Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Run, Don't Walk! A Vintage Christmas Project

Just kidding, it's not really that important! lol But I do want you to go grab these if you think this is kind of cool like I do. Ok, last night I went to Target just to look at what's new and to grab my prescriptions. The Holiday stuff is soooo great this year! I could have bought and bought, had I any money! But I was "good" and only spent $8...not counting the Rolos that I started eating while I was still in the store. OK...Here is what I found.
 If you follow my blog you might know that I love vintage Christmas corsages. And when I saw these bows I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. They're $4.00 per pack, and they're about the size of your fist.
 This is a bad pic. Sorry! But here are a few of my old corsages. Ultra tacky right? I don't wear them! lol I love to tuck them around the house when I decorate. On a mirror, a wreath, a shelf, or even at the top of a small tree, there are so many ways to use them!
 So on the left is a vintage corsage with an old pine cone. And on the table is a pine cone that I found when I took the dogs for a walk today.
Paint just the tips white and then roll it in glitter.
Choose a tacky focal point!
I kept the "peel-off square" on the back, and attached a few inches of twisted wired chenille. 
Some of you might be saying "Erica, we aren't obsessed with tacky vintage x-mas things like you are, and therefore we don't have a big stash of vintage supplies to pull from"!
I thought of that! so here's what I did...
 I made one using all NEW stuff! The tinsel is from Michael's, and even the balls are new. They aren't even glass, they're plastic! So you for sure do not need vintage supplies to make
" Vintage Inspired Christmas Corsages".
 But I will tell you, I've been stashing things away for far too long. And it feels good to finally use them for what I intended to in the first place! There's no point in just keeping things tucked away in a box. I'm learning to let them go! lol
 So here's another one.
And another. I think this is my favorite!
OK- I hope I've inspired you make SOMETHING, even if it's not a vintage x-mas corsage!
Erica :)
 It' been snowing here all evening! So I've been working away at my craft table and listening to Christmas music.
Meanwhile, over on my bed...


  1. What great Target finds I was there tonight but just stayed in the Bargain $1 section I did find some fun goodies~ Thanks for sharing

  2. Your corsages are gorgeous! Love the idea of tucking them around the house and could even see them as ornaments on the tree:@)

  3. loving your corsages! Im heading to target this weekend.. both you and Kim are pushing me there! lol!
    have a great week!

  4. Genius! Great tutorial too. I love vintage corsages. A few years ago, I made one for my mom, sister and godmother to wear Christmas day. Can't wait to explore Target further! These package trims weren't out when I was there last week (the day after Halloween...scouting over the clearance items).

  5. I love Rolos! Maddie got a full size package trick or treating this year and hid them from me. Smart girl!

    Hanna & I are trying to come up with a couple of projects to do for the holidays when we are together. I am going to dig out my Christmas crafting stuff next week. I think I have everything we need to do actual vintage corsages. AND we are just goofy enough to wear them!

    Snow and Christmas music sounds super cozy to me. But I would have a really hard time not curling up with that sweet Noel.


  6. I have a few vintage ones that I tuck in my tree. but what a great bow for a special package! Love the idea and your sweet little doggie knows how to live life! Snow yikes I am not looking forward to any here

  7. So loving your Christmas corsages that I'm inspired to make one myself! Wow, you have boxes of vintage stash, LOL! No wonder you like those estate sales. Can't seem to find much vintage Christmas here. Aw, Doyle wamts to snuggle with Noel, please.

    :) Pam

    1. Wants...sorry, can't type on my phone without typos, sigh.

  8. An inspiration!!! I love tacky corsages!!! TeHe....I will tell you a little secret.... I don't really think they're tacky!

  9. Love this. What a great way to use up some of that vintage goodness.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fun way to spend a snowy evening and I love your results.

  11. Love those "tacky" Christmas corsages. Too cute!

  12. I think the "tacky" or better yet "kitschy" corsages are going to be a trend this year. I read it on a comment on Pinterest...so you, my dear, are a leader in this fun crafting adventure!

  13. "Choose a tacky focal point!" Hee-hee!

    I love them, Erica!
    Yes, I'm one of those who doesn't have bunches of kitchy vintage supplies to play with or need to let go of. I just don't find them!
    I don't have a Target near either but I *do* have a Dollar Tree right down the road and they have fun stuff.
    Enjoy! ♥

  14. Oh gosh, I must go to Target! I just love those corsages you made, they're so pretty!!
    And poor Wellie, did she have a busy day? :-)
    Hugs, Dorothy

  15. Love your beautiful corsages!!! And all that pretty Christmas!!! Lucky you, for it to be snowing!! :) :) Perfect for Christmasy festivities!! :) She looks soo nice and comfy ....aw! :) xo Holly

  16. Big fan of vintage corsages and use them in my holiday decorating. Great way to gussy some up or make some new ones! Snow? Wow!

  17. Can't believe it's snowing where you're at! YIKES!

    Love the corsages - they are so delightfully kitschy!

  18. Haha! Love this cute post! You have darling items and are busy as a bee! Same here, whilst I work, taking photos, posting in my shop.... the cats lounge!

  19. LOVE THEM!!! Your talent is shinning through! Maybe I should be going to Target, no, just use what I have, like you did!
    I'm glad the snow is gone. Not ready for winter! brrr

  20. More beautiful Erica creations! Every one is so cute!

  21. Loving it!

    You're getting snow? It's warm here today for November. & I'm off to listen to Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers now...

  22. Oh yea, I love the new banner! I have the same lollipops ;)

  23. that is SUCH a good idea! you wouldn't believe the boxes of little christmas things i have tucked away! i might need to make some too! i LOVE corsages. i have a little collection and display them on a weird macrame tree i got from my husbands grandma! i even wear them! ha!

  24. Those are AwEsOmE!!!
    Wellie looks so comfy! Multiply that by two cats and that's what my bed looks like.

    Chris =]

  25. THOSE ARE WONDERFUL!!!! If i find two seconds to myself I will have to give it a try! Oh how I adore "vintage Christmas" I wait for it all year, and this years theme at my house is 1959!! :D so excited!

  26. Yay!!!! Thank you for the inspiration! And holy crap...look at all that snow!

  27. What a fun (and soooo you) blog post dear one! How are you feeling? I think of you often. Have been too busy lately, but that seems to be my life. Very cute ideas and thanks for being so sharing. You are amazing.
    Love ya, Linda Lou

  28. Wow! I am going to head over to Target soon. You inspire me with all your vintage goodness. I am thinking I really need to get crackin on some Christmas goodies. You luck girl to have snow. Looks like you fur baby is sleeping well. Does she snore? Our Duchess snores, she is funny to listen to.
    Hope you are having a great week my dear.

  29. I think your corsages aren't tacky at all...plus, they would be great package rims on plain white or Kraft color wrapping paper. I went to Target yesterday "just to look around" and came home with a few cute things. I fell in love with the glittered pick-up truck ornaments...one of them will be part of a giveaway on my blog next week. It's always fun to visit here and see what you're up to!!!

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  31. Oh, what a wonderful find! I must get to Target! I always love seeing all of your vintage finds and your vintage-inspired creations! Can't wait to see your Christmas decorating this year!

  32. Oh how I love, love, love this project. They are all so lovely. You are so smart!

  33. Hi Erica,
    You should join Dachshund World on Facebook! Doxies lovers from all over the world gather there and do wonderful things for Doxies in need and help with rescues! Love your vintage inspired crafts!

  34. OMG - your dog picture is hilarious - reminds me of my border collie sleeping on my bed with her head on my pillow after I got to work! Too funny! By the way, I looove your vintage designs!


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