Friday, April 27, 2012

PINK SATURDAY: Bleeding Hearts n' Quilts

This will be a little "hodgepodge" of sweet things for "PINK SATURDAY". I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I would imagine there will be some good flea markets and garage sales to be explored!

My Uncle Tom's wife, Colleen, is a Master Quilter. She has hundreds of quilts that just take your breath away, they're so beautiful! My uncle just built her a loft to house her new quilting machine (it's huge), and to do all her quilting in. Soon I'll do a post on all of Colleen's gorgeous quilts, but here is one of them.

A fuzzy pic (sorry!) of the cute, tin, "Ohio Art" tea set I found the other day. I'll put it up for sale on Etsy.

The babies are here! LOL! If you saw my post about the robin who spun a nest full of tinsel in our yard recently, I said I'd let you know when the eggs showed up. We have four! Isn't that color just the best?
If you missed the tinsel nest post, you can see it RIGHT HERE :)

These are the "Bleeding Hearts" that are in the back yard right now. I think they're so cool! :)

Noel, get OFF that quilt!!!  :)

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm linking up with "How Sweet The Sound" for 


  1. Such pretty pink!! Love the Ohio Art tea set!! I will be keeping my eye for it in your Etsy shoppe!! The hexagon flower quilt is stunning!! Such a treasure! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather

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  3. If I could Type....sorry to delete my first comment.
    Love all the pics especially the quilt. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Perfect Pinks and I LOVE the quilt! I am hoping the weather will be nice enough to go to some yard sales tomorrow.

  5. Quilts are just wonderful and always so cozy. So beautiful. Love the tea set. And your little doggie is precious! :)


  6. Love that Grandmother's flower garden quilt. :) Happy PS.

  7. So beautiful! Come and join my Color Connection meme too. The linky is at my Pink Dinosaurs entry. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. So beautiful! Come and join my Color Connection meme too. The linky is at my Pink Dinosaurs entry. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. You have some of the things I really enjoy. I have a quilt like this one as well. I treasure them all. I would love to see all the ones your aunt has. If you get any of them, keep and enjoy.

  10. I grew up with a quilt like that. One of my grandmothers made it. I wish it were still around, but it got used to pieces, literally!

    The nest and eggs are so perfect! Isn't this a wonderful time of year?

    Noel is a doll!
    ♥ Jil

  11. That is a beautiful quilt - quilters are a very talented bunch!!

    Love bleeding hearts!

  12. I have a quilt that is almost the exact duplicate of the one you've shown. I believe my mother got it as a wedding gift.



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