Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Go To An Estate Sale!

 Last Saturday I was able to go to my first estate sale of the year! I got up at 5:AM, and made it to Minneapolis by 6:30. The sale didn't start until 9:00, but I was still number 22! It's getting to be that you have to get to these sales at 3:00 in the morning to get a good number! Ridiculous!

 It was a very cold morning! But I had brought a big thermos of hot coffee, donuts, and a thick blanket. I was able to keep the car turned off for the most part, and only run the engine now and then to get some heat back in the car.
I "hunkered" down and watched the crazy people! Look at them stepping into the shrubs and peeking in.

 At 8:30 we got our "real" numbers. I lucked out because number 21 didn't show! I moved one ahead! At 9:00 they opened the doors and said "OK, we will take #1 through #20"!  Oh Nooooooo!
But I lucked out again and someone didn't show!
 So I got in with the first wave!

I'm sorry, many of these things were in my "Market Monday".
There were at least 100 of these dress pot holders! Each one different and totally cute. I should have grabbed more than 6, but I had to keep moving because this was a super competitive sale.

 This woman had been a doll and toy collector. And the basement was loaded with dolls of every kind. But there was a doll collector there that had gotten #1 in line, and she was hoarding everything!

The only dolls I grabbed were these little guys because I seriously just wanted to get out of her way!

There was a room with tons of fabric! And I found this cute vintage nursery print, and an aqua unfinished apron.

 These vintage sheets were $3 each! The flat and fitted were there, but when I got home I realized that I never looked for the pillow cases. Oh well.

I put them right into the wash! Aren't they sweet? And for $6!

 Then I came upon these pretty little egg cups for $1 each. I didn't have any, and I thought they'd be good for displaying my vintage Easter Eggs.

Then I found more Vintage Easter Eggs! Haa! Can you believe that's the second time that week that I found that egg with the duck couple on it? lol

These are teeny tiny. Like the potholders, there were also over a hundred of these glass hens at this sale. All different shapes and sizes!

 A vintage Ohio Art Co. tin dolly push cart....for $6!

 I know I should sell this, but I just can't! Let me just hold on to it for a few years at least! lol

And 5 vintage Beatrix Potter figurines...$3 each! Love love love!

Not bad for the first sale of the season I'd say.
Ok Friends, I wanted to let you know that there won't be a "Market Monday" next week or the one after that because I'll be moving! I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for making M.M so easy and fun!
I appreciate each sale so much! :)

And here are a couple sneak peaks of our new place. The current residents were still there when I took the pics, but at least you can see a bit.
Until Next Time,

 Mom says that the counter tops will be a pain to keep clean. But I don't care because I think they're cute! The stove is gas, and all the appliances are stainless steel...also hard to clean. oh well!

 This is just a space to fill with Pyrex cute things!

 My sister just got all new Fiesta dishes in the shades tangerine, lemongrass, sunflower and flamingo pink. Won't they look pretty in the glass cupboards?
Haa! They look NEON in this pic, but really they're more mellow.

 The ceiling in the kitchen is white bead-board too!

And this is the fireplace in the living room. It's wood burning, and the current residents said that they use it all the time!
I can't wait to get in and get it decorated!

Wellie too :)


  1. Oh Erica.....I LOVE Estate sales! Jim and I go almost every week to sales. I was waiting for the BIg Find and oh my is WONDERFUL! I am turning green with envy. That was worth the getting up early for sure! How fun for you. You did find some great items missy! Thanks for sharing.
    Love ya,
    Linda Lou

  2. Hi Erica,
    What beautiful house. The beadboard celing is awesome. It looks like little Wellie is going to have some fun ;). I can't blame you for wanting to keep the doll stroller it's too good to let go.
    Chris =]

  3. Some lovely finds there! Looking forward to seeing more of your new home! :) x

  4. What a fantastic estate sale! You are one dedicated gal with those early morning hours. You are going to have so much fun decorating your new dwelling. I can't wait to see all your special touches throughout. Enjoy!

  5. I can only imagine the excitement of going to a real estate sale, there is nothing like that around must be so exciting, especially when there's good stuff, which there clearly was!

    Your new pad looks so sweet-bet it'll be a showpiece!

  6. The first estate sale of the season was an amazing one!!! Love everything you found, but of course I love the push cart best!! And how cute is your new place!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!


  7. Well worth getting up so early for! I am trying not to think about that room full of fabric.... love what you brought home!

  8. Wow, what great finds!!

    Amy Jo

  9. What a great estate sale.Your new place looks darling, Erica. I can't wait to see it with all your stuff to foof it up!

  10. I am DYING! What an amazing sale!!! I have become obsessed with vintage sheets and pillow cases lately and would have grabbed those ina heartbeat. Speaking of hearts, mine dropped into the pit of my stomach when I read that they were only letting in the first 20 and you were 21. Thank God someone didn't show! I am loving those Easter eggs too. What a perfect find for this time of year.

    Sister, Maddie, and I are headed off to Plucky Maidens this weekend. We are having lunch with Laurie of Magpie Ethel fame and then off to a tour of her studio & home!!! I am DYING again!!!!!


  11. You are going to have so much fun decorating! I am so happy for you. And there is nothing more colorful than a Fiesta collection! I will wait patiently for your next MM! =D

  12. Sweet finds! I would have gone crazy in that place. The dolly cart is such an awesome find! I love everything you bought! Your new place is so cute!

  13. I love your new house! Can't wait to see how you and your sis decorate it! And so many cute finds at the Esatate sale I loved it all.

  14. Wow what a sale! And look at all those goodies you got!! :) So exciting! So crazy how early you got there and still in the 20s! Oh your new place looks darling!! I wish we had a fireplace, and that will be fun to decorate the mantel!! :) Have fun! xo Holly

  15. Such great things! Your new house looks wonderful, and i agree 100% withyou about the counter tops! As soona s i saw that recessed shelf I thought "That would be good for Pyrex" then I look down and read the caption! haha

  16. Such cute treasures and love that push cart!! You should put some pretty spring flowers in their and put it on your new mantle! ;) xo Heather

  17. Hi Erica!
    I came over to say thank you for your sweet comments re my spoolie and good gosh! look at all the good stuff you found! WOW! You big lucky!

    I've only been to two advertised "Estate Sales" and they were nothing of the sort ... one did have some wonderful ephemera but that's all ... the other one had stuff you couldn't even give away. I will have to try again but it was so discouraging. WAH!

    I sold my Beatrix Potter figurines about eight or ten years ago on Ebay and did really well ... you got away like a bandit in the night for $3.00.

    Enjoy all your goodies!

  18. Oh girl! I can't even stand how cute those sheets are and new! And those paper eggs....I'm so jealous!what a fun morning!

  19. congrats on that first estate sale of the year and that dolly cart makes that early morning totally worth it...adorable! Your new place looks adorable..have fun decorating!

  20. Um....that pull cart. So beautiful. I am so glad it came home with you. Smiles...Renee

  21. Erica you seriously got some amazing finds! Love it all and great prices. I know you are excited to move. Can't wait to see photos of your new place. Enjoy.

  22. I think you bought some Great Treasures! Also it was a good post to let other gals/guys know going to estate sales is a serious business! The little cart is Darling!
    How exciting to see peeks into your new place! Looks like we are all excited to see more and how you decorate it!
    Happy Moving!

  23. Estate sales are so much fun but even better when you find some well priced treasures and you found some cute things. Love the sneak peeks of your new place.

    xo Danielle

  24. What a wonderful sale! I've never been to an estate sale but this would be one I would have loved! The little push cart is precious and I love the B. Potter figurines! Sweet treasures my friend!

  25. Holy Smokes! That's a blank canvas of perfect for VINTAGE everything! FUN! Must see on the first flea in your neck of the woods!

  26. I didn't know you had to have a number to get into an estate sale. The ones I have been to around here have not been like that. We just walk right in. Maybe it's crazier early in the morning. ??

  27. They sure had some cute stuff there :) I wish we had estates sales like that around here. Erica...I just want you to know I am behind on sending my goodies out...I hope you get yours before you move out, if not I hope your mom doesn't live far from you.

  28. Hi Erica, I have always wondered about Estate Sales. This post really gave me the feel of being there myself. Nervous and anxious! My heart beat faster hoping you would get in on the first wave. So glad you did! If you part with your little Ohio Art, be sure and contact Renee. It's right up her alley! Oh, just a little info, Ohio Art is from the art school right here in Columbus. We find a lot of tin dishes here. So sweet! Have a fun weekend! E

  29. I love Beatrix Potter! I visited her home in England. :) I have the same bunny wrapped in the blanket. Love you r blog!!

  30. Oh you are so lucky to have sale like this. I live in Alaska and before anyone moves up here they ditch all the things they no longer need before coming so I rarely find any vintage items here at sale.

  31. You find the greatest stuff. I would love to buy you little doll push buggy. Soooo stinking cute. Your kitchen looks great. Love the ceiling.

  32. Loved going to the estate Sale with you! Happy Moving!!

  33. Love your blog! And Peter Rabbit too!

  34. Love all of your finds, but that push cart...OH MY, it's just the sweetest thing!

  35. Score sister, Score! Can you see the green tint from my envious self from there? LoL!
    of the Abbey

  36. Be still my heart! What incredible treasures!
    Your tenacity paid off!
    Have a Happy Easter, Erica!
    Carolynn xo


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