Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On The Work Table, and Goodwill Goods

 Hi Pals! :)
Thought I'd share a couple things that I've been working on...just a hint,
 to get you in "The Mood"!
I went to Michael's today just to see what else they've put out for Christmas. Cute stuff!
I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look and it made me want to go home and make things.
Hey, did anyone see those big clip-on mushroom ornaments at Michael's yet? They're in a box of 8 I think. Soooo cute! I need to go back and use my coupon to get them. They'd be great on a wreath!
 Can you believe that she was at Goodwill? There were 4 of them, but the others were in poor shape.  That same day I also found a very old BINGO game!
 It says "Long Popular at Summer and Winter Resorts".
 No marking on these little dishes. Such cute colors though!
 This purchase makes me feel like an official hoarder.
But I thought it was kind of cool because
1.It's patriotic
 2. It's from 1977, the year I was born
3. It's marked JAPAN (not Made in USA of course)
4. Maybe it will sell on EBay for like $50!  Haa!
 Ahhhhh! What's happening to me????
 And a few pumpkins from Goodwill too. The candle in front is the largest Gurley I've ever seen!
The label was perfect so of course they had to go and put the price tag right over the word "Gurley".
Why do they always do that?
 Our little baby Drew (my niece) was baptized yesterday.  I could have held her forever!
Such a little baby doll.
OK- Hope you all have a great week!
Erica :)


  1. Ive been taking little peeks at christmas stuff in michaels, joanns, and home goods.... Im dying to have a good christmas craft supply shopping day. first I have to decide what i want to make! love all your stuffies!
    happy day

  2. I'm definitely in the Christmas crafting mood. I actually found something at Target already that I embellished for my dollhouse. Love all your finds and I can't believe Goodwill had a storybook doll! Get out!! Great gurley candle too. Darling picture of you and your niece.

  3. your good will is way better than the ones near here. I would say good finds.

  4. I can't wait to see what you create this year! I am super excited to add something to my Erica collection :-) Hopefully that didn't sound too creepy...

    I believe those cute bowls were cottage cheese containers and were promotional items made by Fire King. They are pretty dang sweet BUT not as sweet as the little baby. I'm in love!!!


  5. You always find great treasures, Erica. I can't wait to see what you create. I did post about our Spoolie swap...hope you get a chance to see it.
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Great stuff!! We have the same blow mold!!! So, do a lot of other people, it seems!! Hah!!

    That is one sweet baby, for sure!!!

  7. Good job on finding the Storybook doll! And perfect Christmas colors!! I haven't been to Michaels trying really hard to stay on a budget! Too much of a temptation!!

  8. OH I really need a Michael's trip! Love using their 40% coupon. Great finds, I've yet to find an old Bingo game or cards. Yours is really an oldie...Beano. Sweet photo of you and your precious Drew. Isn't being an Aunt fun? :) Pam

  9. Erica, your little niece is so cute! How lucky to find that little Storybook doll at Goodwill. I've not see Gurley's that big either, but a nice fat pumpkin is perfect for this season.

  10. I am already in the Christmas mood so your post was perfect. I love all your finds, The bowls are lovely. Your niece is a baby doll. What a cutie! Have a great day, Erica! ~ Jamie

  11. Awww..that is a great photo of you and Drew! You sure have been scoring on your great finds! I'm getting into the crafting mood too! Need more time to do just that!
    Nice score at your early bird/number estate sale!
    We still need to get together!

  12. Drew is just adorable! She totally looks like a witty bitty doll...sorry, I can't help the baby talk!
    I'm setting some money aside right now because I can tell by your teaser photos that I'm going to need it. Yay for awesome Christmas crafting!!!

  13. What great finds. One day we will get to shop together lol. Drew is just precious. What a beautiful picture.

  14. Great finds!! Love what your working on, gets me so excited for holiday crafting!! In fact I have to admit I started a little!! :) So fun!! You and your niece are sooo precious! Such a pretty picture! :) Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  15. Great finds! Especially the Halloween!

  16. Adorable picture of you and your niece. Newborns are so precious. I don't get in the mood when I see Christmas in the stores but when I see things people like you are making I do. With Halloween almost here and gone......I am getting excited. Love that you found a story book doll.....I just went to a doll auction last Friday. (((((HUGS))))

  17. Awwww, that little baby girl looks like a doll!!

  18. Baby, baby, love those sweet babies!! I was told once Sue-Bee honey came in those bowls..might be neat to to research. Story book doll at the Goodwill, for real? Plastic or Bisque? Score!! I need to know what Goodwill you hunt at b/c I have NO LUCK..I mean, none. I am always so disappointed..keep on finding tne treasures girl!! Loving your Cnristmas crafts. Im feeling inspired!! xo
    Oh and btw...I would buy the plate and mug from you anyday!! Anything with Paul Bunyan my little Lucas goes crazy for. The mug is cool for a patriotic display :)

  19. Cute crafting stuff! Great finds too..I never bother with Goodwill anymore as I never score a thing,

  20. Oh your niece is beautiful.....I wouldn't let her go either. Wholly crap, you were born in 1977........I was already 17.........yikes! Have a great Halloween

    Love ya'

  21. Sweet and crafty goodies you are working on!! Your niece is beautiful!! Happy Halloween! xo Heather

  22. Obviously love the blow mold since I have the same one!

    Thanks so much for all the beautiful Halloween stuff! I just got it on Halloween, so was able to enjoy it this year. It's all so fabulous.

    I went thrifting today & they are already transitioning from Halloween to Christmas. Can't wait.

  23. Wow! Some great stuff...but little Drew is the cutest! ;)

  24. What a precious little bundle of joy! You found some great things. the old Bingo is a real treasure. I love that little gnome in the first picture. I am in the mood to hit a thrift shop so bad! Maybe next week.

  25. I rarely ever find anything at our Goodwill. It's really awful! Love all of your finds, especially that old Bingo game, and that baby is SO cute!!!

  26. Of course you have inspired me and as soon as I recover from the Estate Sale I'm going to go right up to my playroom and craft! Maybe next week...


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