Friday, December 7, 2012

A Thrifting We Will Go...Antiquing Too!

It's 4:15AM and I'm wide awake. Ugh. I'm a bit out of sorts I guess. My R.A had been just terrible for a couple of weeks, so I finally broke down and took prednisone. Yuck! But I was desperate for some relief, and I so wanted to enjoy the month of December and everything that it brings.
Well, I instantly felt better after taking it, so I shouldn't complain. But the side effects aren't so fun. Like major insomnia for one! So here I am, catching up on posting at 4AM!

The other day I got out of the house for a bit and went to the thrift store and to one of the antique stores in town. My grand total for the shopping trip was $14.00, and here's what I got! I don't have a record player (yet) but this cover was too cute to pass up for a quarter!

 Very rarely do I buy anything Christmas/Holiday related that isn't vintage. But I loved the velvet and foil leaves on this card holder...and I really do need somewhere so store my vintage cards.

 Five vintage molds for .75 that I can use to make ornaments, and paper-mache boxes that will soon be decorated and for sale in my Etsy shop!

 I'll just "hoard" this away I think! LOL

These were .50 for the pair. For the most part I have stopped collecting Pyrex, so these are for my shop.

I was really excited to find these deer still in their package. They're already on my tree! And I'll "hoard" these vintage napkins away too...for someday down the road when I have an actual place of my own and can set a Christmas table!

These little things were at the antique store. I didn't have a ceramic tree (heaven forbid), and I like this little version. I've already glued glass mercury beads to the branches, so I'll have to show you how it turned out. I've also added a spun cotton Santa head to this corsage. I love those green glass pine cones!

I HAVE started decorating, it's just slow going. And it's a little (OK I'll be honest) A LOT frustrating that I don't have my own place to decorate. I didn't plan on being at my parent's house for this long, but three years and two surgeries I am.

I'm sure hoping that 2013 is amazing! :)
OK, Good Night my friends...or should I say Good Morning?
Oh, wait...

Noel wants to show you her favorite ornament. :)


  1. I hope at 6:19 am, you are finally sound asleep. Darling treasures. The Santa at our house picked up a portable record player for a certain Miss Josie at a recent estate sale. Santa is quite smitten with the cover of your record album.

    Christmas hugs!

  2. really great finds I hate it when sleep just doesn't come it throws off the whole day.

  3. What lucky finds! I really love Noels ornament :)

    Amy Jo

  4. Lovely finds! Hope you are able to get a nap in today! Take care!

  5. YOu did quite well...sorry to hear your RA is such a pain. Hope you feel better soon..Smiles..Renee

  6. Maybe Santa will bring a record player, Erica! That is the cutest album.

    Vintage Christmas is such fun - love everything you found!!

    Feel better...

  7. Take some melatonin!! It helps so much with insomnia! I took it when I was taking prednisone. I love all your vintage finds. That album is cute as can be.



  8. Erica, you found some cuties and for such great prices. I love the last pic with Noel. I hope the RA eases up soon, so you can get some rest!

  9. What great finds! It's not very often that I find vintage treats at my local thrift stores!


  10. I am practically camped out in the parking lots of the thrift stores this time of year. I have found so much amazing stuff. I too very rarely buy anything that itn't vintage for Christmas decor but if you need something,you need something! That card holder box is super cute and will work just fine until the perfect old one comes along. Or you could make one! Glad you found a little ceramic tree. Everybody needs one. And what is this I hear about you also having a Grandma Gloria? Ok, I'm pretty sure we could have been separated at birth:-)

    Happy Holidays!


  11. Love those little deers. Hope you are feeling better soon, yes 2013 must be your year! :)

  12. fabulous finds.....what fun! love the deer too and the tinsel packaging!!! happy days and nights to you x

  13. Loving Noel, she's such a cutie! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time with your RA, Prednisone really is a miracle drug~that comes with it's own problems, but glad to hear you got some immediate relief.

    Erica, you find the most incredible vintage things. I couldn't have passed up that album cover either. Love those little deer too, love everything!

  14. What fun and wonderful finds!! I love those red little deer and the Santa napkins ....and the tinsel ...Ok I like everything! LOL. OH and love Noel's ornament! She's too cute! :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of Christmas cheer! xo Holly

  15. Erica, You have a most wonderful thrift store in your town! I would never find such beauties in mine. So glad you will be able to enjoy the holidays. And if you are lonely in the sleepless morning hours, come visit me! E

  16. I have heard so many on the blogs saying their RA is back and really bad. Is it the weather bringing it on. Sorry you had to go on the no sleep meds. I remember when my youngest was little he said he wanted to have mon so he could be like his big brother and stay up all night. His big brother was cleaning closets in the middle of the night, hah.
    Some really cuties you found.
    Hope you feel better and can sleep.
    I am having migraine right now. I can't stay awake it seems. I missed a great sale today and tomorrow because of them, but oh well.
    That doggie looks very onery. So cute.

  17. Such sweet finds!! Love the napkins and red deer!! Too cute! Hope you feel better this weekend!! Have a wonderful night! xo Heather

  18. Sorry you have not been feeling well. Hope the meds helped. Your puppy is so cute. That is the perfect ornament for her! My favorite from among your finds are those little red flocked deer! :-) CUTE!

  19. Ohhhhhh what treasures you've found! Well done :-) The photo of your dog holding that noel heart could be made into a card it is so darn cute!!!
    big hugs,

  20. Oh, Wellie looks so soft, I want to give her a hug. I'm so sorry you are in pain, the melatonin helps me sleep,too. Hope you get better real soon! And I just love that little corsage you found, so sweet.

  21. What great finds. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your fur baby is so sweet.

  22. Oh everything is so nice here, I just had to start followin you. Sorry about your RA. My daughter has it. :( Love all your vintage pretty shares. Hope you feel better and are able to enjoy Christmas.


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