Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Ruth E. Newton Paper Dolls!

 Do I Want to sell these? Heck No! lol

 However, I'm not living "rent-free" as of the 1st!
So you can find these super cute and rare HERE SOLD !

 I found them last summer at an Estate Sale in Minneapolis. The box wasn't there, so I wasn't sure who the artist was. Then one day it dawned on me while I was looking at my Ruth E. Newton Puppies and Kittens Book!

 After some research, and some help from a great blog called
The Paper Collector, I was able to confirm that they were in fact by Ruth E. Newton, and not easy to come by.
I found a picture of the box on Pinterest. I couldn't find the original source, so my apologies if this pic belongs to you. Let me know if it's a problem.

 These are the little outfits, desks, and chalkboard for the animals!

And there are tons of fun outfits for the kids! My favorites are the white dress in front, and the red bathrobe with Minnie Mouse!

Sorry Friends, but these will NOT be in the next Market Monday for $5!
lol BooHoo!  :P


  1. lucky dog! These are TOOO cute. I'm glad you are keeping them as I know they are going to a very good home!
    I do believe you stole that quilt in your previous blog post...I am drooling.
    And, thanks for connecting me with the stork lady! She sent me the item and some extras for the shower and she live pretty close to me! You are a sweetie.
    Linda Lou

  2. These are darling! I am so getting ready for all the sales when the weather gets better! Have a great Easter!

  3. Love your paper dolls! So so sweet! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for the warmer weather for tags and estates!
    xoxo carly

  4. These are soooo cute! Good luck Saturday!! Whoohoo!!

  5. Aw!!!!They are should scan those cuties before you sell them :)

  6. Aww, they are so cute. I especially like the kittens.

  7. hi erica- thank you for your lovely comment on my blog......these are gorgeous...why can't we just keep everything???life is cruel sometimes :) have a lovely easter x

  8. those are wonderful paper dolls. Going to Ebay to check them out!

  9. OMG Erica !!!!!

    Now I have to look for these....and I hope I don't have to mortgage my house! lol

  10. These are precious and I hope they help you pay the rent! :)


  11. This are too cute!!! How cute they would look framed! Maybe in your new bedroom, crafting room!


  12. One of my favorite things as a kid...those and Colorforms !

  13. Your paper dolls are so cute. Oh how I heart paper dolls.
    Happy Easter

  14. Love the idea that I could change their outfits so quickly...have fun with them...Smiles..Renee

  15. Oh Erica, They are so wonderful! I'm sorry you need to sell them, but you are so going to enjoy having a whole apartment as opposed to a room! Hope your move goes well. You'll be busy, but stop by my blog this week and sign up for my Giveaway, OK?

    Happy Easter! :) Pam

  16. Oh my, sorry I missed these! Those animals are adorable!! I love Ruth Newton!


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