Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas In July: A Destash!

It's 2:30 in the morning, and I'm going through my drawers! This is what happens when you have an iced latte at 6:00PM! So anyway, I decided that I should "scale back" a bit! HaHa! Does anyone need to add to their vintage Christmas craft supplies before the season gets here? 

I filled a few candy boxes with vintage x-mas stuff! All the boxes are nearly identical, and hold glass picks, a sugar bell, a couple spun cotton pieces, mini ornaments, bottle brush trees...DO YOU WANT ONE?

Instead of putting them on Etsy, I'm offering them to my blogger pals. The boxes are $7 plus $3 for shipping. Knowing me, there will  be a couple other little things tucked in there too!
Just respond to this post if you would like one! :)

OK, I know I was supposed to be getting rid of things, NOT aquiring things! But these were at the flea market a few weeks ago, and I was saving them for a big x-mas post. Oh well...best to just come clean and show you now!

I've always wanted a set of these! And did you see that $4 price tag? Plus the original cute box?????
How could I pass them up? There were supposed to be four different Santa expressions, but I realized when I got home that I have two winking, and don't have one with it's eyes closed. Oh well!

This is a terrible picture of a  bowl that is actually really pretty! How can a bowl photograph bad? LOL
My sweetheart of a mother found this Promotional Holiday Pyrex Mixing Bowl for me! I love it! It's in excellent condition, and she paid only $10! Good job Mama!

Lastly, this is for YOU!

My dear friend Bette gave me this old Valentine card that she gave to her dad when she was a little girl. Out of all the cards I have, this is my favorite one! The white icing is even glittery. Everytime I look at it though, part of me thinks it's a Christmas card! So I've "cleared" it! And you can use it which ever way you like. Enjoy! :) 
 I better get to bed! Thanks for visiting.


  1. oh my gosh i am so tempted! but if anything, i need to destash too! i'm kind of scared of getting out my christmas stuff this year because I've added almost TWO full totes of stuff! ah!
    i love the little santa mugs! i wouldn't have passed them up at that price either! i've been looking for them for cheap and found a few for a dollar this year.

  2. I am popping a check in the mail..smiles...Renee

  3. Sure I would love a box of goodies. I am always in the hunt for "smalls." Let me know where to send the money.

  4. Okay, Erica, you have a great Mama! That is really a pretty Pyrex bowl! You really are the greatest at finding these things! I must live in dudd area, USA! Well, sure sounds fun to get a box of decorations. I would be in on that one! E-mail me? I love the mugs, I would never have passed that one up either. Just the box alone is so great!!
    Bless you,

  5. I had one of those lapses one day and left a set of those Santa mugs with jug behind-I sent Carla back but of course, they were gone. They were so cute..

    Isn't that bowl so pretty? I have it too, my only piece of Christmas Pyrex!

  6. What sweet things!! :) Love the Santa glasses too! And you can never have too many vintage ornaments! I would love a box of them! I'm ready to write a check! :) xo Holly

  7. Erica, Love those Santa Mugs and you got a sweet deal. ALso that Gingerbread man valentine is so unique and cute. You can't go wrong with pyrex! Love it.

  8. Hi Erica,
    Any little Christmas destash boxes left??? I would like to pruchase one! Maybe we could meet instead of mailing it! That would be FUN!! Maybe you want to save one for a Christmas swap?!
    Just let me know either way.
    THANK YOU very much for your prayers for my BFF!

  9. What adorable Christmas treasures Erica!! Looks like those boxes went fast!! Love the santa mugs! ;) xo Heather

  10. Christmas Pyrex it just gets better! Bet your home is jolly at Christmas! Ada :)

  11. love those Santa Mugs, and I think it's awesome that you've got two winkers :)

    Hope you have an awesome day my dear!!

    xxo Patrice

  12. I'm in love with the holiday Pyrex. I have high hopes I will find one this year to make my holidays complete. If I lived in London, I'd have had one by now. Someone was selling one for $20 a few months back.

    I think you photographed the bowl quite well. :)

  13. Those Santa mugs are AWESOME!!!!! A nice smile for the morning...plus I thought SNOW so now i am cooler here in HOT HOT new jersey! : ) hugs...

  14. Hey girlfriend, I'd take one of those boxes of goodies, and you can add it to the nursery planter I just bought. How do you want me to pay you?


  15. What great deals! Have you ever found a "Little Black Sambo" book? I would love to find one. I am a new follower from "My Vintage Mending".

  16. Hi Erica! just getting caught up here! wow.. your last few posts are filled to the brim with goodies! after I visit a blog where someones been out thrift'n, it makes me feel like I need to run right out and find some stuff myself! cause you know, we always need more stuff! lol!
    glad you joined the halloween swap! please pass the word!
    have a great weekend

  17. Hi Erica if you have a box left I would love to buy one.

  18. Erica, I am pea green over all your sweet vintage goodies! I really need to find a cool flea market in our area. I know of one flea market but from what I'm told it is more tacky "modern" stuff and not cool vintage things. Thanks for sharing the sweet gingerbread man! Nan

  19. Erica, You sure have some lovely bits to sell, I am sure they will fly out of your home and into another! What fun to offer it exclusive to your Blogger Buddies. I ran across some sets of Santa Mugs one year sold some off and kept a set for myself. Hugs, From California

  20. Yay! My computer finally let me comment on one of your blog posts! lol Tempermental thing!
    I can't believe you are destashing these amazing items! Too bad I am way late on snagging one of the boxes :( Oi Vey!
    I've been wanting to know what you are having surgery? I hope you're recovery is speedy and painless! I'll be having back surgery as soon as next month! Ugh...I'm not looking forward to it, but so excited to be out of pain!
    I hope you're having a great, thrifty week! :)

  21. Lurve those boxes! Such treasures! And I think you've provided the final straw - I must start collecting Santa mugs. I'm pretty sure my life will not be complete if I don't start finding some. ;)

  22. Just found your blog and I am loving it - I'm very jealous of all these amazing Christmas items! Also I had no idea that holiday pyrex was a thing, wow :D
    Faye x

  23. Love all your 50s treasures! I have many myself (being a "50s Treasure", you know!)

  24. Erica,
    I LOVE all your Christmas treasures. So sweet. I honestly feel like I should be started on Christmas presents already, but I am not even done with my county fair stuff. Yikes!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving the really nice comment. I loved reading it, but didn't get a chance to write back because mom had another fall and we have been with her pretty much nonstop for over a week now! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.

  25. Hi!
    First of all, congratulations for yor lovely blog.
    Do you still have any candy boxes with vintage x-mas stuff?
    Best regards


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