Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Lost Blog

What's my deal? I joined Instagram! That's what happened! It's been just like everyone warned me it would be. It's so addicting! I really need to cut down on it, and get back to my blog. I'm sorry that I've neglected it so badly.
Estate Sale and Garage Sale season are in full swing! So I've been finding lots of fun things. Here are some of them.
 I've added some quilts and table cloths to my collections!
I found this adorable vintage candy tin with a wienee on it!
I scored some vintage decals that I have some projects in mind for!
The enamel floral pins were at the thrift, and I gave them to Tammy and Deb when we got together at Deb's house the other day!
 I found an entire bag of frozen charlottes at Goodwill! What???
*most are now sold
 I've found a new thrift that is quite good to me! Love this old bird tin and rug!
And I couldn't believe when I scored these two the home and garden section! They're about a foot tall, and heavy as heck!
And this little deer and blue bird mug was found at an estate sale last weekend!
OK, I have to admit to trying my hand at holding an Instagram Sale. It was NOT my cup of tea!
For one thing, you have to be able to text really fast for a couple hours. This is not a good mix when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis! By the time I went to bed, I couldn't even move my fingers. I won't be doing it again. It made me so appreciative (not that I wasn't before) that I've always been able to sell things on Etsy and straight off of my blog, with my Market Mondays.
 I want to get back to doing that!
I have a couple quilts and throws that I need to sell. It's so hard to pass them by when they're so beautiful! I'll post again real soon (promise), and see if any of you are interested in them.
Hope you're all doing real well! We're having a garage sale on Saturday! I've got tons of work to do in the next two days!
Thanks Friends!
Erica :)


  1. LOL!!! I'm so happy that you are back to posting! Great finds!!! Thanks for coming over and crafting with you!!

  2. I'm not a fan of the IG sales either. I guess I have too many other things in the works - two booths and the Junk Ranch - so whey sit there and sell things for little then package them up when I can just throw them in one of those places. I am jealous of your tablecloth finds. I am dying to find one - I have tons, but I NEED more! :D

  3. So glad to see a new post and some great finds. I haven't joined Instagram yet but I am behind the times, as I only just started blogging after enjoying everyone else's blogs for years. Maybe I will join instagram in a few years. I can't wait to see what you post for Market Mondays. I seem to always be to late to buy you items but I certainly enjoy your pictures.

  4. Wow that bag of Frozen Charlottes how fun is that! I bet your jaw dropped when you spotted them.

  5. You really found some great things. Nothing I enjoy more than quilts. I have way too many old and new. Hard to pass them up.

  6. We warned you that IG would be addictive (smile). I do enjoy seeing you regularly on IG, but I always look forward to your blog posts too. Best wishes with that garage sale. You really have found some amazing treasures lately.

  7. Looks like you got some great stuff. We have a few whistle mugs too! (Rob)

  8. Welcome back Erica! I am delighted to have you back in blogland. I love seeing all your finds. Looks like you hit the jackpot once again. I especially like your quilts.
    Hugs, Linda

  9. It's so fun to see what treasures you have found on your thrifting sprees! You have found wonderful things - the quilts...oh my...and so much more. I'm happy when I find older things - which is not quite as often as you - as our area is quite new. But, it's a treat when I find something. Have a great weekend!

  10. so many awesome treasures Erica! I love instagram too.. but my phone broke and Im using a crappy old one now. I reallyneed to bite the bullet and buy an new one.. so I can play again! lol!
    have a great weekend and come back to blogging more!

  11. I sure have missed you here! I'm avoiding IG so I won't spend more precious hours of my life online, lol. You know I love it all, but especially your quilts and linens. Oh, that gorgeous tablecloth on top, a Wilendur, Mountain Ash, I think, from what I can see of the pattern. Come back more often! :)

  12. Welcome back to blogland. I am following along on Instagram. Saw your IG sale too... you had some wonderful items. Instead of holding a sale on IG, I would suggest just posting things randomly, like on etsy. So that way you don't have to type away like crazy. Personally, I love the fast-paced sales, but I get why you wouldn't! After my sales, I usually get on IG on my computer to answer any questions, etc... so much easier.

  13. Well hello there! :)
    I'm still mad at Pinterest and IG!
    Blogging hasn't been the same since.
    Love all your finds and your cover photo is so cute!
    Thanks for the tip concerning IG.
    I thought about signing up just for sales but I still haven't got the hang of texting!

  14. Wonderful finds! You found some lovely quilts and linens!

  15. Wonderful finds! You found some lovely quilts and linens!

  16. Hi girlfriend, I love the quilts and linens you found, but I believe I would have just fainted if I found a whole BAG FULL of frozen Charlottes at Goodwill!! What a great score!

  17. Adorable finds as usual! IG is fun!

  18. Super bummed that you didn't like doing IG sales. I totally get why though. RA would be really hard to deal with. I on the other hand love IG sales because it is the quickest way to get rid of all the good junk I have laying around here. Gotta make room for more!


  19. One thing if you decided to do another IG sale--you can type up all of your descriptions (and even include hashtags) ahead of time, and then email it to yourself. Then when it is sale time, you just copy and paste it from your email and put it under each photo. It saves so much typing and makes the sales go faster. I didn't do it at first but then somebody clued me in and it totally changed IG sales for me!

  20. Welcome Back! You really found good stuff!

  21. Going crazy for the table clothes and the decals! LOVE the weenie tin. HAppy saling

  22. oh my my my all those frozen charlottes I would have started crying in the aisles.....

  23. Good to see you back! Added you to my blog roll

  24. Love the little deer mug - so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  25. What an amazing quilted blanket! I want to do the same until I'm pregnant) I was almost hopeless, but then read this article: and decided to keep trying)

  26. Instagram is indeed addicting lol. But glad you came back you found some sweet things... Happy blogging with love Janice

  27. Oh gosh I would love to find a bag of frozen Charlottes anywhere
    My goodwill is not a good one for dishes or novelty items
    I never find anything there
    You did good girl 😎

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