Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Heart Is Breaking :(

It's 4:00AM. I can't stop thinking about the twenty ( littlest) lives that were lost yesterday. Babies really. They were just babies.
This is the song that I have in my head. My heart is just breaking for these families tonight.
You don't have to listen. It might make you cry.

But it's 4AM, and here I am. So I'll post this, and keep praying for all of the victims of this tragedy.


  1. so horrible, the song fits beautifully. Ive always liked lionel richie. I think I will share this song on facebook.
    I just dont know how those families will get through this... What if they dont know Jesus, how will they ever find comfort?
    sooo sad...
    and only 10 days before christmas.

  2. Erica, Thank you for this post. This is a very sad day for this entire country.

  3. My heart goes out to those caught up in this awful tragedy x

  4. My brother and I were high school freshman when Columbine happened an hour away from where we lived. We were terrified. It was so close to home and so horrible, we had a hard time with it. We were 14.... I can't even imagine what these little children, babies really, are feeling right now. My heart hurts for all of those affected, and for the entire country in general. I hope Connecticut can feel all this love, and that one day their hearts can begin to heal with it. It's just so sad...

  5. Thank you Erica. This is just too horrible to take in.

  6. Thanks for sharing this song. Yes, our hearts are breaking. For those involved and when we think of our own children. As a mom to teachers and being know you would give up your life to protect them. Thank the Lord that some were able to save others. God Bless them all.

  7. Yes, it made me cry. Thank you, Erica. I love you.


  8. Thank you, Erica, for your heartfelt thoughts and for the beautiful song. I would give anything to undo what happened to those babies and the teachers and staff who tried to save them, but all I can do is pray... and pray... and pray for their families and everyone who has been affected by this unimaginable tragedy.

  9. This has changed all of us forever, and I am beyond sad....there is no word for how I feel for these parents and loved ones of these poor souls....

  10. It is so very very sad. I can not even imagine the families and what they are going through. Prayer is the best thing I can offer.

  11. Oh Erica how that song touches my heart. My prayers go out to there families. This is a horrible tragedy.

  12. Picturing those little babies sitting there while this twisted psycho burst into their room is too much to wrap my head around. How many prayers will it take to give these families even a drop of peace?


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