Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Weekend At The Flea Markets!

 Hi friends! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!
Yesterday Angie and I headed to the Trader's Market in Elko, MN. I didn't buy nearly as much as last year, but we still had a really good time! I finally gave in to my temptation to buy a story book doll, and another dealer was selling larger wooden spools for 20/$1.00! Great deal!
 I found a box of glass ornaments for $8, and the huge cotton Santa heads are marked Japan and were $1 each. I can't wait to give them bodies and doll them up!
 This skier ornament is my favorite!
 LOL Ok, for some reason I kept looking at these on EBay last Easter. I just think they look cute in a vintage Easter display, but they can be pretty expensive. This guy's really big and clean, so I got him for $6.00! Angie about died! haha "Eeewwww, gross"!
I told her that I might sneak it into her bed some night! LOL
 Has anyone else noticed how expensive these chairs are getting? My Grandparent's used to have a pair of red ones up at the cabin, so lately I've been thinking that I NEED a couple. This one was marked $20, but we got him to take $15 for it. I keep seeing them for like $40 though!
I think I'm going to paint it red!
 OK, then this morning I went to my regular flea market. Half of the dealers didn't show because they thought it was going to rain, so that was a bummer! I finally found just the right vintage red plaid "Faribault Woolen Mill" blanket! My Grandma Dorothy was born and raised in Faribault actually. And my Mom, Aunt Judy, and I visited the Mill last fall. I can't wait to put this on my couch at Christmas-time.
When I got home from the flea, my sweet neighbor (who knows I collect x-mas) gave me this wonderful vintage stocking! She said the woman who gave it to her years ago, raised her own sheep and then used the wool to hand-make things! What a generous gift! I just love it!
These were my only other little finds this morning. The reindeer is Lefton, and I was happy to find a large bag of glass beads for $2.00! The little bird is so pretty...but I BROKE him right after I took this picture! Boooo! Oh well...
Thank you all for following along! And I'm sorry there hasn't been a Market Monday in a few weeks! I think I'm going to take a little break from buying, and actually do some artsy/crafty stuff! I miss it!
Erica :)
Um...Ernie? We are sooo not sleeping like this!  -W


  1. lots of goodies! LOVE that bunny! and the chair also my favorites.
    you make me want to go on a little treasure hunting excursion!
    have a great week

  2. Great finds! Do you have crafty plans in mind for the spools?

  3. Your chair is the very same as the one I found last year, I didn't even get it out on display yet this year!

    Your area always has so much Christmas, do you really know how lucky you are?? Hah!! Love it all!

  4. Fun finds! I missed treasure hunting on our trip. Not a single estate sale, antique store or flea market. I made up for it with roadside stand jewelry though. I'm ready go get my craft on. Too bad my day job gets in the way!

  5. Hey! Didn't I tell you a while back that you needed to find some of those clamshell chairs for your back patio? Yay! The two on my back patio are red and I love them. The seller that Brian bought them from painted them with regular red paint, not spray paint so they have a matte finish. I LOVE THEM!! My only advice would be to primer the heck out of yours first. We have a yellow one in the front of our house that used to be white but the yellow is chipping away because Brian didn't primer it. Did I just throw him under the bus?

    Can't wait to see your chair when it is done along with some of your craftiness. It's been awhile, huh?

    Have a great week!


  6. You sure found some great items. I am wanting a little crafting time myself. There is a Christmas in July party soon and I want to make something for it!!

  7. Wow Erica you really got some great stuff!! Looks like a great place to shop!! :) Can't wait to see you make some cute crafts out of some of it!! I think that chair will look wonderful in a bright red! the dog photo! LOl! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Holly

  8. Hey, those cotton santa heads are the same ones I picked up for my sister the other weekend! Yours are looking much healthier than the ones I found, but they're still cute!

    Love your buys!

  9. Wow, great finds! I'm having to take a treasure hunting break and it's about killing me! ♥

  10. That chair is fabulous! They are getting stupid pricey. The ones I found were more than that, and they were in worse shape. At a vintage market in Boulder every other vendor had a set for $45 or more for each chair. Crazy! One dude at an antique shop near me had his priced at $75 each, and they were terrible looking! Crazy crazy crazy!
    I'm excited to see some of your crafty creations!

  11. I love everything! You lucky girl! Cute bunnie! Everything is sweeeeet! I like the little reindeer.

  12. You ROCK. You found so many great treasures. You know I do see the metal chairs and they are pricey. I think around here they go for a little more than that. I love your Santa's. I so heart vintage Santa's. You are so lucky in finding the best ornaments as well.
    I just have to tell you, your Wellie is just precious. Those eyes just say HELP and ever time you take a picture she is smiling and it just cracks me up with happiness.

  13. Wonderful finds Erica! I LOVE your chair best! I remember my Mom had two on the porch, and they were old already. Wish I had the now. You got a steal.

    Literally laughed out loud when I saw the photo of Wellie and Ernie. Wellie definitely is giving him the side-eyed hard stare. Too cute!

  14. Hi Erica! Awesome finds! What a score on the wooden spools! I <3 the story book doll! Vintage X-mas is always fun!
    xoxo Carly

  15. Those puppies make me laugh!!!
    I saw those wooden spools too...didn't buy any! Nice finds. Hubby and I almost sold at Medina, but I thought it was going to rain...maybe next Sunday!
    Happy creating!!!

  16. Very lovely finds!! Love that little Lefton deer!!

  17. Your dog picture is so funny! The large spools make neat hanging decorations, painted and covered with fabric!

  18. Nice finds. Love the story book doll, the plaid blanket and the chair rocks!

  19. Great scores! Esp. like the chair, and you're dead right, I've seen some in DEPLORABLE condition, rusted through, going for fifty bucks with a "it's rustic!" tag. What the heck! So ya done good for $15. That chair will be cute red!

  20. Love the patio chair! You got it for a really great price. It will look fab painted red. Oh and the Lefton reindeer is so sweet.

  21. Sorry to hear about the broken bird. :( But great gift from the neighbour & loving the stuffed bunny & Christmas decor.


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