Monday, March 18, 2013

Market Monday: Cutey Cute Stuff!

Ok, here's this weeks Market! Leave a comment for any item that you would like, unless it's spoken for. Please make sure that I have an email for you. I accept PayPal. And it's easiest if you just make a payment directly to my address there ( ), after we have confirmed your sale and I've let you know the shipping cost. If I'm familiar with you we can also arrange for a check or money order payment.
Thank You for making this so fun and easy!
Vintage X-mas Lot #1: $9.50 SOLD
Wonderful Pink Corsage as found, 2 Japan Tree Picks, 14 Glass Balls, Vintage Pine cone, and Vintage Foil Candy Cane
 Unfinished Apron (or cute fabric) : $3.00 SOLD
This is a full sized apron that hasn't been completed. It's the kind that has a top/straps. Everything seems to be done except the sewing. She has pinned it together. There's a small area that looks a little dirty where it was folded.

 Vintage Dress Pot Holders Lot #1: $6.00 SOLD
Super clean and cute! The largest measures 7x9 inches

 Vintage Dress Pot Holders Lot #2: $6.00 SOLD
Super clean and cute! The largest measures 6.5x6 inches

Vintage X-Mas Lot #2: $9.50 SOLD
Very Old Spun Cotton Snowman stands 3.25in tall. 2 Japan Tree Picks, 6 Glass Balls, Vintage Ribbon, Foil Cane, and Spun Cotton Elf Match Box.

Vintage Play and Color Books: $8.50 SOLD
"Let's Play" by Whitman is unused, and has 20 double sided pages with activities to do and color. Great condition.
Christmas Coloring Book is by Saalfield. It has 35 double sided pages with 3 of them being (nicely) colored. All other pages are clean and crisp.
 Tiny Milk Glass Hen: $3.95 SOLD
Marked West Moreland Glass. Measures 2.5x2.25

Set of 6 Shiny Brite Silver Bells: $4.00 SOLD
Three off white and three silver. Glittered tops. They measure 3 inches tall and all have their original "shiny brite usa" caps. 

Pair of Rand McNally Junior Elf Books: $5.75 SOLD
The spine of Little Bo-Peep is quite loose, but I think these sheep might be the cutest I've ever seen! I was able to get the yellow sticker off of the cover.

See what I mean? Such cute sheep!

Mr. Snitzel's Cookies also has darling graphics. His cover is a bit faded, but  pages are in great shape. 

 Vintage Ephemera Pack: $4 BOTH SOLD
2 Available. Each is a bit different, but all contain wrapping paper, playing cards, x-mas seals, tickets, pharmacy labels. All pieces are vintage with the exception of a few favorites that are copies.  
These are what I'd call "medium" packets, and weigh about 7oz each.

Vintage Ohio Art Tin Tea Set: $10.00 SOLD

Signed Beatrice Benjamin. I'm not sure what this fairytale theme is!
Cute though. Includes Tray, 3lg and 3sm plates, teapot with lid, and one cup.
Shows it's age with scratches and scuffs here and there. Nothing really bad.
Tray measures 7.5x5.5 inches.
Let me know if you need more pics. $6 shipping

 Pair of Vintage Fuzzy Bunnies: $4.00 SOLD
You get both, and they measure about 3.5in tall.
Vintage Tin Globe Bank: $4 SOLD
By Ohio Art, 5 inches tall
Vintage Snowman Light Covers: $3.00 SOLD
20 cute little plastic covers. They measure 1.5 inches each.

Email me if you have any questions about an item. These are all flea market/estate sale etc finds, and therefor SOLD AS IS.
Thank You! Erica :)


  1. OK I'd like both the potholder lots 1&2

  2. Erica, Thanks so much for the heads up about the globe! I'd love that, as well as the unfinished apron and the Little Bo Peep book set! :)

    1. Hey Corey!
      Can you email me? I don't have your email address to respond to you!
      Thanks so much.
      Erica :)

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  4. Hi Erica, have you sold the little white milkglass hen? If not, I'd like to get her, thanks.

  5. Erica I would like both Christmas sets.

  6. Girl you hit the mother load. I am so HAPPY you are doing this. You put a smile on my face.

  7. That tea set has Sammi's name all over it.

  8. Hi, erica. Those little snowmen have Christmas crafts in mind. They are the perfect miniature size...count those for me!

  9. Ooooh, too late for the little crocheted dresses! Glad they have gone to a good home, though. :-)

  10. Such sweet goodies you are selling!! xo Heather

  11. I'd like both of the ephemera sets, Erica.

  12. You're killing me know I'd love to have the books, but my bank account is all dried up till next month. I'll just have to see what you have available then. I got my books, thank you very much, and I'm extremely happy with them.


  13. Good Morning - I would like to purchase the Shiny Brite bells & the flocked bunnies if they are still available. I'm headed off to work now, but will be home this afternoon to check emails. Thanks so much :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  14. What a great idea Erica, and such cute stuff! Hope there are more vintage ephemera packages next week....and that I won't be too late! :) Pam

  15. I missed out on that childs tea set, darn. I better check your blog out earlier next time.

  16. Hi Erica! Just wanted to thank you for my sweet iron on's!
    xoxo Carly


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