Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Christmas In July Fairy Was Here!

 Yesterday the FedEx guy game to the door with a box. Oh Yay! My X-Mas In July is here I thought. When Angie brought the box into the living room I was so confused! It was literally the size of the ottoman in front of the couch! Did Chris (of Perfectly Printed) send an actual Christmas Tree? LOL
 Inside were package upon package...and then more packages. I think I was in some sort of haze or something as I opened them...just total disbelief that she had sent me this much stuff!
 Shiny Brites, bells with glass beads, and this beautiful pink and white x-mas stocking.
Hard to tell, but there are 3 really cute silver sleighs, and I will cherish the trio of mercury glass candles too! I've only seen them online. Ohh! This pink fluffy tree is so sweet, and I'm thinking it will be perfect as a new body for the Holt Howard angel tree topper that I found a couple weeks ago!
 Three red deer, super cute tree picks, vintage paper plates, coasters, and even three rolls of x-mas tape! I've never come across the tape before either!
 Two more stockings! What?? 
 I already held the puppy one up in front of my mantel to get a preview! Sooo sweet!
Somehow Chris knew that I was on the hunt for foil light reflectors! Bulbs that I can actually use, and beautiful x-mas cards! Shouldn't we have been done about 3 pics ago? But keeps coming!
 This big mailbox was full of fun little things! Super cute cloth napkins, books, and funky coasters!
 I collect old x-mas card boxes, and this one with the holly leaves is so pretty! Plus it was filled with x-mas seals...something else I collect.
And then there is this sheer red apron with a x-mas tree pocket! Could it be any sweeter? And could Chris be any sweeter and GENEROUS?
I don't think I deserve this many wonderful x-mas things, but I love it all! And I appreciate each and every little thing that you sent Miss Chris!
Thank You to everyone who joined my swap! I hope you had a ton of fun!
Erica :)
Merry X-Mas In July Y'all!  -W


  1. WOW!! What else is there to say!!

    That really is Christmas in July!

  2. Seriously fabulous! I wouldn't expect anything less from Chris. She's so generous. A pink tulle tree. This was a wonderful swap. I've had so much fun seeing what everyone received. I've also made a new blogging friend (Linda). Merry Christmas, Erica!

  3. Wow! Wonderful Christmasy Goodies!!

  4. I imagine beams of light were shinning down as angels sang when you opened that glorious box! Such a cool gift!

  5. Wow! Everything is soooo awesome :) You must be thrilled...I have goosebumps!
    Smiles, DianeM

  6. WOW! What a great box of Christmas treasures. You do deserve it my dear. The was a fun swap.

  7. WOW and AWESOME!!!!!!!You must have been a very good girl for all those gifts! Nice job, Chris!!!
    It was a great swap!

  8. Oh my Erica!! I think i'm in a heaven looking at your pictures! SOOO much awesome stuff!! Love! Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  9. So happy to see all the awesome things you got from Chris. Your box fulfills the "Good things come to those who wait" adage!

    This was such a fun swap, can't thank you enough for hosting it Erica, you're a gem!

    Hugs to that sweet Wellie. :) Pam

  10. What a sweet friend to send you such awsome vintage goodies! We have a red flocked deer with silver antlers just like that. Well, I should say I used to have one, but my daughter LOVED it and took it off to college with her. So it belongs to her now . :-) I love that she loves quirky stuff.

  11. Oh, Chris is the sweetest!! Look at all these Christmas treasures she sent you!! Have fun with it all! xo Heather

  12. Oh, what wonderful things you received! And thank you again for hosting this fun event! :)

  13. That was some box.....You struck gold. Must have been a fun swap.
    I received my sweet doll. I just love her. The mail lady (rural delivery) put the box in the middle of our driveway. I didn't even notice it until after a 3 " rain. But you wrapped her very well. She was safe and sound. Anywhooo, she is wonderful. Thanks.

  14. Holy Moly!! That is some sweet Christmas In July!! Chris is pretty awesome to say the least! What a great swap you had, it looks like you all had so much fun! Man, I wonder what Christmas in December will be like!
    Hope you are all doing good!! Kiss the puppies!

  15. Holy Cow! I was lucky enough to have Chris an my witch hat swap partner and was totally wowed by her swap! She is fabulous! Lucky You!



  16. WHat a treasure box of goodies. The ruffle tree is fantastic. So many wonderful gifts. Hope you are enjoying your new house!

  17. Oh my gosh, what a package! Love, love the sleighs, the mercury glass candles, and red deer? Who knew there were red deer? They are so unusual. I would love to run across some of them. Everything is just so 'you'. What a wonderful swap partner!

  18. WOW what a wonderful surprise!! This was a great swap, I really enjoyed it, Erica! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Have been lost in babyland....thanks for all your sweet comments my friend. WOW WOW WOW...what a box of goodies and how very perfect for you! I just love looking at all the goodies. I am involved in a teacup swap this month. I love swaps! Need to do some fun. Isn't it fun to get something in the mail?
    PS...the pot holders are perfect and I don't think I told you!
    Love ya,
    Linda Lou

  20. My goodness!!!! You are spoiled!!! lol, I have a small box coming your way also....a housewarming gift...I will get it boxed up today or tomorrow....have a great week!!

  21. oh wow! that is an amazing box, what a sweet gift! i think my favorite thing are those mercury glass candles! so pretty! i haven't seen those before in person either.


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