Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: My Score At A Garage Sale!

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been having the best luck finding things! Here is Minnesota the garage sale season is just barely starting. The Goodwill has been pretty "good" to me, though I've only gone to two garage sales so far, both turned out to be quite worth it! OK, two weeks ago I said I was going to show you my big find from my first garage sale of the season. Here is what it was!

There was a large box that looked like this. As I started to go through them, the woman said " I was selling those for .50 each. But you can have that whole box for $15.00". Hmmmm

She continued to say that in the bottom of the box was a quilt that her mother had started but never finished. I took a quick peak and decided it was at least worth my $15.00. When I got home I laid them out on the bed...(PS my grandpa hand painted that bed for my mom when she was a little girl. There's a vanity and a dresser to match)  :)

There ended up being a total of 13 squares that she had hand-stitched, plus another 2 white squares to choose more hankies for.

You can tell they've been in a box for years. Lots of wrinkles! And I sure wasn't about to get out the iron!

Three out of four sides of each hankie are stitched to a cotton square. She's kept the fourth side open. My mom thinks this is because she planned on stuffing each one. I wouldn't do that if I was going to finish it.

There were a total of 59 Additional Vintage Hankies in the box!
They'll go in my Etsy shop soon. Do you find it's a hard to maintain your shop, and your blog? Right now I have a HUGE pile of things I need to list and sell! It's much more fun finding the things than listing them!

Some even have sweet crocheted edges.

This one with the Fox and Grapes is unique! 

Reds and Oranges! Love the little Polka-Dots too!

I wonder who "H" was?

This group has a few I might need to keep! :)

I love the one on the far right! Lavender with Dogwood Blooms!

And of course the Christmas ones! But wait...

Just one hankie with a word on it in that entire box! And it's "NOEL" weiner dog's name!
I'm going to display it with her x-mas stocking this year! Haaa! I'm crazy!

There were a couple other odds and ends in that big box! There were two really old, linen baby gowns. A nice linen pillowcase, and that sweet little pair of baby mittens on a string!
I'm happy with what my $15.00 bought me. Do you all think I got a good deal? :)

OK now for the fun part! I've decided that because I don't sew (yet), I probably don't need a hankie quilt! If you would like to finish this quilt for $12 (shipping included), please comment on this post. I'll package it all up for you, and include a couple more hankies! The first to respond can have it.  Erica :)
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  1. ummmmm YES please! I sure would!!!! Hope I am first!

    You really found some great things!! Lucky!

    1. Great! I'm so glad you're going to finish it!
      I'll set up a listing for you in my Etsy shop ok? Take a look at some of the other hankies and let me know if there are specific ones you want included. You can choose 3.
      I hope you show us the quilt when it's finished!

    2. Yes of course I will!!!! Thanks again!!

  2. Oh, yes I would love to as well!! I just love hankies!! You scored for sure!! I just love when that happens!! :) xo Heather

    1. LOL! A couple weeks ago you had a really pretty hankie in one of your posts, and I thought..."Why don't I have any hankies??" Then shortly after that I found these! It was fate!
      I'd love to send you a couple! Email me your info! Erica :)

  3. Oh you are one lucky lady! Those are all so beautiful and I love the quilt that was started but, I am not first in line *sigh* :)

    Thank You for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

    1. Hi Aledia!
      Thank you so much for taking a look at my post!
      No, not the first in line...but I'd gladly send you a couple of the hankies!
      Just email me your info, Erica :)

  4. Wow! What a wonderful find!! That is amazing that you got all those beautiful things for $15! That's it: after I finish commenting, I'm going to find a listing of Saturday's yard sales!! I think that is just awesome that you found one with your dog's name on it! It was meant for you!!

    Have a great weekend!
    HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!

  5. Erica, I do not quilt, but would certainly loved having this one. That is such a great one to treasure. Coloradolady, will do a super job with it. She enjoys making quilts and was to make one of these in the future. I have several hankies that belonged to my mother.

  6. Ok the vintage hankies were a steal! And yes go get your Nancy Ann Storybook Doll, and do tell me when to look for her over here. I really don't think us girls need to ever stop buying dolls! Go For It! Hugs from Diane In California

  7. Wow, you did get lucky and a great deal. Here's to more fabulous finds!

  8. Yes you scored big! I think I would be tempted to keep them all. That painted bed is such a treasure too!

  9. I collect vintage kleenex, but they're just nowhere near as cool as these. Great find and and great post!

    Love, Ty

    1. LOL You're too funny!
      Too bad you weren't the first to reply to my post!! You could have been the one making a quilt out of these hankies.
      Erica :P


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