Monday, April 23, 2012

Short & Sweet...and a free image! :)

I'm just showing a couple of my finds from this weekend.
First is this super cute tea cup and saucer from the Goodwill. Isn't he charming? And, he's got some value!

I looked him up on EBay. He's made by the PY company, which made lots of Anthropomorphic items. Such cute S&P shakers with faces (lemons, tomato's etc), that kind of thing. This guy is actually called "The Gay Man", and there is a super cute "Gay Woman" tea cup too!

I'm going to list him on EBay. That's what I sat down to do! But I ended up blogging about him instead!

I think every "vintage-loving" girl should have a copy of this in her kitchen! Or "cake-loving girl"!
Going for sale on Etsy! :)

Lastly tonight, this is a pretty little bookmark for you. I found it at my favorite antiques shop here in town, Annie's Attic. Annie is wonderful, and the place is packed with treasures!

*free image   Enjoy!


  1. He is quite charming!! Love his eyes and mustache!! Have a great night! xo Heather

  2. I remember my mother having a couple of plates with those two on them.

  3. I love "The Gay Man". I love anthropomorphic stuff, period. Thank you for the bookmark--it's so sweet. Great finds!


  4. Well, you know me, I'd have been wondering all over the place trying to find his other half! He is a very fun find, if he doesn't sell I'll help you look for his little woman!



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