Monday, July 15, 2013

Market Monday Is Here Again!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my little market today. As always, if you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!
Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 24 hours.
Vintage Rose and Blue Table Cloth: $12.00 SOLD
Large size, a tiny hole or too.

 Antique EffnBee Baby Doll: $9 SOLD
She has her original socks and shoes. I'm not sure if the outfit is original. But it's darn cute! Her head joint is quite floppy/loose, but is secure. She's about 13 inches long. 
 As you can see, the back of her head is quite distressed. She comes with a hat, but I didn't show it because it doesn't match her cute outfit! ha
 Vintage Bright Floral Tea Towel: $4.50 SOLD
As usual I didn't wash it. Sorry! There are 3 small holes. Nice thick cotton. Measures 28x15.

 Vintage Aqua/Rose Tablecloth: $9 SOLD
I'm quite certain that this is a Wildendur, but there is no tag. I'm sorry I didn't wash it.

Measures 52x48 inches. There are a few light spots and possibly a stain.
Maybe you can get it out??

 Vintage Kewpie Book and Figure: $6 SOLD
The book is a 1983 reprint of a much older book. It's a soft cover, and has 10 pages.
The Kewpie on a floaty has no markings, and is 2.5 inches tall.
Set/3 Vintage Pot Holders: $4 SOLD
These are clean and cute! Measure 5in.

Vintage Crocheted Apron: $7 SOLD
So sweet and beautifully done! It's clean, and measures 19in long and about 22in across the bottom.


 Pink Doll Sweater: $3.00 SOLD
This is very old! I know the gal who gave it to me. The sides are slightly discolored, but it looks worse in the pics than it really is.
Measures about 6 inches across the shoulders, not including the arms.
Thank You for visiting and let me know if you have any questions at all!
Erica :)



  1. Hi Erica,
    I would love your table cloths.

  2. Hi, I would like the vintage aqua/rose table cloth...that's a lovely cloth for a lovely!

  3. since I just missed the table cloth...the bright floral tea towel would be nice.

  4. Oh, my... the table cloths have gone so fast :( - I'll have to be even quicker next time :)

  5. Lucky Donna, the farm tablecloth is a very collectible Broderie! Sweet finds today, but holding back since I'm still in my selling mode.
    Good luck Erica!

    :) Pam

  6. Thanks so much for that adorable tablecloth! LOVE it!

  7. I would like the long as the back of the head isn't cracked. It just looks scuffed, am I right. She's so cute.

  8. What a lovely market Erica! The tablecloths are beautiful! xoxo Carly

  9. What great goodies! Love the tableclothes! :) Good luck with the rest of your sale! xo Holly

  10. HiI I would like the kewpie doll and book! So cute! :). Martha

    1. Please send pay pal to Thank you! :)

  11. Hi Erica, I would like the pink doll sweater if still available. Thanks, dorothy

  12. I would love the crocheted apron. Send invoice to Thank you!

  13. Always sweetness in your market!! Those tablecloths are so pretty and sweet!! Happy day to you! xo Heather

  14. Hi my friend. Great items once again. Have you sold the crocheted pot holders? Let me know. I have an idea brewing in my head for a ME quilt using pot holders in the blocks. These are perfect colors.
    Linda Lou

  15. Hi! Kewpie and book arrived so cute! Thank you for everything! Martha :)

  16. Hi Erica, how often do you do this? What a great way to sale your vintage finds.

  17. Drat! Vacation came at a bad time 'cause I missed out on these fabulous tablecloths.

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