Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Swapping Is All About!

When I hosted my recent Valentine's Candy Box Swap, I wanted it to include non-bloggers as well. I paired Betty S. and Susan S. together, and connected them through email. The ladies' took full advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other across the miles.

 Each one sent special things. Things that had meaning, and came from the heart! Here is Susan's candy box for Betty. Isn't it picture perfect?

A vintage brooch adds a sparkly touch!

 The inside was packed with ribbons and trims!

 Who wouldn't want to receive this pretty box? Talk about fun!

 tinsel, lace, ric-rac, even tickets...

I think Betty will be all set for Valentine's crafting next year!

Betty's son Ford (who is legally blind) has an Etsy shop called GemTiques! He made Susan the garnet gemstone pendant because it's her birthstone!

 And here is the darling box that Betty sent to Susan! I must admit that I was the tiniest bit jealous of that lace bird!

What a pretty little rose tin!

 Until this swap, I never knew there were so many gorgeous vintage Valentine's Hankies!
Wouldn't they be fun to collect?

The vintage postcard with the typewriter is a special one for sure! And look at the beautiful necklace!

Betty and Susan, it was such a pleasure to have the two of you join this swap! You both did a wonderful job, and I sure hope you had fun. I hope you'll be back for another swap sometime in the future!

Friends, please visit Ford's Etsy Shop! He has such beautiful jewelry, including a sterling silver spoon rose ring that I think I need!
Erica :)


  1. Simply gorgeous boxes from both ladies. Amazing talent in this swap, Erica. I've been having so much fun seeing everyone's designs.

  2. You know I'm sitting here wishing I would have joined in this swap!! oh well.. next year!
    happy day

  3. Those are beautiful boxes! So many pretty and inspiring photos in this post.

  4. Everyone made such beautiful boxes - please make sure I take part next time!!!!!

  5. So nice of you to give a chance to non-bloggers to participate. They did a wonderful swap job.

  6. How fun to see nonbloggers get to do a swap also! Lovely boxes full of amazing goodies!
    hugs, Linda

  7. Kudos to you for getting new friends together! Even non-bloggers are special and especially generous. So many wonderful people out there.


  8. This is beautiful in all ways. Love the hankies.

  9. Wonderful valentines from both ladies. You set up a great swap. Sorry I missed out on this one!

  10. Soo many fun and pretty things!! :) Love the hankies too!
    xo Holly

  11. Those were two lovely boxes! I hope you host a swap every Valentines!

  12. Gorgeous girls! Wow, all of you are artists! I have a lot to learn about crafting, wish one of you lived nearby! :)

    Erica, look at all the happiness you have spread with your swap...you are truly a dear. xo, Pam

  13. Wow another great Swap, and yes the Valentine Hankies are everywhere, do I sense maybe a new collection for you?

  14. Wow!!! So many lovely swaps...it is sweet to be part of it :), I love seeing the talent and the thoughtfulness that goes into it these swaps. My friend Dorothy still didn't recieve hers...If she doesn't get it by tomorrow...I'm going to send her out another one with tracking...

  15. What lovely boxes! Its a terrific idea, and how nice to include non-bloggers. Lots of fun for everyone!

  16. Wow! Talk about talent and fun goodies! These gals did good! What a wonderful idea for a swap you had. Bless you Erica for just always being so upbeat and cheerful. I enjoy everyone of your posts. Hope your foot is healing nicely.
    Bless you,

  17. Your so sweet! A lot of bloggers don't let non-bloggers swap. The more the merrier I say!!
    Chris =]

  18. I just love seeing everyone's boxes. It is so much fun to get ideas. So far all the boxes have been gorgeous. Thank you so much for hosting this swap. I look forward to feature swaps.

  19. I so enjoyed participating in the swap and thanks so much for the plug to Ford's Etsy shop.

  20. Great swap! This so confirms for me that I am joining in on this next year!

  21. Oh Erica, Now that I see how to decorate the boxes, I hope you will have another one of these next Valentine's Day. They are so beautiful! What a fabulous idea for a swap! And to let you know, your paper art is absolutely wonderful! I love it! Sign me up for next year! Elizabeth

  22. More pretty and fun Valentine Boxes! Did you notice some of the vintage material you sent in my box being used or ready to use in my mini home quilt blocks? marlynne

  23. Thanks for the comment on my blog, will now pop over and check out gemtique!
    Bestest to you
    daisy j

  24. Such sweet Valentines!!! Love the hankies! xo Heather

  25. Those Valentine's Day boxes are so inspirational! Just gorgeous. I really want to make one! I better stock on on heart shaped Chocolates...the other bonus!!

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    1. Hi Erica the boxes rock!! This was such a fun swap I had so much fun with it!! I posted over at my blog both mine and Krista's boxes. Stop by and check them out!! Thanks for hosting this awesome swap!! XOXO Love Fran.


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