Monday, October 21, 2013

An Estate Sale Early Bird!

 This past Saturday there was an estate sale titled "A Collector's Dream".  The address was just a couple blocks from my house. Darn it! I tried so hard to stay home. But I kept picturing those annoying guys from the last sale I went to, the ones that sold the numbers. And something made me really want to get there before they did! lol
 I got there at 1:30 AM and I was number 5! The sale started at 9:00! I know, totally crazy and wrong for so many reasons. It was the coldest night so far this fall in MN, and I was curled up in the back seat for hour after hour just trying to keep warm, hoping that time would go by fast. It did not! lol
I read two magazines on the Kindle and painted my nails when the sun came up.
Finally it was time!!!

 I bolted to the basement and the first thing I found was three boxes of these angel lights!
Pretty darn sweet aren't they?

 I had the x-mas area in the basement to myself for the first 3-4 minutes. So I got everything that I wanted.
 Terrible pic. Sorry!
 I got 3 really cute Gurley candles. They have their Woolworth's .10 price stickers on the bottom. A Holt Howard Santa candle stick holder, a big vintage stocking, and two Santa's also from Woolworth's.
 Do you think there are support groups for people who are addicted to Shiny Brites?
 I love when I find bags full of x-mas crafty/corsage bits like this!
 I try to avoid buying solid colored ornaments, but these I bought for their boxes!
 I think I'm going to cover our chair cushions in this vintage fabric. Rather, I think I'll have my Mom cover our chair cushions. :)
 There were lots of really old and rare Little Golden Books (like the ones with decals and puzzles) but they were all in poor shape. The only one that was in great condition was a x-mas one that I didn't have, so I lucked out! And I grabbed this sweet little coloring book too. Oh! the x-mas table cloth in the background was also something that I found at the sale! I was so happy to find it!
So that's that! It was a looooong night! But it was pretty fun to be number 5 and know that there were about 100 people behind me! And yes, I did beat out those mean guys! lol

Wellie wants to tell you something,
  Yesterday was my Birthday and I turned 5 years old! This is what I look like when I see something that I think I might want to have.
And this is what I do when I know that I want to have something that smells really good. I offer my paw to Mama to shake. Mama usually laughs at me when I do this. She tells me that I'm doing it backwards. People are supposed to ask me to shake before I give them my paw.
And this is what I look like when I eat my "Happy Birthday Toast"! Mama made me toast (it's my favorite) with butter and honey for my special day. She said I could have it because I have lost 2 pounds on my diet! I love Mama!
Love Wellie


  1. Birthday blessings to dear Wellie! I'm so glad that estate sale paid off. You are one determined lady! You know I love every single bit of it. I think I might need to join your vintage holiday support group.

    PS. I can't even imagine how you stayed warm enough for length of time. Your poor little body. HUGS!!

  2. I can't believe you camped out that early for a sale, but glad that the wee hour was rewarded! I think our sales are competitive,but yours take the cake. Love the angel lights and the fabric! Fun stuff!

  3. Erica!! 1:30 paid off. The stuff you got is wonderful!! I am checking into support groups in our area for shiny brights... found one, it tells you to drop your your shiny brights at 5324 Holiday Road :)
    Happy Birthday sweet Wellie!!

  4. Aww... Happy Birthday Wellie! Hope you enjoyed your toast. Nice find, love the angel lights. They were worth the late, cold night.
    Chris =]

  5. 1:30 AM??!! Crazy girl! The earliest I've gotten to a sale is at 6 am for a 10:00 start time. But at least you got some reading and your nails done!

    Those spun cotton angel lights are amazing. I have never seen anything like those before. I think a support group for Shiny Brites is an excellent idea. Everybody there would be super cool and have great vintage style so how bad could we all be?

    Happy Birthday to sweet Wellie! Brewski, Bailey, and Piper are also October babies so they are in good company.


  6. I had to reread that, I didn't think I had read 1:30 AM, but I did!!!! Oh, my! It was surely worth it - you are the Queen of Christmas, Erica - vintage Christmas, that is!! You're so lucky to have so many opportunities to pick up this stuff!!!

  7. Oh my word Erica, you are the queen of vintage Christmas finds! But really, 1:30 a.m.? I would never imagine folks would get there the night before. Good for you and your stamina! Love those sweet angel lights, they are amazing. I bought the vintage xmas ornies for the box at last week-ends sale too. is there something wrong with us? LOL!

    Oh Wellie, Happy Birthday you sweet girl! Doyle wants to come play and promises to bring you honey toast.

    :) Pam

  8. WOW!! Great determination and great goodies!!

  9. Wow, I'm so impressed with your fabulous Christmas haul! And I definitely think there needs to be a Shiny Brite support group - LOL. Your puppy is adorable, too! My dog is the same....when he gets hungry, he runs through his list of tricks without being asked, hoping for a treat. They are such clowns!

  10. That fabric is adorable! So sweet and yet funky.

    1 30 in the cold is a weeee bit early for me, but I am up with the kids then anyway. Maybe I am wasting away those hours in all the wrong ways! LOL

  11. Happy Birthday Wellie! Oh wow, I love the angel lights! You grabbed some wonderful goodies! Have a great week!

  12. Oh my gosh....1:30!!! That is crazy that you were #5 too!?! You really got some good things!! Love those angel lights and the Santa mugs!! I get so excited to hear about your estate sales!! :)

    Oh Miss Wellie, Happy sweet Birthday!!! Jerry sends hugs!!
    :) :) Holly

  13. Oh my gosh, and I thought it was crazy to get to a sale at 5 or 6 in the morning to wait! I'm so glad that you were able to find so many treasures to make it worth it--can you imagine if you'd waited all night long, only to find a bunch of boring junk? Whew!

  14. Wow, what treasures!! And, I am in love with that gorgeous fabric!! Beautiful and I look forward to seeing your chair covers!! xo Heather

  15. Those little lights are so sweet Erica. I am so sorry that you had to get there so early and freeze all night just to beat those mean boys to the goods, but it had to feel good to get some great stuff. Happy birthday to your dear fur baby.

  16. I gasped. Yes, I actually gasped out loud! Why? Those indented shiny brutes! My mom had some and I loved touching them when I was little. I have yet to run across any in all my estate sales.

    And Happy Birthday little Wellie!

  17. Wow you did good all the early bird waiting paid off the lights are amazing I bet you could sell them for a good price on e-bay. I don't think I could ever get to a sale that early so hats off to you!

  18. Happy Birthday Wellie! Love those pink angels!

  19. Happy birthday, Wellie!

    My, I thought the competition was tough around here, but 1:30 AM? I will never understand why they haven't figured out a better way to do estate sales. Every region seems to have different rules. I rarely go to them...I guess I'm too cheap, garage sales are the meat and potatoes of my thrifting.

  20. I have never ever seen those cool angel lights! Lots of vintage fun kiddo! And Wellie, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! You are so cute! :) Hugs, Sandy

  21. Happy Late Birthday to Wellie!!!
    Holy crap, you were there at 1:30 and you were #5?! Wow, you guys are hard core! Your haul proves it was totally worth it. Love those angel lights and all the Shiny Brites. Yay for vintage Christmas!!!

  22. oh my hit the jackpot! Love the angels!! I bought a box of solid shiny brites yesterday, only because of the color. :) Still had the original tag and store of purchase on it....which is no longer around. That was fun to find. Have a wonderful day.

  23. You did AMAZING! I'm in love with all of it...especially the angel lights and the ornament box with the great Santa graphics!

  24. Wilma sends a VERY SPECIAL belated BIRTHDAY wish to Wellie!! :-)
    Hope she had a very WONDERFUL DAY!

  25. The early bird got the worm, that's for sure. 1:30am, yikes, that is some junking dedication!

  26. They were there handing out numbers at that hour? (I'm really hoping I misunderstood that part, because that's just crazy!) But considering the hours I've spent standing alone in dark cold parking lots to get presents for my kids on Black Friday, I'm not one to cast stones. :-)

  27. Happy Birthday to Wellie! I see you had another another awesome shopping adventure....1:30am!! Holy Cow, what a gal's gotta do for Shiny Brites these ;P

  28. 1:30 is crazy... I couldn't do it! Another reason estate sales ain't for me I guess! Great haul, so it really paid off.

    When hou get there at 1:30, do you have to wait in line until they start handing out #'s? Glad to hear you beat.out those # sellers... jerks!

  29. Oh my gosh, what treasures! Love the little angels and all of the fab orneys! I have never been to an estate sale where they gave out numbers. Also I just usually get there about 15 to half hour early and one of the first few in line. Can't imagine it being that crazy. Not like that here. Probably because we don't have such wonderful treasures.


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