Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Was The Deal With Market Monday? (and a few finds)

Hello there my Dear Bloggy Pals!
 I'm sorry about the confusion with "Market Monday". Here's what happened. First of all the day started off with a very nasty email from someone who read a post of mine. And by nasty I mean that this woman was completely out of her mind. But more importantly she was so very wrong, both about me and the post itself because she didn't read it closely. So after immediately deleting the comment I got right to work on my "Market Monday" post.
(Several weeks ago I scored this big concrete planter for $9 at the 50% off day of an Estate Sale)
So then my market started at 5:00pm and right away I started having problems with
 being able to contact any of my customers. Every sale was from someone
that had a no-reply email and a completely blank profile.

(Vintage aqua plates marked "Poppy Trail by Metlox", found at Goodwill for .99 each)
So after waiting all evening with no contact, and not even knowing if they were serious buyers...I just decided to shut it down. It was just "one of those days"!

(A bunch of spun heads, including a jumbo one, found at my favorite antique store)
Now let me say that each of these customers ended up being REAL (and very nice) !
 They contacted me by last night and it all worked out. And of course I appreciate them shopping at my little market so much!

Did you think I could get through a post w/o showing any x-mas stuff? Haa!
Fun "smalls" from that same antique store.
Now for my "SOAP BOX".
I believe that It's frustrating for many bloggers who receive comments from people who have Google profiles that are totally empty, and a no-reply email address. I get that it's each person's right to create their online identity whichever way they choose. But I can't tell you how often I want to thank someone for a kind comment they've left on my blog, and I can not. And it's even worse when someone has asked a question and then I go to answer it and it says "no-reply". I worry that they'll think I'm being so rude to not even answer.
And it really makes things difficult when it involves my "Market Mondays".

( Because I love tacky spun cotton characters so much, I felt I should have some that are encapsulated forever in "unbreakable" plastic! lol They were a good deal on EBay )
So, that's the story! I'm just suggesting that if you have a no-reply email address you might want to consider changing it, or just make sure that you leave us a way to get a hold of you when we need to.

Here is a helpful tip: If you name your dog Noel (not Noelle) you can easily find her name on an assortment of Holiday décor...making it even more tempting to buy! :)
These were each .50 at that 50% off Estate Sale. I think I will cut a hole in the round piece to make it a feather tree skirt.
OK- I will re post my previous "Market Monday" this coming Monday the 18th at 5:00 central time. I'll be sure to add more items too!
Thank you all so much! I hope you're having a great week.
Erica :)


  1. hi Erica I certainly am glad I was not the only one who did not know what they were doing on this market Monday past!!I cant wait for the next one on the 18th. Your Christmas items are wonderful. I am glad some are coming to my home Michel

  2. So sorry you had to deal with a nasty commenter! I don't understand people like that :( Just remember WE all love you <3
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. Spun heads! Seriously! You and Lori are the only two that ever ever find those!! That's going to be a perfect tree skirt. Christmas hugs!

  4. People still WRONGLY believe that checking the "share email" box on their profile means it will be shared with the entire free world. It only means that when you leave a comment your comment appears as Sarah ( instead of Sarah (noreply@blogger). We have been having this argument since I started blogging 8(!) years ago. :-) As far as the nastygram - eh fuck em. ;)

  5. I know just what you mean about the "no reply" blogger option - I don't like it either!! I feel like I'm ignoring people when they ask a question, I'm all ready to reply and then "no reply bloggeer" comes up - AWWW!! I think a lot of people don't even realize.... I can imagine that comment put your day off to a real bad start - you're too nice to have that!!! Better days ahead!!

  6. Hi!

    Love the cute finds!! I think many people simply may not know about the "no reply" option. I was one of them! A nice blogger filled me in and I changed the setting. Have a great day.

  7. Sorry to hear about all your problems! I hope everything worked out for the best.

    And, I'm with you on the "no reply" people. I'd love to be able to reply to you, but you don't leave me an email. For those folks, I go directly to my blog and reply to their actual comment there.

    Can't wait for MM! :)

  8. I always miss your Market Mondays, but I"m determined not to next week! You find the best stuff! I don't think I'm a no reply blogger, but I'm going to go check just in case!

  9. So sorry to hear about the nasty commenter. Don't people realize we blog for the love of it and to share with others? I had a conversation with another blogger lately about a similar situation. You have just tell your self this person mostly likely has some mental issues. No sane person comes unhinged that easily. As for the "no reply" on blogger. I agree with most here, people are just unaware. Hope your week ends better than it began!


  10. Spuuuuunnnn heads! Lucky girl. Love that larger one!

  11. Hope the rest of your week goes better! ♥

  12. I get questions all the time with No reply addresses and I hate it! I want to answer everyone that asks me a question. As for someone being rude to you - there is no excuse for THAT. I had a lady that just loved leaving hurtful comments on my blog. So thankful she finally went away. Hope yours does too.

  13. Thank goodness I didn't miss it!! As for the nasty e-mail, I say take Sarah's advice. :-) I don't know about my address, if it is no-reply or not?? I hope not.
    Have a great weekend Erica, you deserve it!

  14. Erica I find the no reply bloggers so frustrating, especially when they ask me a question and I go to reply? Sorry you got a bad comment, there are some kinda crazy folks out there.

  15. Love the shelf elf. So cute. Sorry about the nasty person :)

  16. NICE planter!!! Bummer about the non-reply...and not so nice people. Big sale starting tomorrow at the Shops In Hopkins! I'm working at the Vintage Cottage in Carver if you want to make a road trip!

  17. neat stuff! I hope I find some spun heads someday! We just dont have estate sales like that around here. Im with you on the comments that we cant reply too. I love touching base with new people and we cant always do that. Oh well. I struggle to keep up as it is! lol!
    have a great weekend!

  18. Man, people are nuts, but we all knew that already didn't we?!
    Those ornaments with the spun cotton guys are so fun! You're the reason why I buy spun cotton stuff. I didn't know anything about them before I started reading your blog, now I can't get enough of them! Hope all is going well. : )

  19. Hi Erica, I always feel bad when I hear about someone leaving a rude comment. I just think that if you don't have anything nice to say to someone, don't say anything at all! Wow, love that urn and what an amazing price! Just gotta mention that maybe some people are computer dummies like I was (still don't know a lot) lol! I was a non reply blogger and didn't know it for a long time till someone told me. I went to a vintage sale today. I was looking for some Christmas smalls. Saw a little deer like that in the last pic. I wanted it, but they had priced it at $12. Thought that was a bit high. Do you thin so?

  20. There is for sure something going on with Blogger, it is loading really slow, and I get weird screens, I checked and ran my virus scans again, I was protected, no new has to be something Google is doing with Google+ ( hate it) and Blogger ( getting to hate it! lol) Hang in there kiddo....:) Sandy

  21. Oh gosh Erica you are such a sweet heart. Maybe when people are having a bad day they need to go take a nap? I am so sorry that happened to you. I so look forward to your Market Monday's hopefully I will remember this week.

  22. Hi Cutie Pie, love all your finds! I hope your Market Monday goes well...I miss seeing what you have to offer or should I say TEMPT me with.
    Hope you are doing ok.


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