Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Miss Maddie Sent!

Yippee! We received our first ever "Wienie" Valentine!
 Wellie was sooo excited!
 Maddie of " The Thrifting Sister's " sent the most darling box ever, for my recent Valentine's Swap!

Look at all the details!
 I love the vintage lace and buttons plus sweet paper roses!
Of course she totally spoiled me with other things! I couldn't believe all the great things that she sent!

 Gourmet Chocolate Hearts, Vintage Cupcake Toppers, Mercury Glass Beads, and a Mother Goose Golden Book that I didn't have!

 The chocolate hearts came in both Milk and Dark! And see the vintage Squirrel Puzzle Valentine? There were three more to the set underneath! I'd never seen that style! So great for my collection!
 EOS lip balm and even washi tape!

 One of the best things was this large book of repro Valentines!
I HEART it so much! lol

And then this is the backside! Or it could be the front because it's decorated just as cute!
I love how she made flowers with the buttons!
Maddie you were such a great partner in this swap! I can't thank you enough for all the amazing things that you gave me!

OK, the sweetest little valentine showed up at my door the other day!
This came from Chris of (A Little Creation). Look at the thatched wood background and the palm print sides! It all fit's together so perfectly with the vintage hula girl image! Cutest ever!
Girls-If you visit Chris's page be sure to go to the bottom and FOLLOW her! She is so darn good at paper crafting...I'm hoping to pick up some techniques!  Thank You Chris!

Well I wanted to say THANK YOU to each of you that joined my
 "Valentine's Candy Box Swap"! Can you believe that there ended up being 30 of us? I thought I might get a couple takers! LOL  I hope you all had fun with it!
A few people have asked if I'll be hosting an Easter Swap. I won't be, but I hear rumors that there's going to be a great one to sign up for soon!
My next swap won't be for awhile, but here is what I'm thinking...
Each girl will have a medium flat rate box to fill over the course of a couple months. So when you're out at those flea markets or estate sales and find a little ornament, bring it home and toss it in the box. Or if it's someday in May and you decide you feel like making a little Santa Tag, go for it, and toss it in the box! Cute snowman card at the thrift store for .25? Toss it in the box! :)
If you think this might be something you'd be interested in, you can say so in this post. But this is NOT THE SIGN UP for it. I won't do an official post until mid May.
Keep it in mind though! **I realize that vintage x-mas items aren't super easy to find. That's why I'm giving a few months notice. And some of your things can be handmade! You can also tuck in new x-masy crafting supplies. :)
This might be a lot smaller swap than the Valentine's one! We will see!
Thanks Girls!


  1. Erica,
    I think your little wienie dog valentine is so cute! That's the first one I've ever seen! And, the idea for the swap is great. If non-bloggers can participate, I'd like to join in. I'll be watching for info. I had a great partner for the valentine box swap:) Makes me want to go again!

  2. Ooooo... A reason to keep looking for vintage christmas Yippie!! I know this isn't the official sign up but, I am SO in. I'm glad you like your hawaiian valentine. I like how Wellie posed for her photo.
    Chris =]

  3. Love your wonderful box of Valentine Goodies. VINTAGE Christmas in July, Oh what fun!! I would love to do that swap!!

  4. Maddie did such a great job, what a fun package!!

    I sure would like to try that swap too, it might be hard, it's not easy to find Christmas around here through the year, I better be on the lookout!

  5. Love your sweet box!! So many great goodies! And what a wonderful host you were! I would love to join your next swap!! I hope I see the Easter Swap....something fun to look forward to!
    Warmly chris

  6. You got so many sweet Valentines!!! Love them all! OOO those vintage cake toppers look fun too! I love vintage Christmas goodies! :)Sounds like fun! Happy Friday! xo Holly

  7. Thank you for coordinating the Valentine swap. It was so much fun. Your Valentine box and ornament from Chris is just darling. I love the idea of a Christmas in July swap too. I saw Sandy posted something about an Easter swap. I can't wait!!

  8. LOVE your box you got!! So much fun!! Your new swap for Christmas in July sounds fun!! Especially the shopping ahead of time!! Woo Hoo! Put me in coach and I'll sign up when the time comes!! Thanks again for hosting this fun one!! Hope we can do it again next year? LOL Have a great day. XOXO Love Fran.

  9. Oh Wellie, you lucky dog(I mean girl)! That doxie box from Maddie is adorable and those vintage cupcake toppers are too sweet!
    Chris does have a unique technique layering her material that I like. She made my Christmas house and it was gorgeous.
    I can't wait for the vintage Christmas in July, you may have started something, Erica!!
    Hugs from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  10. As December girls, you know we think about CHRISTMAS all year long! The vinyl tablecloth stapled on my craft table: holiday print, all year! I'd be happy to play with green and red papers...

    I might have to get a scan of that little hula honey, the young Airman in Honolulu doesn't seem to be finding me a real one to love!

  11. Love that little doxie valentine. We enjoy both of our hotdogs. We call them Stewart and Maggie.

  12. What beautiful Valentines and GOODIES!! I thought this was a wonderful swap! I enjoyed making as well as receiving. Christmas in July sounds fun! I'm in for that, too!!!
    Hugs, Sandie XOXO

  13. You did indeed receive some wonderful Valentine treats. Thanks again for hosting.

  14. Maddie did good!!! It was a great swap! I hope we don't get all the snow they are talking about!
    I hope we can get together soon.

  15. Such sweet Valentine's!! Love those cupcake toppers!! xo Heather

  16. I'm SO glad you like your box! I'm REALLY looking forward to your next swap. You were a GREAT partner. I LOVED the boxes you sent to me. Wellie is such a sweet dog. I had lots of fun doing this swap! Love, Maddie

  17. Love the box Maddie made, and can see why Wellie loves it too! Great goodies also. The hula Valentine is wonderful. I just posted what I got from Holly in the swap, come visit! This was so much funny Erica, thanks so much for hosting & organizing it for us. Hmmm..Christmas in July, sounds wonderful! :)

    Thanks again! (hugs) Pam

  18. What a super cute Valentine. Maddie sent you some awesome treasures. I would love to do a Vintage Christmas swap. Sounds like so much fun. Love your Valentine background.

  19. Talk about appropriate - that "Wienie" Valentine is spot on!
    So much cuteness!

  20. Precious little wiener box! I'm sure you were excited! I'm saying maybe on the Vintage Christmas in July Box. Thank you for the little surprise valentine in the mail! Sweet! Marlynne

  21. Your swaps look so fun. One of these days I need to join in.

  22. Okay, Erica! You know I love that Wienie Dog Valentine!!! Really cute, it looks like it folds out like a really long wienie dog!! Wow, you gals are all so talented with your Valentines box swap. They all look beautiful! You sure got some fun items. Bless you and give Wellie a hug!

  23. Hello! I'm so cheered by your happy post, and your beautiful doggie

  24. Erica, This was such a fun swap to watch unfold. You are a wonderful hostess, and I look forward to joining next year's if there is room. Such fun! Elizabeth

  25. I loved seeing all the heart boxes from the Valentine swap you hosted! I totally wished I signed up for it so I'm looking forward to your next swap! Love the idea of Christmas in July!


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