Monday, December 10, 2012

I Can't Stop With The Christmas Stuff...

 OK, I know I said that I wasn't going to do this again, but here I am just 24 hours later. I just had to share with you what happened today. Oh, this Reindeer is marked Lefton and he was .50 at Annie's because one antler tip was broken off and some of the green paint was missing. I repainted the few areas that needed it, and added a little glitter glue to his antler. And I think he looks pretty good!

 Yesterday we got 10.5 inches of snow here in the Twin Cities!
Here's the view off of our deck just in case you are wanting some snow!
 Haa! I know that most of you do not!

  So today all of a sudden I really felt like going to the Thrift Store. It took me 25 minutes to scrape off the truck and defrost it. So by the time I walked into the store I had 7 minutes till closing.  It turned out to be a great trip!
Look at this cutie on skis, marked Japan!

 Sorry, I guess I picked a terrible background for these pictures. These ornaments were .50 each. The spinner is a repro by Dept 56 though. I love the handmade boot!

 My first Christmas glasses! It's so hard to know whether they're "Swanky Swigs", and used to hold cheese or peanut butter, or if they are just vintage glasses. Does anyone know how to tell the difference? There were only 3 of them so now I'll have to hunt down a few more!

 When your Dog's name is Noel it makes it really hard to pass up things like this. LOL jk You know I would have bought them even if her name was Sally!

OK, here is the "Deal Of The Day"! This bag of ornaments had no price. So I bring it up there and tell the cute little lady in her x-mas sweater, and she says "How about a dollar"? What???
I said "No!, You can charge me more than that"! But nope, it was $1 for 14 ornaments!

So my Grand Total was $8.28! Pretty insane huh?
I can really tell I was in a hurry to take these pics because the battery on my camera was dying. Sorry!
Anyway, .07 per ornament is a record for me! LOL
And I'm sure unless I find free ornaments on the curb, I'm unlikely to beat this! haha

This is my niece Jacey making footprints in the fresh snow! She's on her way to decorate cookies, so she's got a little bucket of them in her hand.

She had so much fun! Look at that hand, dripping in frosting!
Goodnight Friends!
Erica :)


  1. I just fainted! The bag of ornaments will certainly be loved in your home. The glasses are just like five of them I found last year! Great minds think alike!

  2. Pretty sure those are Hazel Atlas glasses. Would love to find some!

  3. Oh my goodness. You really did well, my friend. The figurines are just heavenly and I fell off my kitchen stool when I read $1 for all those ornaments. I'm totally addicted to dishes and glassware. It was worth the cleaning off the truck. Josie would love you to send some snow to MI. We only have a dusting. Darling pics of your niece.

  4. great finds. beautful snow.. but your right.. must of us probably dont want it.. I just dont like to drive in it. but I know its inevitable! lol!
    have fun

  5. Now you have just put me to shame! You scrapped off 10.5 in of snow to go thrifting? It was raining here in Florida last night & I whined about going out in it! LOL. To the conquerer goes the spoils! You did amazing!

  6. I wouldn't mind a little of your snow to put me in a Christmas mood ... you definitely were rewarded for your efforts in getting out! Those aren't Swanky Swigs but they're awesome vintage glasses - maybe peanut butter? I'm pretty good on id'ing swigs but not so much on peanut butter/other glasses. Love 'em!

  7. How in heavens name could you find all that great stuff since your last post??? LUCKY!!! I'm going today - you can be guaranteed, I won't find anything like that!! I'm jealous, Erica!! Hah!! Love everything...

  8. Ooooh, I'm green with envy! They are all super cool finds, but the Noel candle holders are my favorite! And your niece brought a smile to my face, so sweet.

  9. I am so super jealous of the snow! I would love to have a White Christmas. I am on the lookout for those holiday glasses. They aren't Swanky Swigs but WHO CARES? They are AMAZING! The only set that I have found are at an antique mall and they are dishwashered to death and $10 each. Crazy dealers. I get super excited when I see that you have posted because I know that it will be like looking at one of my own blog posts.

    Happy Holidays!


  10. So that short span of time...I knew you all up north would get all the great snow...dang it. Just bitter cold here which is fine but some white stuff would be very welcome. Smiles..Renee

  11. That probably is the worlds record for ornaments. You had a great haul at the last minute. Love the glasses.With all that snow you were a trouper to go out.

  12. Wow! What a haul! Don't even try to's pointless. I finally figured out that I can't resist buying pixies and don't even try anymore!

    I haven't even seen a flake of snow down here in "South Town".



  13. Okay, I'm officially drooling over the santa on skis and the Noel group.......the ornaments are a total score girlfriend. Those piccy's of your niece are so dang cute.

    Happy Holidays, and I hope your foot is doing great.


  14. You're killing me, Erica! I love that Noel got her own ornaments, Wilma says she's jealous..Those glasses look pretty old, I'm like Barbara, they might be peanut butter glasses. And your back yard looks like a fairy land! I wish it would snow here for Christmas!
    Happy Holidays,
    Dorothy and Wilma

  15. Oh my you got so many goodies and for a great price too! Your reindeer you redid looks so cute! And love the Noel group!! We only got a dusting of snow yesterday...maybe an inch. I'm ready for some...send it my way!! :) Happy Holidays! xo Holly

  16. That Santa with candy cane skis is the best! Great work getting to the thrift for some speed shopping!

  17. ok so i confess...i'm just the same with this addiction...i went thrifting today and got some more amazing bargains...can't help it....i just gotta look! yours!!!!..and you thrifted in the snow which makes it even better......damn the shops are closed've made me want to keep looking......aaaargh! x

  18. I love your little green polkadot tree glasses! And what a great deal for the bag of vintage ornaments. Lucky you!

  19. Okay- I have some serious shiny brite envy over here! ;) I hardly find anything that's vintage Christmas at the thrifts but certainly not shiny brites!! Way to go! Defrosting the truck was worth it-huh?

  20. Lovely snow photo, lovely really are a Christmas fanatic aren't you!!! :)

  21. I just love vintage Christmas glasses! I have some and enjoy using them.
    More great finds! The little deer looks happy with his glittery ears!

  22. Wow - that's speed thrifting! Great finds.

  23. Please, don't stop with the Christmas stuff! I'm just as bad, and can't pass a thrift store without just popping in, because you never know....

    LOVE that skiing Santa and those Christmas glasses!

  24. You definitely found some great stuff in 7 mins!! Love it all!! Enjoy the snow for me!! ;) xo Heather

  25. You're gonna have to buy a new house just for your Christmas stuff, LOL! Such cuties. Right, the glasses are Hazel Atlas, I have some too. Keep the Christmas coming! :)

  26. What great deals and wonderful treasures! I've been looking at your blog and wonder...why I haven't been here before! I LOVE vintage and I LOVE your blog! I'm putting it on my blog list so that I don't miss any more fun! Hope you'll visit me soon, too! Holiday Hugs!

  27.'re so funny. At least you're willing to admit your addiction ;)
    Goodness..10.5 inches of white stuff!! It's rare that we get that much snow at one time. Thankfully, we don't as the whole state literally locks up if it does. HA!


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