had to toss one more pic of my wreath in! Better light this time.

 People call these grapes. But to me they're raspberries, and make me think of picking berries with my Grandma Dorothy at the cabin.

 This bottle brush tree is a foot tall, and was my Great Grandma's!

Merry Holidays to all of you! And a special HELLO to my brand new followers!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Swap, A Trip, and A Fall: LOL

OK, first I'll tell you about the swap part! But DON'T WORRY! I haven't gone nuts, and I'm not decorating for Valentine's Day! In fact, I'm going to toss this out there for you to consider for a moment. You can say yes if you'd like, and then you can literally forget about it for about 3 weeks!
I've always wanted to do a Valentine's Swap. So here it is! In the swap you'll make only ONE piece, and receive one piece. The project is quite easy and fast, so it should be fun for all! I'll also be scanning many of my vintage Valentine's for those of you who don't collect them, and need materials for this project!

When the Valentine's candy goes half off, I buy a few boxes for this project. I throw away all of the chocolate! Ha! Just seeing if you are paying attention. The little ones are very cute, but for this SWAP we will use a larger one. I used the pink "Hersey's Pot of Gold" box this time.
 It's the 9 oz box.

I'm missing a picture! Ahhh! But basically we're going to decorate the top (and sides) of the box, and fill it with little surprises! The easiest thing to do is to flip the top upside down, and trace it onto one piece of cute scrapbook paper for your background. Use a glue stick to adhere it. Cut out copies of your valentine images, and glue them on as well. Gather your embellishments.

I used a hot glue gun to glue my crocheted edging and tinsel all around the sides of the heart box. Oh, the red tinsel was from last years 75% off x-mas stuff at Target! Maybe they'll have it again this year!

And here you have it! I chose cherries for my background paper. And in the middle I hot glued a little grouping of vintage roses and some little stems/leaves from the craft store. There are also puffy candy hearts, and Martha Stewart Valentine's stamps here and there.

For the swap we will fill our box will little treats! You all know the drill: candy, little vintage bits, valentines, buttons, lace. This is a good one to fill with crafting supplies! 

So I'll just let anyone who wants to join up, respond to this post over the next couple of weeks. And then I'll give you all more specifics when I get back from...

My Mom, My Aunt Judy, and I leave on Dec.28th!
I can't tell you how much I need this! My mom surprised me with this trip when I was about halfway through the 12 weeks in my leg cast. She wanted me to have something to focus on! My mom's the best there is. :)
OK, so I talked about the SWAP, and the TRIP, now about the FALL...
So Monday night I was walking out of the post office, and I fell! Not just a little slip on the ice, but a flat out on my stomach, everything was in slow motion, I knew it was going to be really bad, kind of fall!
I felt my teeth hit the pavement. My head hit, my hands, my knees. Ahhh!
And then I realized that my foot was throbbing. The foot that I just had the cast on!!!!
I went to the E.R., and besides having dirt in my mouth, a scraped up face,  and a major headache, I hadn't chipped any teeth.
But I did break a toe!!!! So can you believe that I'm back to not being able to walk?? Stuck on the couch?
I don't know how I'm going to manage the airports and walking around Mexico. Well, I'm NOT going to walk around Mexico. I'm going to get myself to the beach, and stay there for a week!
2013 Better Be Amazing!!!  :)
Hope you all are enjoying this time before Christmas!
Erica :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Wreaths In The Shop!

Last year I lucked out and found a stack of these wonderful old bottlebrush wreaths! I decorated them up, and sold them on EBay. Well, I was digging through x-mas decorations the other day, and I found a couple that I had tucked away! I'm offering them on Etsy this time. I'm sorry that it's so late in the season. However, if you do make a purchase anytime before 4:00 on Tuesday, I believe we can still get it to you by Christmas!

 Elf Trio: SOLD

 Little Deer: SOLD

 Woodland Elf: SOLD
Reindeer: SOLD
Thanks for taking a peek!
Erica :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Heart Is Breaking :(

It's 4:00AM. I can't stop thinking about the twenty ( littlest) lives that were lost yesterday. Babies really. They were just babies.
This is the song that I have in my head. My heart is just breaking for these families tonight.
You don't have to listen. It might make you cry.

But it's 4AM, and here I am. So I'll post this, and keep praying for all of the victims of this tragedy.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Etsy Shop Holiday Update!

Hi Friends!
These little things are now in my Etsy Shop, Golden Egg Art.

Here's the link to my SHOP again. But of course "Window Shoppers" are appreciated just as much! It's such a joy to me just to be able to spend time at my art table and create! I know that many of you feel the same about your own crafts!
Happy Holidays :)
Erica & Wellie

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Can't Stop With The Christmas Stuff...

 OK, I know I said that I wasn't going to do this again, but here I am just 24 hours later. I just had to share with you what happened today. Oh, this Reindeer is marked Lefton and he was .50 at Annie's because one antler tip was broken off and some of the green paint was missing. I repainted the few areas that needed it, and added a little glitter glue to his antler. And I think he looks pretty good!

 Yesterday we got 10.5 inches of snow here in the Twin Cities!
Here's the view off of our deck just in case you are wanting some snow!
 Haa! I know that most of you do not!

  So today all of a sudden I really felt like going to the Thrift Store. It took me 25 minutes to scrape off the truck and defrost it. So by the time I walked into the store I had 7 minutes till closing.  It turned out to be a great trip!
Look at this cutie on skis, marked Japan!

 Sorry, I guess I picked a terrible background for these pictures. These ornaments were .50 each. The spinner is a repro by Dept 56 though. I love the handmade boot!

 My first Christmas glasses! It's so hard to know whether they're "Swanky Swigs", and used to hold cheese or peanut butter, or if they are just vintage glasses. Does anyone know how to tell the difference? There were only 3 of them so now I'll have to hunt down a few more!

 When your Dog's name is Noel it makes it really hard to pass up things like this. LOL jk You know I would have bought them even if her name was Sally!

OK, here is the "Deal Of The Day"! This bag of ornaments had no price. So I bring it up there and tell the cute little lady in her x-mas sweater, and she says "How about a dollar"? What???
I said "No!, You can charge me more than that"! But nope, it was $1 for 14 ornaments!

So my Grand Total was $8.28! Pretty insane huh?
I can really tell I was in a hurry to take these pics because the battery on my camera was dying. Sorry!
Anyway, .07 per ornament is a record for me! LOL
And I'm sure unless I find free ornaments on the curb, I'm unlikely to beat this! haha

This is my niece Jacey making footprints in the fresh snow! She's on her way to decorate cookies, so she's got a little bucket of them in her hand.

She had so much fun! Look at that hand, dripping in frosting!
Goodnight Friends!
Erica :)