Wednesday, May 23, 2012

REDNESDAY: The Amazing Quilt Lady

Hi All! First I must apologize because I've been MIA lately! I've been keeping busy with things, and suddenly it's been another week! I went to a seminar on "Vintage Aprons" yesterday! Oh my gosh, was it cute! So I'll be posting about it soon. Anyway, for today, I wanted to share with you all the amazing talent of Colleen, my Uncle Tom's wife. My mom and I drove up for a visit awhile back...

Uncle Tom built her a loft JUST for quilting. This is a portion of her fabric.

She's got vintage, and new mixed together. And it's all color coordinated.

I really wanted to dig through all her fabrics! But I resisted. :)

 All of you quilters out there probably know the name of this machine. However, I don't even know how to sew yet! So I can't tell you what it's called. But I'm sure it's not cheap, and I think it binds all the layers of the quilt together.

It's huge, and takes up one whole wall of the room!
Now I'll show you some of her quilts. She has dozens apon dozens that she's completed.

 It was difficult to take pictures in the loft because of the lack of lighting. I'm hoping you'll be able to zoom in to get some of the detail of her work. It's pretty amazing. Look at how each of the above red blocks are completely different from the next.

This blue one is a bit older I think.

I don't know the names of quilt patterns, but I really like this one.

This one above is so amazing! Every block is different, and each is made up of birds and palms fronds.

This was a favorite of mine. It looks like something they'd sell at Pottery Barn Kids!

This is Lenny. He sat next to me while I took all my quilt pics! Hee Hee! Such a Good Boy!

Again...every single block is different.

Tropical Fans!

And look at the detail.

A Ballerina Quilt for a little girls room.

This was really neat. She used Purple Toile (see the arm?) for all the blocks.

This is the one I want! But it's on her I thought I better not ask for it! LOL

 And this little wall quilt hangs in their dining room. Isn't it so sweet?

I love the different fabrics that she used for the cups.

This is just their tool shed! haha But I thought it was so cute! If it were mine, I'd fill it with all of my antiques and flea market finds, and then plant a cute little garden all around it. I'm just saying...  :)

***I also wanted to say Hi, and Thank You to my newest followers! I'm so happy you are joining me! :)

Thank you for following along on this really LONG post today! I'm proud of Colleen and her quilts, so I really wanted to tell you about her!
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  1. Beautiful quilts and wonderful photos, I really love the tropical fan.

    I think since you were away you missed.. it, but I passed the KREATIV BLOGGER award on to it you! Please check out the post on my blog! Thanks, Pam

  2. I envy her closet space.
    the tool shed is sweet.
    have a great weekend.

  3. That's a lot of fabric!! Beautiful work!!

  4. My goodness, those quilts are incredible! Looks like a fun day, especially with Lenny by your side. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Love all the fabric, and gorgeous quilts!! She is quite talented!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

  6. wow, what a variety of gorgeous quilts she has made!!!

    i'd be willing to adopt a few, and maybe Lenny too ....

  7. How fun to go to a vintage apron seminar! I'll look forward to reading about it.

    Oh my gosh, what a lot of wonderful quilts! Your Aunt is so talented. Am so curious now to know what that machine does! ;)

    I adore the shed, that's my color, love it!

    Happy VTT and holiday weekend!

  8. Oh My!!! What a wonderful loft!!


  9. Wow, what an amazing space. SHe has done some beautiful quilts. I agree with you on that cute shed! Have a nice weekend!

  10. How fun to have a loft just for quilting. I am an addicted quilter and have made lots and lots. I don't buy alot of fabric though. Most quilter do, but just never have. I do have a few kits on hand. The quilt on her bed is my favorite also. I think it's called. I know the name of it, but have gone blank. Senior moment here. lol! I don't know which I think is the cutest, the quilts or Lenny.

  11. Hi Erica! First of all, thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog. Second, I wanted to say I cant BELIEVE that stash of gorgeous fabrics your friend has. I still have not learned to sew :(.. Someday! But I still love beautiful fabric- it just makes me want to create something!!

    And that coffee one is definitely to die for. :) Cute blog, I think Ill sign up to be your 48th follower. :) God bless!

  12. Wow, Colleen is one talented quilter! I love her quilting loft, and that quilt on her bed is my favorite. And her tool shed is just the cutest thing!


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