Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrift Store Finds: An Odd Mix!

Hi Everyone. Well, I haven't been doing too much in the thrifting/junking world lately. I've really been trying to cool it! I've got lots to sell, and need to get with the program! This week I'll be listing many things in my Etsy shop, including the things in this post...OK there are a couple things I have to keep lol!

 I think I remember my Grandparent's having this bird guide up at the cabin. The cover is so pretty! I often find Readers at my little local thrift store. They're so cute, but what do we do with them? lol This one was especially cute. I'm keeping the mint duck. And I bought the little posies for Easter crafting from Papertales on Etsy. I think they have really good prices!

 See how cute it is?

Look how proud she is! lol

 The blue swan and the puppy are unmarked, and the squirrel is marked Japan. They were at my local thrift, but the books were at the Goodwill. So funny...the Rand McNally was $1.99, which is normal for their vintage books. But then I turn over the Book About God, and it's marked $4.99! What???
So I take it up to the girl and ask her why. She goes to the back and comes out about a minute later and says it's because "That book is listed on EBay for $15.00 right now"! WHATEVER! She was really nice and let me have it for $1.99, but said I should know that in the future it all depends on what things are listed for on EBay. Don't they realize that people can list things for whatever they want to. It's how much it SELLS for that counts!

 All that being said, it's seriously one of the sweetest books I've seen.
I think it's worth about $10.

Isn't this page beautiful?

 The other day, at my local thrift, there was a pile of perfectly clean and ironed vintage hankies!

I picked out 9 of them. I still want to make a banner over my art area with them!

 This little planter was with all the other pieces above. She is marked "FLOWER, DISNEY"! I looked her up and I think she's from the 60's. You can find several of the Disney characters on EBay. Wouldn't they be fun to collect? She'll be for sale.

 I always see these handmade safety pin baskets in antique stores, so it was fun to see one "in the wild" the other day! My Valentine's decorations had just come down, but it would have been cute in that display. I rarely buy vintage jewelry, but these looked interesting. I took them home and did my research. They're both marked Sarah COV. They ended up being a good buy, and they'll go up for sale too!

Please excuse this terrible pic! lol The nice lady at the thrift gave me the glass beads and reindeer when I inquired about them. The Gurly tree, and other little pieces to craft with are perfect for

Vintage odds and ends: A vintage Hearts game, Birthday candles, and cute red horns that I'm unsure about!
Someone must need little red horns!
OK-I think this was the oddest post I've done. Very random stuff! LOL
I hope you have been finding some good things, or better yet, creating good things!
I made my first spoolie for Sandy's Easter swap! It was so much fun, I'm excited to make more.
I'll post again in a couple day. I've got some good news to share! :)


  1. I've done my first purchase and I'm so exited to receive it asap!

  2. I love all your random stuff. Everything would have ended up in my basket too. Love all those vintage children's books and vintage hankies. I have a safety pin basket collection. They actually look sweet at Easter too. I can't wait to hear your good news.

  3. Great finds! I'd keep that little green duck, too. So cute!

  4. Ooh, I am not usually into the jewellery either but the sarah coventry pieces are lovely.

  5. That's interesting about Goodwill/Ebay -- no wonder they've gotten so high. I stopped going to ours long ago -- it's just a huge high-priced mess!
    Love your finds though -- maybe I'll give them another try!

  6. You found some great items! I've been slowing down on the buying and trying to decide if I'm really going to sell or just give it up! Love the little books and the hankies!! Can't wait to see the spoolies, not sure what they are.
    hugs, Linda

  7. I love both the squirrels and the bird field guide. Those would all be staying home with me!
    Happy Monday!

  8. Wonderful finds girl!! They are all sooo cute!! :) Happy new week! xx Holly

  9. I can never pass up an old elementary school reader from the 50's and 60's! You found some good stuff, I love the little duck.

  10. Quite the haul, no matter how odd! Love the Disney Flower planter. Maddie has two of the Bambi's that go with this set. They are super cute. I saw on Pinterest the other day where someone made a shower curtain using vintage hankies. I am going to start stockpiling and make either Sister or my MIL put one together for me. The hankies you found reminded me to get to looking. We are still on the fence as to whether or not to join the Christmas in July Swap. All of the thrifts with the exception of one really bad one put away all of their Christmas after the first of the year so unless I can get a good start at the sales, I just don't know if I will find enough! I will keep you posted.

    Have a great week & can't wait to hear your news!


  11. I don't think that's an "odd haul" at all! I do the same thing! More fun that way! I agree with you, people that just look on ebay to mark their goods are wrong. They need to click to the "sold" pages to see what items have ACTUALLY sold for. It's a common mistake. Anyway, I love those hankies. I would love to see how you will make the banner with them. That should be beautiful!!!

  12. Sweet finds, and that little birdy planter is too cute!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  13. I love the little pictures in your children's book! :) x

  14. Love the hankies and the bird guide. The graphics in those books are so sweet. You got great finds!

  15. You sure found alot of cute things...I love the hankies and the childrens books...but most of all I can't wait to hear the good news, and see your spoolies!!

  16. The green duckie is adorable! I need to shop at your thrift store because the ones near me haven't been productive this year. I'm getting discouraged, but at least yard sale season is coming!

  17. What great thrft finds! Love the green duck! I have a yellow one and was hoping you'd say it was for sale!

    Warmly Chris

  18. Love your new look girly. You find the best things. The thrift stores I go to around here have been duds. It is so much fun to see what you have found.

  19. I love seeing all of your great finds! I remember reading a few of those books when I was younger. Good luck in your etsy store!

  20. you found some really awesome things. I do not blame you for keeping the mint duck. He is a cutie.

  21. Oh Erica!
    You scored big time!!! LOVE all of it! No stores around me have items like this...just antique malls that are way too expensive. The word is out.....thrift stores and Goodwill can make you money online....:(

  22. Oh, these are great treasures to add to your shop. I love the duck planter. I am going to have go and favor these! An Easter swap!! Oh man, I am so far behind!!

  23. I've snagged a couple of 'Birds' before. The edition is important. Good luck!

  24. Okay, Erica! Please rub some of that good thrift store find luck on me! I have never found a pile of neatly ironed vintage hankies! Yes, I have found that our Salvation Army has become a bit pricey on its stuff as well! I hope your stuff sells good!

  25. Oh my gosh! Your thrift store has such amazing finds. I love weekly readers. Your beautiful side panels have me longing for spring. Snow here in Ohio. Take care, Elizabeth

  26. Eeeek.....Such a delightful collection of vintage treasures...and, how nice they are coming home with you.
    Tomorrow I have a few errands to run...and, after seeing your post..."a thrifting I will go!"
    Carolynn xoxo

  27. How wonderful to find the vintage hankies like that. I love the books too. I always pick them up-I never know what I'll do with them, but I can't seem to leave them behind. Great finds!

  28. You had a wonderful thrifting experience. I am a huge fan of the Dick and Jane readers. They are very hard to find around here. I collect them, too :) Your handkerchiefs are beautiful . . . I love the line in "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan explains what a handkerchief is.
    I haven't visited your blog in a while and just wanted to pop in and invite you over to enter my Give-Away :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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