Friday, October 26, 2012

Estate Sale Finds!

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great week!
A couple Saturday's ago I was able to get to an Estate Sale! The house was packed with every possible wonderful vintage thing you could think of! My sister and her boyfriend had never been to a sale, so I took them...rather they took me and my scooter since I can't drive yet! Anyway, we got there 2 hours before it started and got number 67!!!! WHAT? So crazy! I still managed to find a few of the things that I went there for. And here is what came home with me...

 If this guy didn't have so many chips he would be worth quite a bit. But he'll look cute displayed with my Pyrex I think. Hopefully I can paint over those chips!

Of course I couldn't pass up these darling vintage children's books!

 This Mother Goose one is the best!

It's from Christmas of 1926!

 Isn't she sweet?

There are little rips and tape on most of the pages, but that just means that it was a much loved book right?

I love his face!

And I added another Golden Book to my collection.

Sorry for the terrible pics! I'm trapped on the couch right now because I've been having lots of swelling and pain under my cast. Uhhg! But only 2.5 weeks to go!
I was thrilled to find this large paper mache Santa! And I had been looking for a cute little truck to make into an ornament. I'm going to strap a bottle brush tree in the back and dust it with mica snow!

I was worried that maybe the Santa was a repro or a newer version, but it's marked with the same name of the little girl that owned the book in 1926! Cool!

I've never owned any paper dolls, but these are sooo cute! You can put the bunny in the wash tub! LOL

Or a Bear on a Scooter! And look at that red checked skirt and aqua sweater!

A cherry embellished dress with matching clutch for a little sweetheart!

But someone is sleepy in their red robe with Minnie Mouse doll!
At the sale I also bought the shiny red PYREX bowl that was in my last post, and my sister's boyfriend (aka "the one" ) found me a really cute mint green colored chair in the basement.

OK Friends, I hope you enjoyed seeing my little purchases from the estate sale. I'm really craving digging into my art supplies and making some holiday things! As soon as the cast comes off you can expect more than just a single post per week. I can't wait to get busy!


  1. very cute stuff! those paper dolls are so good!

  2. OH goodness! You found a treasure trove with those paper dolls. So much fun will be had doing some creating there. Hope your pain gets better soon.

  3. Love, love that the Santa has the name of the little girl on it. Those kinds of notes make an item more special and bring a smile.
    #67? Sounds like the sales in my neck of the woods! The one I hit the other day had 115 names on the list when the sale opened....

  4. Such precious finds! Vintage Children's books are just the best.

  5. Great idea for the little red truck!

  6. Oh wow! Can't believe what you still went home with having #67! LOVE LOVE LOVE that pitcher! I would grab it up chips & all! Never seen one like that--fabulous! Love all those sweet vintage books, too--and that Santa! Wonderful!!!

    Wishing you a VERY speedy recovery!


  7. OMG you scored girl! I love all of it I would have been jumping up and down! I am sure you are going to have fun with the paper dolls! Hugs, Diane

  8. Shame on You!! As someone who has experience in cast wearing if your foot is swollen that means you've been on it too much. Or so I've been told, because I did everything exactly like my doctor told me to do... hehehe

  9. EAK! Erica, You have given me inspiration with this visit! I must make a grapefruit to go along with my Florida characters!
    Thank you again here for you most wonderful gifts to me. Priceless!

  10. Finally you got to go to an estate sale! I love your idea of putting a bottle brush tree in the back of that old truck. I am going to be on the lookout for one of those now to do the same. I'm off to the first sale I've been to in three weeks this morning. It's advertised as 60 years of accumulation and with the lack of sales around here lately it's sure to be crowded. I'm sure I will be having to throw some elbows! Kidding!


  11. Hey Girl, you did good. I love that Mother Goose book and those paper dolls are just precious! I have the White Bunny book,it has some cute graphics in it and it has those velvet soft pages. Hang in there, I know you are tired of that cast, but you are almost there! Hugs from me and Wilma~

  12. Erica...I am so glad you had a chance to get are long overdue. Your books are amazing and I am drooling over the Mother Goose...Paper dolls? I have never found a single happy for you...smiles..Renee

  13. You found some oh so very sweet images! Mother Goose looks wonderful! It's always so exciting to find new treasures! Happy crafting! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :) xo HOlly

  14. Such sweet finds!! Love the Santa and books!! So glad you were able to get back out there treasure hunting!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  15. That was a great sale! You sure "scored" for a gal with a wounded foot!
    I'm hoping the houses I ordered from HL come soon! Have the other swappers found their paper houses?
    I didn't go to any sales this morning...maybe tomorrow when it's discount day!

  16. Great finds Erica! Love the old books, wow-1926! Well loved indeed. Sweet Santa too, and great graphics on the paper dolls. Glad you'll be losing that cast soon. :-)

  17. I used to love paper dolls,the brides were my favorite!

    I bought Darcy an ornament a few years ago, it was a truck he owned - and it had the tree in back!

  18. I'm so impressed with how you've been able to get out and about despite your cast and recovery. You GO girl!! Every single item you picked up would have come home with me too. Love, love, love the Santa. I need to find a antique toy truck now for a mini tree covered in snow. Thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes on your recovery. My surgeon said it would be a good year before the swelling would stop on my new constructed foot. We can be feet buddies!!

  19. Looks like a great estate sale!! Love teh little pitcher and the paperdolls!!


  20. I'm glad I didn't go with you to the estate sale, cuz we would have been fighting over those items. I love everything you brought home. Especially the paper dolls, oh and the Mother Goose book, and that Santa. Well you get the idea. Hope your foot is better!

  21. Hi Erica, I've been decorating my swap houses today, it's a lot of fun. I found lots of websites with pics of these Putz houses, one of my favs was
    There are loads of pretty pics of tiny houses.

  22. Erica,
    Wow, LOVE all your finds at the estate sale! They are incredible!! Looks like you had a great time and it is always SO wonderful to walk away with treasures like that. I just love those paper dolls!!

  23. I would love to have found those paper dolls! Looks like you hit the right sale!



  24. Your find the most amazing things. I am just in love with those paper dolls. Hope you are healing well.

  25. What wonderful finds at the estate sale! I adore the children's books with their sweet illustrations. But most of all I LOVE the paperdollies!! Have fun dressing them up!

  26. Would you be willing to sell your paper dolls to me?

  27. Would you be willing to sell your paper dolls to me?

  28. How well you did! How did your sis and, the one like it? Boy I would love to see all those pretty things in person! love the art work!
    Blessings and only about 2 weeks more, yay!

  29. Absolutely wonderful....Each and every sweet vintage treasure! Just look at those darling graphics...with chubby little children and soft wonderful colors. Mary Ann was a very blessed child to have had so many delightful books, paperdolls and cherished items. It's amazing they have been cared for such a long time.
    Thanks for sharing your fun day at the estate sale...I wish I could hve tagged along!
    Blessings and many hugs for your thoughtful comments, Erica.
    Carolynn xoxo

  30. Well you found everything I love in vintage. My favorite is the Santa and adorable little truck. It will look so cute all glamed up for Christmas. I collect vintage childrens books and LOVE paperdolls. Thanks for your visit to my pumpkin with warts.


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