Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Saturday: The Pyrex Novice

Hi there! I thought I'd put a quick post together for "Pink Saturday" there is never a shortage of pink around here. My newest collection started just a couple weeks ago! As if I need another one! But who knew there was a whole world devoted to VINTAGE PYREX? More importantly, why didn't I know?
It all started a few weeks ago. I was at the Goodwill, and I saw 4 graduating sizes of really cute aqua colored glass bowls. "Hmmm"... I thought. These are "Pyrex".  I wonder what this pattern is called, and if this price ($24.00 total) is a good deal. The bowls had handles, and were in great shape. I walked around with them in my cart for a long time. I just couldn't decide, as I only had $30.00 cash with me. So back they went. As soon as I got home, I emailed my good blogger buddy, Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything". I told her what I had done, and that I was already regretting it! She let me know that I should get right back to the store and see if they are still there.
Of course what I had found was a great set of Cinderella Mixing Bowls in the Turquoise Butterprint pattern, and of course they were not still there!!

The following weekend there was a huge sale at an antique store in a town near by. I knew they had  beautiful displays of Pyrex. This booth had his pieces way too expensive though, even with 10% off!

 Well I think I did pretty well anyway! I found a very "not pretty" booth that was offering 50% off everything. And on the very bottom shelf was the #444, 4QT Pink Gooseberry Bowl! It was marked $20, so I paid $10. It's such a pretty pattern I think. 

 This display was pretty cute too! Seeing the $75.00 price tag on a set of Butterprint bowls made me cringe though! I've just got to get over leaving those at the Goodwill! I hope that someone that's been searching forever for her bowls was the one to find them after I set them down.
This morning I went to an Estate Sale, and I bought a 3 piece set of Butterprint Fridgies (with thier lids) for $12! I was happy to add some of this pattern to my collection.

Here's my #444 Gooseberry bowl. I made a cake from the "Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting Cookbook" last night. I love the weight of this bowl, and how huge it is. All your "batter splatters" stay in the bowl!
OK, I better COOL IT on my Pyrex collecting! I only started looking about 2 weeks ago, and I have 9 pieces! This is going to be a problem. :)

I've got these sweet vintage roses in my ETSY SHOP right now, and they come with a little handmade tag too. If you'd like to purchase them for $1 (instead of the $3.25 listed price), just convo me on Etsy and let me know that you visited my blog, and want the rose deal! :)
Catch more cute pink things right HERE!!!!


  1. Oh, I am loving all the Pyrex!! Such pretty colors, too!! Those are such beautiful displays, too!! It is always great when you can find Pyrex at such great deals!! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Heather

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful booth! That booth has me drooling, and I don't even collect Pyrex! I'm glad you found some things you wanted!

  3. I do not collect pyrex but when I got married I loved the gold pattern I have a full set of the handle bowls that I use all the time in gold. not as pretty as the pink but that was almost 37 years ago.

  4. I love your Pyrex photos, and your Goodwill story. I just hate it when I let a good one get away, but it happens to the best of us! It will only make you treasure your next Pyrex find even more. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  5. I hope I am not responsible for this new collection! I posted my new blue bowl about three weeks ago...I could arrange an intervention if you want to call me when you see another piece and think you need it! Smile!


  6. Yes, those are beautiful booths! I think you should have fun with your collecting. I have left and gone back and let things get away , too! I figure, I really didn't need them!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!

    My Pink, have a great weekend!

  8. HPS!

    Lucky you! My favorite is the blue set.


  9. I love all the touches of pink pyrex!

    Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

  10. Erica, Thanks for your nice comment. It made me feel good. I love your pink pyrex bowl. It's wonderful. Don't feel too bad about leaving the turqoise set at GW. You'll find something even better. Love that story. Have a great weekend!

  11. I enjoyed looking at the Pyrex pictures--lovin' all the pink. My Mom is still using Pyrex mixing bowls, received as a wedding gift 51 years ago! She has the blue and white, Amish, 4 piece set. I love those bowls.

  12. WHAT?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW could you leave those at Goodwill?? HOW?? Ha! :)

    I'm a pushover for pink Pyrex...well, any Pyrex really. I can't believe how much of it I've passed up at yard sales, etc. I need another home for all my collections! :)

    Have a great night!


  13. oh my! loving the pink and blue pyrex! maybe I need to start of new collection. you make me want to take the day off and go to all the 2nd hand shops I can find!
    happy day!

  14. O my...I think I died and went to heaven...I have a few pink bowls and a lot of turquoise pieces....I want it all ... my mouth is foaming it is gorgeous. I have a few things in the turquoise collection. I have the turquoise Tupperware sugar container,. Great photos thank you for sharing them...I'm your newest follower. I have a blog as well @ you can come visit sometime...Happy weekend with love Janice


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