Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Lost Blog

What's my deal? I joined Instagram! That's what happened! It's been just like everyone warned me it would be. It's so addicting! I really need to cut down on it, and get back to my blog. I'm sorry that I've neglected it so badly.
Estate Sale and Garage Sale season are in full swing! So I've been finding lots of fun things. Here are some of them.
 I've added some quilts and table cloths to my collections!
I found this adorable vintage candy tin with a wienee on it!
I scored some vintage decals that I have some projects in mind for!
The enamel floral pins were at the thrift, and I gave them to Tammy and Deb when we got together at Deb's house the other day!
 I found an entire bag of frozen charlottes at Goodwill! What???
*most are now sold
 I've found a new thrift that is quite good to me! Love this old bird tin and rug!
And I couldn't believe when I scored these two the home and garden section! They're about a foot tall, and heavy as heck!
And this little deer and blue bird mug was found at an estate sale last weekend!
OK, I have to admit to trying my hand at holding an Instagram Sale. It was NOT my cup of tea!
For one thing, you have to be able to text really fast for a couple hours. This is not a good mix when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis! By the time I went to bed, I couldn't even move my fingers. I won't be doing it again. It made me so appreciative (not that I wasn't before) that I've always been able to sell things on Etsy and straight off of my blog, with my Market Mondays.
 I want to get back to doing that!
I have a couple quilts and throws that I need to sell. It's so hard to pass them by when they're so beautiful! I'll post again real soon (promise), and see if any of you are interested in them.
Hope you're all doing real well! We're having a garage sale on Saturday! I've got tons of work to do in the next two days!
Thanks Friends!
Erica :)